10 Grand Castles In Estonia That Are A Mix Of Beauty & History!

Estonia is a small coastal country in Northern Europe, bordered by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Visiting Estonia, you will be transported to a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, as the country is full of medieval houses, magnificent castles and fortifications. The winding paths and lanes will take you on an indescribable adventure. All the attractions in Estonia are quite entertaining and the legends and folklore behind these attractions make exploring Estonia even more fun.
There are more than 1000 palaces here castle in estonia With manor houses dating back as far as the 13th century. Many of these beautiful properties, once home to wealthy Russian landowners, have now been converted into galleries, museums, luxury hotels and restaurants.
When you explore the Estonian countryside, you will see many structures that speak of the historical architecture of the place. There are many different styles of architecture in which castles in Estonia are designed. From Renaissance to Baroque and Art Nouveau/ Although many Estonian castles and manors have fallen into disrepair over time, many of them have been renovated and are open to the public. Many of these beautiful spots also serve as wedding venues among the local people of Estonia. Head to these palaces, click a picture or plan your wedding!

10 best castles in estonia

Estonia boasts many beautiful castles and manors that are open to visitors. These architectural landmarks speak of the grand historical background of the country. Take a look at the list of 10 beautiful Estonia castles to know more.

1. Toompea Castle

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Toompea Castle was founded by the German Knights of the Sword during the period 1227–29. The castle can be seen perched on top of a limestone cliff and towers over the rest of the city. The castle was used for military purposes by the many kingdoms that ruled over Estonia. The palace is designed in Baroque architecture and although it has been renovated several times, it still retains its original shape in which it was built. The architecture of the palace includes different parts from different time periods as it was renovated several times. The most stunning architectural features of the castle include the mighty walls and the Hermann Tower. This 46 meter high tower is a very important national symbol and every day at sunrise the national flag of Estonia flutters to the tune of the national anthem.

Place: Losi Plats 1A, Tallin, Estonia.

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2. Pöltsmaa Castle

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Poltsmaa Castle is situated on the banks of the Poltsmaa River. It was constructed during the 13th century and was the residence of Duke Magnus, King of Livonia in the 16th century. The castle was plundered several times and was rebuilt in Rococo style by Woldemar Johann von Laue during the 18th century. The palace and the church inside were burned again in 1941 and later restored in 1952. Many events are currently held on the castle grounds and it is also home to the Pöltsmaa Museum, the Estonian Press Museum, clay and handicraft workshops. , a wine cellar and food museum and a restaurant. With so many attractions, Pöltsmaa Castle serves as a perfect tourist attraction place.

Place: Castle, Pöltsmaa, Estonia.

3. Sangaste Castle

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Located in the town of Sangaste in Estonia, Sangaste Castle has been converted into a manor in the present day. It displays the entire life and work of Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg, who developed the winter rye breed called Sangste in Estonia and hence the castle was named. This South Estonian castle is worth a visit during your trip to Europe. The palace was designed according to the architecture of England’s famous Windsor Castle. The architectural beauty, magnificent halls and rich history make Sangaste Castle an ideal wedding venue. The castle has a restaurant that serves delicious Estonian food and the famous Sangaste rye vodka.

Place: Kola Castle, Valga County, Estonia.

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4. Alatskivi Palace

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This beautiful neo-Gothic castle is located on the eastern border of Estonia. There are several guided tours to Alatskivi Castle. Here, you can learn in detail about the life history of the noble family that lived in the palace. The caste is spread over three levels and the tour guide will share countless stories of this beautiful residence, showcasing the rich history of the place. Take a day out on your trip to Estonia and visit this beautiful place while you are in Estonia.

Place: Losi 1, Alatskivi, Estonia.

5. Koluvare Castle

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The Coluvre estate originally belonged to the knightly family of De Lode. The palace was originally located on an artificially created island over which a bridge ran. The most important architecture of the castle is the four-sided defensive complex. The castle has undergone several renovations over time and in the present day, the castle has been redesigned to offer a number of luxury services including a fine dining restaurant, a coffeehouse and a sauna. The palace façade also hosts many events.

Place: Koluvare, Leon County, Estonia.

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6. Kuressaare Castle

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Kuressaare Castle is another famous castle in Estonia, which was built in the 14th century. The palace currently houses the Saaremaa Museum. Kuressaare Castle is one of the last remaining original fortifications of Baltic origin and has not been much rebuilt. The beautiful architecture of the palace is very aesthetically pleasing. Visit this castle and explore the local medieval local history.

Place: Losihov 1, Kuressaare, Estonia

7. Glen Castle

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Glön Castle in Tallin was built in 1886 by Nikolai von Glön. The palace is situated in a beautiful location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The castle was largely destroyed during World War I, but has been restored by students from the University of Tallinn and art groups in Estonia. Many weddings take place within the castle complex and in the present day Glen Castle serves as a renowned venue for formal events.

Place: Old Mustame, Tallin, Estonia.

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8. Rakvere Castle

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Rakvere Castle is a must-see during your trip to Estonia. Rakvere Castle is a very interesting place to visit. Entering the palace, you will see a theme park that displays the everyday life of people of the 16th century. People dress up as knights and warriors and it is a very interesting day especially for families. You can also walk around the castle and see the torture chamber, Red Lantern Street, medieval brothel, wine cellar and alchemist’s workshop.

Place: Vallimägi, Rakvere, Estonia.

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9. Haapsalu Castle

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Haapsalu Castle and Cathedral, built in the 13th century, is one of the best-preserved historical buildings in Estonia. The moat of the palace has been designed as a playground for small children. There is a 38 meter high clock tower which you can climb. At noon if you climb to the top of the tower, you can hear the carillon playing, which can be heard throughout the city.

Place: Losi Plats 3, Haapsalu, Estonia.

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Here, you have some of the most beautiful castles in Estonia, visiting which will completely transport you to medieval times. So, get packed and book your international holidays right away!

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