Chennai To Host Exciting Dinosaur Festival In June

Chennai To Host Exciting Dinosaur Festival In June

Yes! You heard it right. The Dinosaur Festival will be held in Chennai, India, from June 10 to June 19. At this festival, tourists will be given detailed facts and information about dinosaurs. Besides, there will also be an array of dinosaur displays at the event.

Tourists and dinophiles can discover a lot at the event, and visitors will surely have a lot of merriment at the festival with their family and friends. And if you are already in Chennai at the moment, extend your vacation, and definitely stay back to attend this festival.

Want to make your vacation with your family memorable, then definitely go to this ten-day Dinosaur Festival in June in Chennai. So to get a different experience while in Chennai. On the pretext of this festival, you can visit Chennai and enjoy the world of dinosaurs.

During this festival, you will get information about the dinosaurs that wandered India 65 million years ago.


This exhibition will be fun for children too

The exhibition to be held at the Dinosaur Festival will be unique for the children because along with the information, children will also be able to get to see many exhibits. Children will get considerable facts and information about the existence of dinosaurs, along with Photographs.

Children from schools in and around Chennai will get free admission for this festival on Fridays and Mondays.

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