Coronavirus Outbreak: Latest Travel Restrictions Issued By

The Indian government lately released a new set of travel restrictions for all visitors and travellers to the country. The restrictions have been put forward to control the spread of COVID-19 in India.


Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by WHO and paying heed to the global threat the Indian government has announced new travel restrictions for tourists and travellers.

Indians have been warned to avoid all non-essential domestic or international travel. The notable points included in the COVID 19 travel restrictions declared by India are:

  • With effect, March 13th, 2020, all visas to India besides diplomats, officials, UN/International Organizations, and project visas have been tentatively suspended till April 15, 2020.
  • Visas of all foreign tourists and travellers already in India will be unaffected. They may have to get in contact with the nearest FRRO/FRO for an extension/conversion of the visa.


  • Any foreign traveller wanting to travel to India for any demanded reasons should contact the nearest Indian embassy.
  • All inbound travellers from Italy, China, France, Iran, Germany, Spain and other effected countries including Indians will be subjected to medical screening and a least 14-day quarantine phase.
  • Visa-free travel offered to Overseas Citizenship of India(OCI) Cardholders has also been suspended from March 13th, till April 15th 2020.
  • All the above visa constraints will come into being at the harbour of departure.
  • Entry to Indian citizen through land borders is restricted to specific check posts where the travellers will be subjected to robust preventive screening.
  • Corporate organizations have been directed to promote work-from-home opportunities for their employees during the quarantine period.
  • The Indian Government have also put certain precautionary rules in place. If you are arriving in India, it is mandatory to fill out the self-reporting form. Likewise, if you are an Indian citizen returning to India from a foreign country, you must fill out the form.
  • Tourists flying from Italy or South Korea need to present a medical certificate that declares they are COVID-19 free.


Controlling the spread of COVID-19 is not just the duty of the government but also the duty of every individual. Hence, avoid all casual or unnecessary domestic and international travel.

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