If You Are Going To Finland Then Experience A Stay At One Of These Lakeside Cottages!

A Northern European country bordering Sweden, Russia and Norway, Finland is a country where people usually spend their holidays or even weekends relaxing and enjoying at lakeside cottages. People come to these cottages and spend time fishing, skiing, swimming and enjoying other activities. Moreover, with hotel accommodation being expensive, renting one of these cottages is a better and preferred option for every traveller. Cottage in Finland Thus, these are an ideal holiday choice for both winter and summer.

Cottage in Finland

This article provides you with a list of some of the best cottages in Finland that will definitely make your stay in this charming country a memorable experience:

1. Emil’s Villa

Emil's Villa

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This cottage offers a beautiful view of Pula Lake from every window and from the cottage’s spacious terrace. Offering peace and solitude, this cottage is the best location for relaxing holidays throughout the year. Architecturally it is an old-fashioned hut with various modern amenities like free Wi-Fi, karaoke machine and sauna room. Tourists can also indulge in outdoor activities like boating, fishing or bird watching.

Where: Kangasniemi, Southern Savonia, Finland.

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2. Island Cottage in the Baltic Sea

Island Cottage in the Baltic Sea

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One of the most luxurious and finest summer cottages in Finland, these cottages are located on private islands near the Baltic Sea. Offering a serene and luxurious place to stay, these island cottages with dense forests are a perfect relaxing holiday destination. People staying in these cottages can enjoy sailing as well as fishing in the Baltic. Apart from this, there are various shops and restaurants around these cottages.
Where: Nauvoo, South-West Finland, Finland.

3. Cottages in Nucsio National Park

Cottage in Nuuksio National Park

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Offering luxurious summer cottage life, these are one of the best holiday cottages in Finland that every traveler must visit at least once. Since these cottages are located close to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, one can cut down on their expenses by staying here while exploring the wonderful metropolis of Helsinki. Being inside a national park, the overall ambiance and aura of this place is spectacular. You can also choose to spend the night in one of the beautiful log cabins inside the national park.
Where: Nuukio National Park, Helsinki, Finland.

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4. Pearl of the North in Koli National Park

Pearl of the North in Koli National Park

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Established in 1991, Koli National Park in the Karelia region of Finland is a wonderful area full of breathtaking natural beauty. This stunning national park also boasts some great cabin rentals. Pearl of the North Cottage is one such example of a great summer cottage. With spacious rooms and all modern amenities, with ski resorts only 30 kilometers away, this is definitely one of the best luxury holiday cottages in Finland.

Where: Finland Cottage Rental, Joensuu, Finland.

5. Amunkoi Cabin in Lapland

Amunkoi Cabin in Lapland

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Tourists from all over the world come to Lapland every year for the once in a lifetime chance to see the Northern Lights. As a result, hotels here are very expensive and can prove to be a nightmare if you are on a budget. So, a better and more pocket friendly option while staying in Lapland is Amunkoi Cabins. One of the most beautiful aurora viewing cabins in Lapland, Amunköi is stunning with a cozy interior and excellent architecture.

Where: Sipollaniemienti 88, Lapland, Finland.

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6. Lake Saimaa Cottage

Lake Saimaa Cottage

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Home to the Saimaa ringed seal, the most endangered species in Finland, Lake Saimaa is a beautiful lake where one can indulge in various activities like fruit picking as well as ice fishing all year round. Loikansaari offers various cottages on the shores of Lake Saimaa that provide tourists with warmth and comfort that helps them enjoy a carefree vacation.

Tourists can indulge in activities such as swimming, fishing and canoeing during summer, while in winter they have the opportunity to participate in activities such as skiing, hiking and fishing through ice holes. Thus, these cottages are among those fishing cottages in Finland that provide fishing facilities to the visitors all year round.

Where: Loikansaari, Savonlinna, Finland.

7. Inter Bungalows in Tampere

Inter Bungalows in Tampere

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Located in the thriving city of Tampere, these cottages from German-based Inter Bungalows offer authentic traditional-style cottages with modern amenities like internet access and air conditioning. There are a large number of lakes and dense forests surrounding this city and hence, tourists visiting here can indulge in a variety of activities. The cottages are spacious and airy, ensuring that there is always fresh air and ample light inside the rooms. This is one of the most popular In the holiday cottage Finland.

Where: Inter Chalet, Tampere, Finland.

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8. Hidekiwi


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Built in 2002, Hidenkivi is one of the most luxurious cottages in Finland, an ideal place for all tourists who love to live among nature and who prefer peaceful and quiet places. The cottages are provided with amenities like TV, internet access, refrigerator as well as various other electrical appliances to provide the tourists as much comfort and facilities as possible.

Where: Hydniementi 474, 51270 Kangasniemi, Finland.

9. Hanasari


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This cottage is on an island near the village of Kangasniemi and is a perfect example of a traditional Finnish lakeside cottage as there is no electricity and basic amenities such as a gas cooker and gas fridge are provided. In addition, there are also oil lamps and battery-powered reading lamps to illuminate the rooms of the cottage. There is also a sauna building as well as a sleeping hut for the visitors to relax.

Where: Kangasniemi village, Southern Savonia, Finland.

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10. Fairy Tale Cottage at Levi and Collie

Fairy Tale Cottage at Levi and Collie

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Cottage in Finland They are generally traditional in style and offer some modern amenities. But Suomensatu offers unique ‘fairy tale cottages’ all year round in Levi and Koli. These modern cottages with spacious and luxurious rooms delight every traveler and provide them with the opportunity to participate in snowboarding and fishing activities. There are also local ski resorts in the vicinity of these cottages.

Where: Levi Resort and Koli National Park, Finland.

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These cottages will prove to be a great place to stay, relax and enjoy time with your family and friends while exploring the wonderful country of Finland. Book your trip with TourTravelHotels and stay in these cozy cottages in Finland.

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