Celebrate Valentine’s Day At These Astounding Locations In

Celebrate Valentine's Day At These Astounding Locations In

If you’re intending to propose to your loved one and want to be certain that it’s everything he/she dreamed of, fret not! There is a myriad number of places in India to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Seaside or countryside, urbanity or desert, secluded or public; pick the place that would best gratify your soulmates feelings and unleash your passion!

Here are some of the astounding locations in India to celebrate valentine’s day 2022!

Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir


Srinagar bewitches the whole world and especially lovers. An example of a serene city, with hamlets and streets that run next to lakes and canals. If you want to get the best taste of the Hamlet, simply lose yourself in its natural bounties.

Havelock Island, Andaman Islands


The charm and beauty of Havelocks’ landscapes and cerulean waters will compel you to get on your knees to propose! Also, you will enjoy its tropic climate that will allow you to sunbathe, dive or visit the best resorts in short sleeves. A perfect place to propose on Valentine’s Day, if you´re looking for natural settings and warm weather!

Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Blue villages, incredible heritage sites and breathtaking hills; the combination offered by Jodhpur is perfect for a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. There you will find the serenity and privacy that you seek for your trip as a couple. The most satisfying part? It´s offseason so you might find a good deal on flight fares and accommodation!

Theog, Shimla


Sharma Located about 35 Km away from Shimla, Theog is one of the lesser-known places in India which happens to be the most cherished gems of Himachal Pradesh. This heavenly storehouse of surprises laden with snow on all sides is one of the closest places to heaven that any traveller in search of passionate places can find.

Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh


Gandikota is one of the most isolated and private places you can visit on Valentine’s Day in India! Far-famed as Indian Grand Canyon, Gandikota stands tall as a bystander to the great Pemmasani Dynasty that reigned over Gandikota in ancient times. Gandikota is surrounded by the Erramala Ranges and with Pennar river running through the gorge, the beautiful scenery of Gandikota is worth a quiet getaway with your soulmate this Valentine’s Day.



If you don’t mind traversing over the ocean on your Valentine’s trip, then celebrate your love to the sound of silence in the majestic yet lesser-known islands of Lakshadweep. Dance, hang out, enjoy and fall in love with this island as much as you are with each other.

Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand


Propose to her/him with freshly picked flowers from the lavender, rose or jasmine fields scattered across the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. If you like nature, vibrant settings, the blossoms, and the wonderful fragrances they give off, don’t search any further.

Nainital, Uttarakhand


The famous verdant charm is multiplied in Nainital, with its beautiful landscapes, architecture and its corners full of secrets. Get lost in the rolling hills, view the daybreak from the Tiffin Top, witness angelic birds chirping and flying across the Pangot And Kilbury Bird Sanctuary and enjoy wonderful private boating experience at Naini lake.

Alleppey, Kerala


The backwater capital of India, Alleppey is a pleasant destination to enjoy as a duo this Valentine’s Day. Kayak through the backwaters, celebrate a romantic dinner on board a houseboat and, above all, kiss on the banks of brackish lagoons during twilight, which they say guarantees an everlasting bond.

Udaipur, Rajasthan


Proposing on Valentine’s Day in Udaipur is a great option, as the city is full of romance. By walking through the old town you will feel protagonists of a beautiful love story, discovering its streets and enjoying live folk music.

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