Cheap Holiday Destinations In India

Cheap Holiday Destinations In India

No matter how badly people want to travel, nobody goes all-in on vacation. Yes! Vacations can be many things to many people. However, the most common determinant for every tourist and traveller is ‘Budget.’ So, being aware of the travel expenses is vital. And if you are looking for cheap holiday destinations in India, you are in the right place. After much research, we have compiled the best and cheapest vacation holiday destination in India. Have a look!



Don’t be deceived by Jaipur’s’ Grand Palaces and 5-star hotels, because besides its grandest appearance, it can accommodate all kinds of travellers from all walks of life. Jaipur is one of the most splendid capitals that offers economical accommodations and stays for tourists to add simplicity to its rich culture. With millions of buildings painted in pink, the pink city resembles a flock of flamingos when witnessed from above. Its magnificent forts, museums, palaces, and temples provide a sense of the old charm of India.



Burrowed in between the ranges of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar, Manali is the best summer holiday destination in India. When it is summer, generally, the first place that comes to our mind is Manali. Rightly, because Manali offers snow-capped mountains, panoramic landscapes, lush green meadows, and many fun yet relaxing activities. And it also offers an endless number of resorts, cottages, and stayed that will leave you split with choices. Explore the snow-filled fairyland this summer to get a glimpse of natures artwork.


Puri is the most visited weekend getaway in India for many inhabitants of east India, i.e., Bengal, Odisha, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh, to name a few. Offering umpteen number of attractions, Puri allures holidaymakers, and foreign travellers from across the world. The accommodations are highly reasonable and thus, making it one of the top monsoon vacation destinations in India. Jaganath mandir, Swargdar, and Narendra tank are a few religious places that provide a fascinating glimpse into Puri’s role as one of India’s holiest cities. Apart from religious landmarks, Puri is also home to one of the finest and cleanest sandy beaches in India.


It is the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula and one of the most visited places in India for its religious and historical importance. Decked with coconut trees, the long stretches of vibrant shores in Kanyakumari give the vibe of the unexplainable beauty of nature. Besides, it is claimed to be the only Landmark in India that showcases sunrise and sunset at the same beach. Witnessing that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kanyakumari renders many accommodation options at affordable prices. Visit Kanyakumari to explore significant temples and understand the old charm of India’s history.


Located amidst lush western ghats, Coorg is one of the best and cheapest places to visit in India. Misty hills, lush forest area, perfectly arrayed plantations, and pleasant weather make Coorg a perfect postcard picture of nature meeting civilization. Explore untouched attractions such as Iruppu falls, Raja’s Seat, Tadiandamol peak, and Abbey falls to admire the core beauty of Coorg. Coorg comes alive during the monsoon with bustling tourism and ever-thriving natural wonders. The hotel and food fares are suitable for every budget.


Although Gokarna was famous for being a religious pilgrimage for Hindus, it has now become a hub for nature and beach lovers for offering breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches. Gokarna is a small town located in Karnataka, and it is famed for the two aforementioned reasons. Its palm clad beaches offer much-required respite and relaxation, whereas the temples are believed to provide sanctity and salvation. Whatever the reason to visit this off-beat destination, the Gokarna has ample of options for accommodations so tourists and travellers can stay at any of the reasonable hotels or shacks. Therefore, making it one of the cheapest holiday destinations in India.


Nestled amidst hectares of tea plantations and mountain ridges, Darjeeling boasts one of the best weather in India. Be it the stunning sunrises, lush green hills, awe-inspiring farms, or just the sheer simplicity, Darjeeling will surely impress people from all walks of life. You can experience authentic local cuisines, enjoy meandering toy trains, and explore the cloud caressing hills while you are at this heavenly place. And because it is located in one of the isolated regions in India, the homestay and cottages are unexpectedly low priced. Visit this budget-friendly place in India to have a perspective-changing experience.


Situated in the southern part of Kerala, Varkala is a coastal town that is known for its palm decked pristine beaches, lighthouses, forts, green hills, natural fisheries, and springs. This pleasant summer destination offers several budget accommodation options to nature lovers, respite seekers, and hippies alike. It entertains people with spas, clean beaches, water sports, and other recreational activities. The Shacks on the shore sell many mouth-watering plates of seafood alongside, giving you a fantastic view of the endless sea. For all the reasons mentioned above, Varkala is a must-visit.

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