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For most of its history, Austria has been an independent state. For the past two hundred years, Austria has been united with Austria. before that, salzburg It was ruled by the Church, which gives it its current name – City of the Church. Salzburg is famous for its architecture, the stunning details of its churches, soothing sacred music and local culture. Overall, a trip to Austria is a spiritual journey that gives you a glimpse of the rich history of the place. Because of the churches in Austria, this place has gained UNESCO World Heritage status. The town is full of churches, there is a convent and it even has its own catacombs.

Top 5 Churches in Salzberg

At a glance you can see the innumerable churches of this city. The skyline is lined with domes and old church towers. Due to the ubiquitous Baroque, Austria is often called the “Rome of the North”. Here is a list of some of the most popular Salzburg churches.

1.Salzburg Cathedral

salzburg cathedral

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One of the most important churches in Austria is the Hamburg Cathedral. It has a huge dome and two minarets on either side. It leaves its unique mark on the city’s skyline. The Hamburg Cathedral is home to many historical elements that have shaped the city over time. You can find the art installation called “Vanitas”, the ark that contains the relics of Saints Rupert and the Vigil, art and the crypt of that time and much more. There are many such mysteries in the church which are still undiscovered.

This cathedral is a perfect tribute to early art forms and their complexities. The façade is constructed of Unterberg marble. You can also see four monumental statues – the patron saints Rupert and Vigil, who hold a salt pan and a model of the church, and the apostles Peter and Paul, who hold a key and a sword. The cathedral was initially constructed in the year 767. It was the first constructed under the rule of Bishop Virgil. Then, it was rebuilt again in the year 1628 and 1959. You can see the imprint of different times in the architecture.

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2. Franciscan Church

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The Franciscan church in Salzburg has a slender tower that is impossible to miss. The church itself is made up of two parts. The original central part has features that resemble Roman architectural style. The chancel is the second part which has Gothic style. This church is known for the various architectural styles that it combines together under one roof. This church has been in existence since the early days of Christianity in the city. However, it has gone through a lot of trouble and has even been destroyed by fire. However, it was rebuilt during the 12th century and became a symbol of the merchant class. It was again renovated in the 15th century by the middle class of the city.

Franciscan churches are often considered older than cathedrals. It houses the famous painting “Madonna with Child” by Michael Pachter. The interior of the church has been modified several times under the rule of different archbishops. Currently, it has several connecting walkways and nine different chapels.

Franciscan churches are often considered older than cathedrals. It houses the famous painting “Madonna with Child” by Michael Pachter. The interior of the church has been modified several times under the rule of different archbishops. Currently, it has several connecting walkways and nine different chapels.

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3. St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter's Church

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St. Peter’s Church in Austria has been the spiritual center of the city since the 7th century. This church is not only famous for its distinctive Christian architecture, but it is also known for the famous movie “The Sound of Music”. Commonly known as the Sound of Music Church, this place in Hamburg also comes with its own cemetery and catacombs.

The Frankish missionary Rupert founded the church. To date, it is the oldest monastic order in German-speaking areas. The church has experienced several fires and has been restored repeatedly. The restoration work done at different times gives this church its unique look. You can see Roman, Renaissance and Rococo elements in the architecture. St. Peter’s Abbey is famous for its long gallery. It housed the collected paintings of Prince-Archbishop Guidobald von Thun. The corridor itself was Italianate with windows on one side and paintings on the other. St. Peter’s Cemetery is one of the oldest and most beautiful cemeteries in the world. The complex burial grounds and the area’s climate contribute to the picturesque atmosphere. This church was the final resting place of many eminent personalities, including Mozart’s sister.

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4. Collegiate Church

Collegiate Church

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The Collegiate Church in Austria has gained great prestige as the center of music and art in the city of Mozart. Collegiate Church is also known as University Church. It was built by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and the place has had an exciting history since the beginning. The design of the church is unique in itself. The decoration of this place is very simple compared to other churches. This makes it an ideal venue for art exhibitions and concerts where the intricacies of church design can take the background. In ancient times, the church was the place for the cultivation of law, theology, medicine and philosophy. When the city came under Bavarian rule the church lost its original purpose. However, now, the church has been reopened for concerts and art exhibitions.

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5. Pilgrimage Church Maria Plain

Pilgrimage Church Maria Maidan

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The Maria Plain Church, located at a corner of the city, has been a popular pilgrimage site for Christians. The church itself is not as impressive as the churches located in the center of the city, but it has gained immense popularity due to the nature views surrounding it. The church was founded during the Thirty Years’ War. The interior is filled with gold, white and blue. The famous painting by Maria Plein is located in the high altar. This church is now famous for its panoramic views of the city of Hamburg.

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There are many churches in Austria and it is impossible to cover them all during short holidays. However, this list will definitely come in handy for those who are curious to see the most popular ones. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Austria for a unique holiday experience with your loved ones! Already excited?

FAQs about churches in Austria

How many churches are there in Salzburg Austria?

There are 27 churches in Austria.

What are the famous churches in Salzberg?

The churches in Austria are the Pilgrimage Church Maria Plein, the Collegiate Church, St. Peter’s Church, the Franciscan Church, the Salzburg Cathedral, etc.

Why is St. Peter’s Church in Salzberg famous?

St. Peter’s Church in Austria is truly a famous church because of its remarkable architecture. This church also attracted a lot of attention because of the famous film ‘The Sound of Music’, in fact this church came to be known as the Sound of Music Church in Hamburg! Apart from this, this church also has its own catacombs and its own cemetery. So, be sure to visit this church on your next trip to Austria.

Why should I visit Salzberg?

Salzberg is famous as the birthplace of the famous composer Mozart. Salzberg has also become a Mecca for classical music. Mozart’s influence can be felt all around here. You will really enjoy the pleasant live music here and also find various talented musicians who can be easily spotted here.

What is the best time to visit Austria?

The most ideal time to visit Austria is from the months of September to October, this is the time when the weather is good and you will be able to make the most of your visit.

What are the best attractions in Salzberg?

Mozart’s Birthplace, Mirabell Palace, Kapuzinerberg, Salzberg Cathedral, Schloss Heilbrunn, Fortress Hohensalzburg, St. Peter’s Abbey, Austria, etc.

How many days are enough in Austria?

Although Salzburg is a small city, it is about the size of an average large city. We would recommend you to keep 4 days for your trip to Austria.

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