Step Into The Streets Of Darjeeling For A Unique Shopping Experience With This Guide

The beautiful landscapes and lush green valleys of Darjeeling, the charming city of West Bengal, need no introduction. With a beautiful view as far as the eye can see, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in summer. Although there are plenty of things to do here, a variety of shopping Darjeeling Market All are especially attractive for shopaholics. From woolen clothes to exclusive teas, handicrafts and trinkets, you can find almost everything here.

What makes this place more attractive is the aroma of Darjeeling tea which lingers in the air like freshly brewed coffee. The pleasant weather makes sipping hot tea amidst stunning hills even better! So, scroll down to know what awaits you in this gorgeous gem.

Best time to visit Darjeeling

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By the month of October, the monsoon season subsides in Darjeeling, giving way for some fresh cool air to blanket the misty mountains. The ideal time to experience its blissful charm would be during the months of October to March when the soothing weather will surely revive your senses. You can pack a jacket or two when the nights can be cool but overall, the average temperature here does not go below 5°C.

9 Best Darjeeling Markets

A long list of places to visit makes for a busy routine. But, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best shopping experiences that Darjeeling has to offer, here is a list of places you must visit during your visit.

  • Ghoom Monastery Market
  • Nehru Road
  • Teesta Bazaar
  • Batasia Loop Market
  • road freight
  • Pashupati Nagar Market
  • Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center
  • chowk market
  • Rink Mall

1. Ghoom Monastery Market

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It is said that one should not miss the sunset view from Ghoom Math and hence the best time to visit this market is in the morning or evening. Enjoy the sweets displayed by the vendors or choose from a wide range of prayer wheels, wall paintings, bags and singing bowls for your home. Market timings for all visitors are 9 am to 7 pm.

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2. Nehru Road

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One of the most unique street shopping experiences is offered by Nehru Road where the locals have set up their own unique shops. Since the market is spread over the elevated area of ​​Hill Cart Road, walking here will also provide you with hiking goals. The state government has set up a Handicraft Emporium in recent years and if you are a fan of arts and crafts, this is definitely the place for you!

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3. Teesta Bazaar

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Near Kalimpong and Melli, Teesta Bazaar offers an exceptional market for handicrafts, overlooking the picturesque banks of Teesta River. A wide but unique range of products like wall paintings, hunting equipment, copper utensils, lanterns, crockery and shoes are available in this market. If you are heading towards Darjeeling on the Siliguri-Gangtok highway, this market is a must-see!

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4. Batasia Loop Market

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Batasia Loop situated on the loop line of Ghum and Darjeeling is one of them. Famous markets of Darjeeling And it has a lot more to offer than apparel and food items. The reasonable prices at which the products are offered here makes it an ideal place to shop without going out of your budget. The toy-train line starting from this point will make your overall shopping experience in Darjeeling more attractive. With home decor, accessories and woolen clothes, this market is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

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5. Mall Road

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Mall Road in Darjeeling is one of the most attractive markets for shopaholics. When it comes to the items available, you will definitely be surprised by the huge number of categories that this market offers. From woolen shawls, scarves, sweaters, jackets and hats to fancy jewellery, handmade souvenirs and Tibetan masks, you will find almost every item of Darjeeling here. Make sure you have enough time to visit this market as it is open from 8 AM to 7 PM.

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6. Pashupati Nagar Market

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Shopping with a view of the beautiful majestic hills – Well, we’ve got you covered! Pashupati Nagar Market located near Mirik is famous Darjeeling city market And there are plenty of souvenirs and imported goods from Thailand available. The prices are reasonable and there is plenty of scope for bargaining. The list of joys does not end here as the picturesque views in the background of this market will definitely tempt your senses and you can buy books, Darjeeling tea and knives from here apart from the usual woolen collection.

7. Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

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Established in the year 1959 with the aim of providing assistance to refugees of Tibetan origin in the region, the center showcases the talents of Tibetan artisans. From carpets, wooden decor and paintings to shoes, woolen clothes and more, you can choose from a wide range of products here. What’s more, you can also watch the artists working live at this self-help center creating creative items for sale. The center is open for shopping from 8 am to 5 pm.

8. Chowk Bazaar

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Chowk Bazaar is something else Darjeeling Shopping Market Where you can buy fruits, vegetables and goods for daily needs. It is a local market where people come to buy essential goods. So, if you are staying in a cottage, villa or Airbnb, you can buy groceries and goods from here. You will also find a large number of tourists in this market. Apart from this, it also has shops selling local handicraft items.

9. The Rink Mall

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If you think that Darjeeling has only markets and no malls, then you are wrong. The Rink Mall is located on Mall Road and is your one-stop solution for everything. Inside the mall there is Big Bazaar and Reliance Trends. Visit Nathmuls Tea Room which serves the best quality of tea. So, if you are a true tea lover, you might want to take home some souvenirs from this place.

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how to reach darjeeling

If a place as serene as Darjeeling comes to one’s mind then he would probably want to make a reservation immediately. But, knowing about the mode of travel will definitely help you plan your trip better.

by plane

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The nearest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra, which is just 94 kilometers away. From here you can hire private cabs as shared cabs are not available at this place. It will take approximately 3 to three and a half hours to reach your destination from this airport.

by road

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If you want to travel to Darjeeling by road, you can take a bus, private taxi or shared jeep from Siliguri. Bus services include Rocket and Volvo which will cover the distance of 80 kilometers in approximately less than 3 hours.

by train

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You can catch a train to New Jalpaiguri and hire a taxi from there which will take you to your destination which is only 88 kilometers from there. If you want to explore more of the stunning views while passing through the scenery on your way to Darjeeling then the option of shared jeeps, taxis and buses are available. You can also opt for toy train from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri to reach Darjeeling in 7 hours.

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Be it the natural charm of the flourishing tea gardens or the vibrant culture of the local people that lures you to Darjeeling, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience in this land. Be it a solo trip or a planned vacation with your loved ones, this land will not fail to entertain you in every sense of the word peace. So, don’t wait and pack your bags! Plan a trip to Darjeeling for a fun shopping experience in the markets of Darjeeling.

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