Dead Sea: The Lowest Place On Earth History, Attractions,

Dead Sea: The Lowest Place On Earth History, Attractions,

Ever imagined yourself in a sea floating but not sinking? Now, imagine, you step into the sea and your body is not sinking, and just floating on the water’s surface. Isn’t it exciting and unbelievable?

But yes, there is a place on Earth which feels like this and is called “The Dead Sea”. The Dead Sea is one of the most famous water bodies on the planet and tourists from all around the world make it a very famous tourist attraction as well. It has a unique composition which makes it different from almost any other body of water on Earth. Keep reading to know all about the most unique Dead Sea and some tips before you travel.

History and How the Dead Sea was formed?

There was a saltwater lagoon that was linked to the Mediterranean Sea, millions of years ago. When the faults of the Arabian and African tectonic plates shifted, then the Earth between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean rose, and hence, the water supply from the ocean was cut off leaving the Dead Sea remote and isolated. And then the freshwater springs and aquifers feed this landlocked sea/lake, but there is no outflow, hence, the water started accumulating in the Dead Sea and then evaporates in the hot desert, leaving the salt behind.

Dead sea

About the Dead Sea

First thing first, the Dead Sea is not a sea but a hypersaline lake which is a landlocked Salt Lake secured its place as the lowest place on earth at approximately 423m (1,380 feet) below sea level. It is one of the saltiest lakes or water bodies in the entire world, which is about 8 times saltier than the average sea water or ocean. At such a level of salinity, marine life can’t survive in this lake, and that’s how, it got its name, the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is also known as the Sea of Death, Sea of Lot, and Salt Sea, and it is not only famous as the lowest elevation point on Earth, but also for its water and mud which includes magical healing properties. The Dead Sea is one of the most unique places you can visit in the world. It’s known for its mineral-rich waters, which are so different from any other body of water on earth. The salt and mud from the dead sea are harvested to send all over the world for beauty products and home remedies.

Where is the Dead Sea located?

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan in the Middle East. (Jordan to the east, and Israel to the west) Hence, the Dead Sea is easily accessible from Israel as well as Jordan.

How large is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is spread over 605 km² with a surface elevation of -430 m, having lengths and widths of 50 km and 15 km. This means one can see across to the opposite shore in some locations while visiting the Dead Sea.

Things to do at the Dead Sea and How much time is required?

The major thing here is to experience the unbelievable concept, where your body will float on the water’s surface. Hence, try relaxing while floating, and heal your skin with the mud which has a lot of minerals which has healing properties. If you are interested, do opt for world-class spas.

As there is no water sports activity here in the Dead Sea, you will visit this place as a day trip and later continue with the attractions to see around the Dead Sea region mentioned below.

Dead sea

What are the attractions around the Dead Sea?

Masada (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Masada Museum
Masada National Park
Ein Bokek Beach
Qumran National Park
Dead Sea Resort Area
Dead Sea Panoramic Complex
Hammamat Ma’in
Wadi Mujib
Sodom & Gomorrah
Lisan Peninsula
Lot’s Cave Monastery
Feynan Nature Reserve

How To reach the Dead Sea?

From Israel: It will take 2 hours to drive from Tel Aviv to reach the Dead Sea and from Jerusalem, it will take approximately 1 hour. Daily busses are running to reach the dead sea.

From Jordan: Dead sea is 37 miles (60 km) from Amman, which can be easily accessible by road. Bus services are also available from Amman to visit the Dead sea.

Note: It is advisable to check the bus schedule before traveling as it is subject to change.

Which is the best time to visit the Dead Sea?

Spring and Autumn (March, April, May, October, and November)

Pro Tips to Know Before Visiting the Dead Sea

1) Do not shave one or two days before entering the Dead Sea, It will feel like somebody has put a teaspoon of salt on your wounds.

2) Do not enter the dead sea, if you have any open wounds or cuts. Do wrap them nicely with a waterproof bandage if it’s a small one.

3) It is advisable to avoid the summer months, especially July and August.

4) Be aware of sinkholes.

5) Wear flip-flops and a swimsuit which you can sacrifice easily as the salty water might damage the cloth to some extent.

6) It is advisable to not stay more than 10 mins in the dead sea. You can come out and definitely go once again after a break of a few minutes.

7) Don’t let the Dead Sea’s water enter your eyes.

8) Don’t forget to bring sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.

9) Use your camera before entering the water as the salinity in the water might damage your electronics.

10) Stay hydrated, because the longer you float, the more your skin will get dry.

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