What To Know Before You Head To These 6 Casinos In Colombo

Casinos in Colombo are another attraction that is very popular. This is really an exciting and addictive thing that you can get involved in. Casino is not a new thing but an experience casinos in colombo It is completely different. They also have really good restaurants around the casino where you can have great food.

6 Best Casinos in Colombo

Here is a list of the top 6 casinos in Colombo. On some days you can also find live music playing here while you play various games with your friends and have a good time.

1. Continental Club

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It is one of the most popular casinos in Colombo and is very reputable and has been in the business for a long time. He has been in this business for almost 18 years. The major attraction of this place is that many foreign tourists come here and enjoy a good game. You will hardly find local people here as the place is full of tourists. This hotel-cum-casino has been taking care of its customers for a long time.

Place: Galle Road

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2. Baileys Casino

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It is one of the most popular casinos in Colombo and features on every tourist’s nightlife list. It is one of the respected names in this business. This casino has been running for a while and provides security to all its guests and keeps their data safe. It is the largest casino in Colombo. They serve amazing snacks and drinks to their customers.

Place: Colombo Fort Station

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3. Ritz Club

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Another famous casino in Colombo which is really huge and has a lot of customers around it. This casino is considered to be the largest casino in Sri Lanka. They have a healthy mix of local and tourist customers that come around this casino. The games they play and the customer service provided here are fantastic and loved by all their regular customers. This place gets filled with people in the evening.

Place: Galle Face Terrace

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4. Stardust Casino

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The Stardust Casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka caters to the upmarket and offers international services to guests. Guests love the restaurant and bar here. The quality of their food and drinks here is very good. If you like a good casino with great service, food and drinks then this is the place for you. Guests are provided with high quality service and their data is protected with great care.

Place: Carlville Palace
Time: 7 pm – 1 am

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5. MGM Colombo

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This casino is known for its amazing games and is a game joint in this city. This place is smaller than most casinos but is very popular among guests for its hospitality and services. The staff is very polite and takes great care of them. They have two floors where the first floor is for customers who need a little privacy and the ground floor is occupied by most of the regular customers.

Place: outskirts of colombo

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6. Bellagio Casino

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This casino is popular among tourists as well as locals. You can always see some tourists playing around or some locals gambling. This is one of those casinos that caters to middle class visitors. This place is really popular for its nightlife and is known for its amazing ambiance and amazing vibe. Many of their programs and dances take place here.

Place: duplicate road

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These are some of the most famous and favorite casinos in Colombo and you must visit them on your trip to Sri Lanka as they can make your serene life more eventful.

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