Confederation Bridge: History And 10 Places To Visit Nearby

world famous confederation bridge It is Canada’s largest landmark and spans the Abbeywhite Passage of the Northumberland Strait. With its global identity as one An engineering marvel, this bridge connects Canada’s Prince Edward Island with the country’s mainland New Brunswick. Apart from easing communication and infrastructure, this bridge has become a favorite destination.

About Confederation Bridge

About Confederation Bridge

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Construction of the Confederation Bridge began in October 1993. The bridge was completed and inaugurated for public use four years later on May 31, 1997. There are several interesting factors that differentiate the Confederation Bridge from any other normal bridge. This two-lane toll bridge on the Trans-Canada Highway connects Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island, to the Canadian mainland at Cape Jurman, New Brunswick.

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Confederation Bridge: construction

Bridge Ocean Pei Confederation Bridge

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Experienced engineers were involved in planning the Confederation Bridge construction. The precast components have used highly durable high grade concrete combined with supporting steels to ensure the bridge’s lifespan of over a century. Overall, it took a massive 4 years of work to complete the construction of this bridge, involving a workforce of over 5000, ranging from laborers to senior engineers and managerial staff.

Confederation Bridge: Increase in the number of tourists

Increase in the number of tourists

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The number of visitors to the Confederation Bridge was 740,000 in 1996, a year before its formal opening. Its formal opening the following year in 1997 attracted 1,200,000 tourists. Since then, the number of visitors has declined. Nowadays, the annual average tourist visitors is only around 900,000. Being the longest bridge in the world crossing ice-covered water, the Confederation Bridge is a paradise for tourists visiting the Canadian territory.

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10 places to visit near Confederation Bridge

To make your trip to Canada a memorable experience, you should keep the following places in mind:

1. Howards Cove Lighthouse

Howards Cove Lighthouse

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Located just 15 kilometers away, Howards Cove Lighthouse is a great place to visit near the Confederation Bridge. It is a wonderful landmark in Prince Edward Island where tourists participate in many recreational activities in their leisure time and enjoy the tranquility of this place.

2. Seven Mile Bay

seven mile bay

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Nature lovers will not miss the famous natural reservoir named Seven Mile Bay in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This famous tourist attraction remains popular for a variety of outdoor activities near the Confederation Bridge. It is located less than 15 kilometers from the bridge and is always full of tourists.

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3. Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse

Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse

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Located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, the famous Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse is a must visit in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is famous for its cool climatic conditions. Tourists feel solace during their stay in this abundance of nature.

4. Julie’s Yarn Shop

Julie's Yarn Shop

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Travelers as buyers would always like to find some souvenir to take home as memories. Located just 16 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, Julie’s Yarn Shop offers a variety of local goodies that everyone will love. This is an ideal place to buy gifts at reasonable prices.

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5. Murray Beach Provincial Park

Murray Beach Provincial Park

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Providing visitors with the dual benefit of ample time to spend their leisure time at Murray Beach and a spectacular walk through the park area, Murray Beach Provincial Park is always bustling with visitors. It is located at a distance of only 16 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, so it is always accessible to everyone.

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6. Maritime Railway Historical Park

Maritime Railway Historical Park

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The Marine Rail Historical Park, a series of rail museums cum parks in Prince Edward Island, is located just 14 kilometers from the region’s famous landmark, the Confederation Bridge. Tourists consider including a visit to this park in their itinerary considering knowing about the glorious past of this region.

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7. Right Off the Bat Pottery

clay pots right outside the bat

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Located just 400 meters away from the Confederation Bridge, tourists try something unique here. This innovative concept of ‘Play in Clay Experimental Workshop’ attracts everyone’s attention. You can enjoy innovative clay ideas in this gallery for fun moments.

8. Cavendish Figures Ltd.

cavendish statues

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A visit to the Confederation Bridge is a dream-like experience for tourists. However everyone wants to get something unique from a trip to a place so that others can know about that memorable trip. Cavendish Figures Ltd. is a large gift shop near the famous bridge in Prince Edward Island. Apart from selling a variety of local souvenirs to buy and take home, it features the perfect eatery option to taste some of the best local light cuisine.

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9. Cape Jurymen Nature Center

Cape Jurymen Nature Center

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Visitors to the Confederation Bridge cannot ignore a visit to the nearby Cape Jurymen Nature Center in the Bayfield, New Brunswick area. This modern eco-centre attracts everyone with its many features. The wildlife area is amazing. The more than 12 kilometers long nature trail always attracts the attention of adventure lovers. Other notable attractions are the famous exhibition hall and an operational lighthouse dating from the 19th century. Of course, the most popular artisan boutique here is a must-see. Tourists enjoy a fine meal while gazing at the massive form of the Confederation Bridge. When they sit there and drink coffee or have some delicious food they feel its grandeur.

10. Borden-Carleton Visitor Information Center

Borden Carleton Visitor Information Center

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The presence of the Borden-Carleton Visitor Information Center on Prince Edward Island near the Confederation Bridge proves to be a great relief for tourists to get the desired information about the area. Will be open daily from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm; The information center itself is a wonderful place to explore. Travelers learn all kinds of information about the island as well as rules related to the world-famous Confederation Bridge nearby.

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The Confederation Bridge is considered one of the most popular long bridges in the world today. Since it is built on the ice-covered water that connects mainland Canada to Prince Edward Island, it has gained popularity as an exceptionally unique bridge cum tourist destination. No trip to Canada would be complete without a memorable drive over this bridge.

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