Head To These Castles In Lithuania If You’re A Culture Vulture

Lithuania is a very beautiful country and popular tourist destination. Every year a lot of people come to Lithuania from neighboring countries like Greece, Spain and France. The country has a rich historical heritage and many historical monuments such as churches, monasteries and palaces are spread across the country.
In ancient times, Lithuania was known for its wooden castles and fortresses. These wooden castles served the purpose of defensive blocks and were the residences of the dukes of that time. But these wooden palaces have fallen into disrepair with time castle in lithuania, All you see today are stone and brick palaces. Stone and brick castles date back to the 13th and 14th centuries and there are some truly stunning stone castles around Lithuania.
lithuania castle Are important to the cultural and historical heritage of the country and you must visit some of the spectacular places in them castle in lithuania To really get an idea of ​​the country’s past.

10 best castles in Lithuania

Lithuania is home to many medieval castles which adds to the charm of this place. There are many stunning castles throughout Lithuania, which add to the beauty of the country. A trip to Lithuania is incomplete without seeing these beautiful forts. Take a look at our list of 10 fantastic castle in lithuania Which must be seen.

1. Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Palace

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Kaunas Palace Probably the oldest castle in Lithuania and it is located in a very beautiful place, where two rivers – Neris and Nemunas meet. Built in the 13th century, the castle served as a strong defensive block against the attacks of the Teutonic Order. The castle was the only double-walled structure in Lithuania at that time and was a very strong defensive citadel. During the 1430s the castle was granted Magdeburg rights and soon the present-day city of Kaunas began to flourish. Currently, the castle is a part of the Kaunas City Museum and cultural events are held in the castle every year.

Place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Time: September – May 10am to 6pm, June – August 10am to 6pm (weekdays), 10am to 4pm (Sundays)
entrance fees: Adults – 2.50 Euro, Children – 1.20 Euro

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2. Castle’s Opinion

Castle's opinion

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castle view There is another beautiful palace in the country of Lithuania. The palace was built during the period from 1604 to 1610. Unlike Kaunas this castle was generally not a defensive stronghold, but castle view Was the residence of Hungarian nobles. This feudal-style castle contained residential quarters, a defense armament and agricultural buildings. The architecture of the palace is a combination of Baroque, Renaissance and Classicism. The palace is situated on a hilltop and is surrounded by five spring-fed pools, which offer the most beautiful views.

Place: Jurbarkas District, Lithuania
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: Free

3. Roudon Castle

Roudon Castle

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RedIt was a royal estate until the 16th century and later in the early 16th century. Roudon Castle It was built at this location by Crispin Kirschenstein, the son of a Prussian immigrant. Later when Kirsenstein’s grandson became secretary of the Lithuanian Duchy and established himself in Raudon, the town of Raudon flourished and became very prosperous. The castle was destroyed by fire and war and was later rebuilt and even today you can see the original Renaissance style architecture of the castle. Presently a school is established within the palace complex and the 35 meter high tower of the palace is open to the public.

Place: Roudon, Lithuania

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4. Carpenter Palace

Carpenter Palace

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Located in the Vilnius district, Medininkai Castle is another medieval castle in Lithuania. The castle was built during the 13th-14th century and was a defensive citadel. Unlike many other palaces the palace was built on plain ground and the palace consisted of 4 gates and towers. The main 30 meter high tower was used as residential premises and was later converted into a farm and bakery in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: Adults – 8 Euros, Children and Seniors – 4 Euros

5. Trakai Island Castle

Trakai Island Castle

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Trakai Castle is the only insular castle in all of Europe. The castle was built on an island in Lake Galway and was used as a defense fort. The castle was later converted into a residential building after losing its defense importance in the Battle of Grunwald. After 1430 the castle was converted into a prison and was completely deserted in the 15th century. The palace now serves as a historical and architectural monument and is home to a historical museum. Many cultural events and festivals take place in the palace.

Place: Trakai, Lithuania
Time: March, April, October – 10 am to 6 pm, May – September 10 am to 7 pm, November – February 9 am to 5 pm.
entrance fees: Adults – 8 euros, students and seniors – 4 euros

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6. Klaipeda Castle

Klaipeda Castle

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The castle was built in 1252 and was the first stone castle of the Teutonic Order. The castle has been attacked and burned several times and has undergone several reconstructions over the years. Most of the palace has been destroyed and dilapidated and only the northern part of this defense citadel remains.

Place: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: 2 euros

7. Birzai Castle

Birjai Mahal

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Birjai is a mud citadel type palace built during 1586 to 1589. The second part of the palace was completed in the 17th century and has been the residence of the Birjai-Dubingai family dynasty. During the war with Sweden, Birzai Castle served as a major defense fort. This Dutch-style palace is situated in a beautiful location on the banks of Lake Sirvena.

Place: Birzai, Lithuania
Time: 10 am to 6:30 pm

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8. Norviliskes Castle

Norviliskes Castle

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Norvilisch Castle was built by a wealthy Prussian merchant on the site of an older manor. This Renaissance style palace has been restored over time, leaving the original architecture of the palace intact. The castle was a defensive system in medieval times and its gates and towers formed a fairly strong defensive system within its compact yard. At present, the palace is open for public inspection and they also organize parties, events and conferences.

Place: Norviliskes, Lithuania

9. Old Trakai Castle

Old Trakai Castle

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It is probably the oldest brick castle in Lithuania. Over time the castle has fallen into disrepair and at the present time, only the Neo-Gothic style church remains amid the ruins of the caste. Once the new Trakai castle was built and this old castle lost its defensive importance, it was handed over to Benedictine monks.

Place: Trakai, Lithuania

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10. Roudonvaris Castle

Roudonvaris Castle

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Raudonavaris is another majestic castle in Lithuania. The castle is located only 9 km from Kaunas and in the village of Raudonvaris. The Manor Castle was built during the 17th century and you will see significant Renaissance themed architecture in the castle. The main building of the castle is a high-tower complex, which was owned by the nobles Kosakovsky, Vordlovsky and Radvilai. The palace complex, stables, orangery and ice house have been renovated and are currently used as a venue for cultural tourism.

Place: Raudovaris, Lithuania
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: 9 euros

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Here you have the list of 10 best castles in Lithuania. Visit these castles and palaces on your Lithuania trip and fully absorb the historical and cultural heritage of the place. So, now, plan a trip to Europe, head to these castles in Lithuania and enjoy!

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