Steal Irresistible Views Of Karnataka’s Rainforests On India’s First 30 Ft Tall Canopy Walk

Chances are, a canopy tour at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore has been on your bucket list for quite some time now. but guess what? You don’t need to travel abroad for this experience, thanks to the Karnataka Tourism Department! much awaited Canopy Walk opened on 17 February 2018In kuveshiNear Castle Rock.

Walk over the rich rainforest in the Western Ghats 240 meter canopy Located at an altitude of 30 feet, Vinay Luthra, the project’s designer, said the idea was to allow visitors to explore the lush rainforest that covers a vast area of ​​the Western Ghats. In a statement, a former chairman of the Karnataka Tourism Department said, “In the rainforest, not much grows on the forest floor because sunlight does not reach it. The tree tops, on the other hand, are teeming with plant and animal life. Has: mammals, birds and a variety of endemic plants.

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Canopy can last up to ten people at one time and there are multiple platforms, allowing access to different areas of the forest. The project does not focus only on Investigation but it will also create awareness Regarding the biodiversity of the environment.

As you travel, you will likely encounter rich biodiversity. This is an ideal place for bird watching, where you can expect to see kingfishers, Malabar squirrels, hornbills, lion-tailed macaques, Malabar squirrels, woodpeckers, butterflies and the white-bellied treepie, to name a few. There are some trees which are more than a hundred years old; Eucalyptus, tamarind, silver oak, cinnamon and bamboo are some of the trees that grow here.

It seems that Karnataka tourism is all set to boom twice as much as before with this project and the launch of Jatayu Adventure Camp.

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