Your Childhood Wish Has Finally Come True. Romania Has A Clay Castle Where You Can Stay!

Have fairy tales and dreamy stories always fascinated you? Did you like making clay castles as a child and did you wish you lived in them too? If yes, then it’s time to celebrate because you can finally live your sweet dream! there is one Mitti Mahal Hotel Located in Transylvania, Romania that will soon open its doors for your next stay.

Castellull de Lut (Mud Castle of the Valley of the Fairies) is located in a small village, about 40 km from the city of Sibiu in Transylvania. Situated amidst the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, it offers spectacular views of nature and is very creatively built. Reaching here via the Transfagarasan Highway will not only take you 40 km, but you will also step back in time.

it Mitti Mahal Hotel It is actually an eco-friendly habitat made of organic materials like mud, straw, wood and sand. This hotel became reality as a result of a dream home that a Romanian couple always wanted to build. He actually sold his house in Bucharest to bring this extraordinary vision to life. However, to realize his dream he also took the help of an architect.

Clay Castle Hotel in Transylvania

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This palace, which will soon be opened as a hotel, will have ten rooms and a restaurant. Each room will have its own separate entrance. Apart from its remote location, magnificent structure and eco-friendly accommodation, the palace is also a beautiful place to host your destination wedding or any special event.

Although the price per night stay has not yet been announced and it is time for the hotel to open its doors to its guests, you can still visit this breathtaking attraction during your holidays in Europe.

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Although this place may still seem like something straight out of a fantasy or fairytale world, fortunately, it is a reality! So, next time you plan your trip to Europe and want to live your childhood dream, make sure you stay in this fairyland-like wonder.

Cover Image Courtesy: Castellul de Lute

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