Canberra In December: An All-Inclusive 2021 Guide

Canberra is the capital of Australia which is located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory; 280 km away from Sydney and 660 KM away from northeast Melbourne. It is considered the 8th largest city in Australia and one of the major tourist attractions where one can do lots of interesting things such as air ballooning, visiting the political hubs, museums, and galleries. Canberra in December is a great place to explore and have fun with exciting experiences. The place will offer multiple landmarks to drool upon while giving the travelers a lifetime of memories.

Best Time To Visit Canberra

Best Time To Visit Canberra

Canberra is a happening place, where one can plan a trip anytime throughout the year. December to February is the period of the summer season and the weather is dry during this time period. The summer season is good to travel to Canberra city if one likes adventurous water sports and outdoor activities.
One can also plan to visit Canberra in December month for Christmas celebrations and one will see the capital city decorated with lightings, music playing and the locals enjoying the festival in their own way.

Things To Do In Canberra In December

Canberra has a number of attractions and lovely experiences. There are a number of hotels and transportation facilities for travelers available here. Have a look at the best things to do here in December.

1. Parliament House Tour

Parliament House Tour

Parliament House clicks in everyone’s mind when the international visitors and Australians hear the name of Canberra. Parliament House is a hub of the nation’s political action and was opened on 9th May 1988 by Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II. The opening timings of Parliament House of Australia are 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Australia’s Parliament House has an iconic building. It also has an impressive backdrop which is perfect for clicking pictures and spending time. This is a perfect place to gain knowledge about how Australia’s unique political system works. Apart from Australia’s Parliament House, one can visit the National Museum of Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian War Memorial too.

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2. Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is one of the most adventurous things to do at Balloon Aloft Canberra. The Balloon Aloft Canberra opens at 9 AM and closed at 5 PM from Monday to Sunday. The fare of air ballooning may vary from ballooning to ballooning i.e., Hunter Valley, Camden Valley, Mudgee, and Byron Bay. Hot air ballooning offers breathtaking views and is a fantastic experience.

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3. Shopping


The Old Bus Depot Market in Canberra is the best place for shopping. One can find here items like cookware, organic staples, hipster clothes, and excellent coffee. This is the best place to socialize. The interesting part is that in a fabulous old industrial building, one gets a chance to experience unlimited colors, sounds, taste, and atmosphere at Canberra.

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4. Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is an artificial lake which is located in the center of Canberra surrounded by museums and galleries. Australia’s famous art and historical collections are diversified with parks and open spaces and also have cycling and walking paths. The locals spend hours walking the ‘bridge to bridge’ outside the lake, sipping coffee while exploring the lake.

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5. Food Tour

Food Tour

Canberra, the nation’s capital is a paradise for food lovers. Family-friendly restaurants, sweet delights, cozy local cafes, exceptional coffee places or fine dining restaurants, Canberra has them all. Do try truffles, and handcrafted beers during the trip to Canberra in December.

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How to reach Canberra

How to reach Canberra

There are 14 international flights that fly to Canberra per week. Canberra is a three-hour journey from Sydney, a seven-hour journey from Melbourne and a thirteen-hour journey from Brisbane. So, Canberra is the perfect place to travel during short breaks and weekend getaways.
Daily domestic flights to Canberra are available from Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Singapore Airlines have daily flights from Singapore to Canberra while Qatar Airways have daily flights from Doha to Canberra.

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We have put together the complete Canberra bucket list. Now it’s time to go and get a taste of Canberra in December. With a vibrant food culture and regular events throughout the year, you’ll fall in love with this stunning place. Book a trip to Australia with Tour Travel Hotels and enjoy a hassle free trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canberra In December

Q. Does Canberra have a beach?

A. Yes, Canberra city has many beaches including South Broulee Beach, Lilli Pilli Beach., Hyams Beach, and Jervis Bay.

Q. What is Canberra famous for?

A. Canberra is famous for its festivals, events, and celebrations throughout the year.

Q. Does it snow in Canberra, Australia?

A. It rarely snows in Canberra but one can head to Snowy Mountains which are a three hours drive from Canberra.

Q. Is Canberra a safe city?

A. With a less violent crime rate, Canberra is considered as one of the safest cities.

Q. What can you do in Canberra for free?

A. One can explore places like the Australian War Memorial, and the National Museum of Australia in Canberra for free and picnic at Lennox Gardens.

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