Heal Your Broken Aura With Meditation: Crystal Castle In Australia

If you love crystals and believe strongly in the power of crystal healing, this mesmerizing Crystal Castle in Australia Will take away all your worries and troubles.

Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, is home to the world’s largest and most beautiful Amethyst Crystal Cave and a dazzling pair of the world’s tallest crystal geodes.

This miraculous cave, formed in Uruguay 120 million years ago, is the result of a giant bubble formed inside a molten lava flow. The cave and geode were brought to Australia by a businessman who founded the Crystal Castle, a spiritual attraction in the hippie-land of Byron Bay.

Why should you visit Crystal Castles in Australia?

Whether you like crystals or not, there are several reasons why you should visit Crystal Castle in Australia, The captivating palace offers a variety of daily experiences to help visitors develop a spiritual connection with their soul.

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meditation in the cave: You can book a one-hour guided Enchanted Cave Immersion where you and three of your friends can meditate inside the belly of a geode to heal your aura. If you have any dilemma about the meaning of life, an hour inside the purple crystal cave will make your mind crystal clear (syllabic intention)

price: $80 per person. You must pre-book the meditation experience before arriving at the palace.

Aura Photos: Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like? Unlike the monochromatic negative of a camera film, your aura features different colors with a different meaning. Since selfies are so cliché, professional photographers at the palace will photograph your aura and provide you with a print-out with an insight into the colors of your aura.

price: $60 per person

best garden tour: The perfectly landscaped Shambhala Gardens are where the world’s largest crystal geodes are on display. It is the most peaceful and healing place on earth that you won’t want to leave. Stumble upon hidden attractions like labyrinths, stone spirals, and rare fossils displayed in lush foliage settings.

Also, let your senses be dazzled by the other geological wonders and tarot readings offered inside the palace.

How to reach Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens?

Crystal Castles in Australia is located 20 minutes from Byron Bay and just 40 minutes from Gold Coast Airport.

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Diamonds may not solve all your problems, but if you believe in the power of crystal healing, this may be the place to be. Whatever the worries in your life, be it small or big, book a trip to Australia and embark on a spiritual journey to the Crystal Castle, where all your problems will disappear in an instant.

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