Common Items People Always Forget to Pack for Vacation

Common Items People Always Forget to Pack for Vacation

When you’re packing, you can never be too prepared. But what if you’re going away for a long weekend or longer? You may not have time to pack everything that needs to be in your suitcase.

It seems like everyone has their way of packing for vacation, and it’s usually a mix of common sense and personal preference. But what about the common items people forget to pack? The last thing you want to do is pack your suitcase full of clothes and then have to regret not bringing something.

So, before you head out on vacation, check out these common items people always forget to pack:

1) Chargers: Phone, Laptop or watch chargers are the first thing you always remember to keep and the shocking fact is these all are the things you will forget to keep first. Off course you can get it easily wherever you are going but, buying a new one every time is not an option if you are a frequent traveler.

2) Sunglasses/ Power glasses: Whether you’re going somewhere sunny or not, sunglasses are a must-have for any trip because they keep the sun off your face and reduce glare from water or windows. And about power glass/contact lenses, we can’t even imagine that you forget them. It is painful to even think that because no matter what you will need them like you need your clothes. So, please keep it close to you when it’s time for packing.


3) Sunscreen and lip balms: If you’ve ever thought, “I forgot my sunscreen,” you’re not alone. While sunscreen is important for everyone, it’s especially important for people who plan on spending time outdoors. If you’re going to be outside for a while, wearing sunscreen will help protect your skin from damage caused by the sun’s rays. Lip balms are also essential for outdoor trips, especially ones that involve sun exposure. They’ll help keep your lips hydrated and make them less susceptible to chapping.

4) Scarf or shawl: It’s always nice to have a light layer on hand in the winter as well as in any season especially while you are traveling. You can easily throw it on when you get to your destination and then put it back on when you leave. It gives a level of comfort and safety to have an oversized scarf and mostly you must have seen typical traveling with one.

5) Toothbrush and toothpaste: We all agree that the Hotel or wherever you are staying can easily fulfill your need for a Toothbrush and toothpaste, but if you are a frequent traveler, don’t let it be your habit. Some people or travelers are so specific about their toothpaste and even about their toothbrush brand, so to avoid any disappointment on your trip, just keep all of your toiletries together in your daily use as well and just pick what all you need when you are packing.

6) Laundry bag: This is the most essential item people usually forget thinking they will have to manage their dirty clothes, but honestly, you never know what can happen on your next trip, maybe you partied till late at night or maybe it’s raining over there. Carrying a laundry bag reduces your stress even if you are not able to manage your dirty clothes.

7) Deodorant/Perfumes: It is good to try new perfumes but there will always be that one fragrance, which will be your signature perfume/deodorant. Better to not forget it because the first thing after landing at any destination you definitely don’t want is to buy a perfume/deodorant for yourself.


8) Hair Brushes and Combs: One of the most basic grooming items, which is a must-have in your bag while traveling. Wherever you are going, messy hair makes you look sick and it is best to always look presentable. Always keep your Hair Brushes and Combs handy.

9) Swimsuits: It’s always good to pack some swimsuits in case you want to go swimming at home or on vacation. If you forgot these items, you’ll need to buy them on your trip and pack them along with everything else. And if you are into swimming then, you never know where you will find water, maybe at your accommodation or the nearby beach.

10) Umbrellas: Umbrellas are an invaluable tool for any traveler especially in rainy climates, though it gives protection from snow and sun as well. It is the most useful thing you will ever need while it does start raining when you’re out exploring. It’s always best to carry one travel-size little umbrella with you.


When you are planning for your vacation, you should always take some time to think about the things that you are going to pack. You will not only have a good time but also save money when you pack your luggage so that you don’t need to buy those forgotten items. These items are mostly the common items people forget to pack. So, we helped you in a way that now you won’t forget at least these items to carry on your next trip.

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