China revised covid policy and lifts covid visa ban on

China revised covid policy and lifts covid visa ban on

The Chinese government has restructured its Covid-19 visa policy after over two years of the pandemic. China has lifted a ban on Covid-19 visas for Indian professionals and students. This is good news for those who were waiting to go to China.

This news is a huge sigh of relief for the Indian professionals and Indian students who are stuck back home since 2020 and wanted to push their careers ahead.
Over 23,000 Indian students, studying in Chinese colleges, are stuck in India after they returned home as the coronavirus broke out in China in December 2019 as per previous reports. They were not able to return to China due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Chinese government.

covid visa ban

Over 12,000 Indian students have expressed that they want to return and their details have been forwarded to the Chinese government for processing. Further, it went ahead to notify students in Chinese universities who had voiced their will to join the colleges.
The revised policy declares that Indian professionals and their families who are stuck in India for over two years now will be able to get a Chinese visa now.

Chinese citizens having Chinese permanent residence permits who want to visit China for family gatherings or visiting relatives can apply for visas, the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi announced.

covid visa ban

While re-opening visa services to Indians, China has not yet announced plans to open flight services between India and China. Nevertheless, China’s visa statement has created hope that flight services too might start soon.

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