These 10 Cafes In Pasir Ris Will Take You On A Flavorful Journey

Singapore today is a popular business center in Asia with its global identity. The country is equally a popular tourist destination that attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists throughout the year. Its famous planning area Pasir Ris has already emerged The eastern part became a notable landmark as a residential town area. As this city always welcomes tourists, it boasts of offering a wide variety of desserts, snacks and meals with its cafes and restaurants.

10 Best Cafes in Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Singapore today. Its overall development attracts the attention of visitors every day. Since the region is well connected to the rest of the country with excellent public transport facilities, everyone, especially tourists, can reach here easily. Many top cafes operate from Pasir Ris.
Here we have listed the top 10 cafes in Pasir Ris, your Singapore tour would be incomplete without visiting there. Plan a visit there to taste the many Asian and intercontinental dishes served to the large number of food-loving visitors.

1. Very tasty

Lots of delicious food in Pasir Ris

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Popular among Pasir Ris cafes for its excellent interior decoration, Lots Gourmet is loved by all visitors. Its seaside location and staying open until midnight makes it a popular café. It serves a variety of cuisine including Western and Singaporean sweets and dishes. Ever since the café opened in 2009, it has become popular and remains in the headlines. Since this café is known for serving a variety of dishes of the best quality, locals and tourists visit this place in large numbers. Its modernly decorated outdoor dining area and bar attracts everyone.

Must try: English Breakfast, Steak and Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Iberico Burger, Tempura Soft Shell Crab Burrito, Steak Sandwich, Vongole Linguine, Udon Carbonara, Foie Gras Rice Bowl, Blue Cheese and Lemon Pappardelle, Portobello Katsu Fries, Hummus and Halloumi Mezze, Alcohol
Place: #965A Upper Changi Road 507665 Singapore
Cooking: Cafe, Burger, Sandwich, Fast Food, Coffee, Turkish Pide Bread
Cost for two: ₹ 1440/- – ₹ 2265/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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2. Cafes and restaurants with different tastes

eating cafe food

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Established in the year 1989 and running successfully since then, Different Taste Café & Restaurant is a big name in the list of cafes in Singapore. Although it started as a café, it has now become a full-fledged restaurant. Today, it runs outlets in various parts of Singapore apart from Pasir Ris. This café has become popular since its inception for being the first Singaporean food outlet serving a variety of local dishes with excellent aroma. Its curry puffs are as popular as chicken pies and sandwiches. It now offers an unlimited variety of cuisines.

Must try: Hot dog, curry fish head, zi char, fu yong omelette, chicken shrimp paste, honey pork spare ribs, sweet and sour shredded fish, tofu soup, bitter gourd soup, seafood mixed vegetables, sambal sotong
Place: #1 Pasir Ris Close, #01-32/33 Downtown East 519599 Singapore
Cooking: Singaporean, Chinese, Fast Food, Casual Dining, Cafe
Cost for two: ₹ 1542/- – ₹ 2570/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

3. Seidel


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Since Seidel’s establishment in Singapore in 1997, it has established a monopoly in the country by opening numerous outlets across the country. Today it is a big name in desserts and bakes. The founder of this café, Ms Yeap Cheng Guat, considered food as a passion and love and thus ensured to offer the best food varieties from her outlet chain across Singapore. This café has today grown from a café to a full-fledged restaurant, where dishes are prepared using local and freshest ingredients. Through the use of natural ingredients, especially organic goods, it has gained popularity among foodies in Singapore.

Must try: Soups, Handmade Artisan Baked Sweets
Place: #1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #01-39 White Sands Shopping Center 518457
Cooking: Cafe, Bakery, Western, American
Cost for two: ₹ 1542/- – ₹ 2570/-
Zomato Rating: 2.6/5

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4. Rojak Ministry

Rojak Ministry

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Established in the year 1960, Ministry of Rojak Café has maintained quality standards for many decades. The deliciousness of the unique dishes representing Indian and Singaporean cuisine makes it a favorite choice of hundreds of thousands of food lovers. An extension of Abdus Salam Rojak, which comes from the Raja Centre, Ministry of Rojak Café is a famous name in the Rasir Ris area in Singapore. This café cum restaurant is known for its authentic Indian cuisine. Foodies love its best quality original hawker street food with complete Indian flavour.

Must try: Sweet Potato Chutney, Rojak Fondue
Place: #1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #01-30 Whitesands, Pasir Ris 518457 Singapore
Cooking: Indian, Singaporean
Cost for two: ₹ 1025/- – ₹ 2050/-
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5

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5. Toast Box

toast scene

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Toast Box Café is popular in Pasir Ris, Singapore for offering a variety of dishes and sweets. Offering takeout facilities, it features wheelchair access for diners. Being a child-friendly café, it is known to prepare a variety of dishes from the local cuisine of the region. It is one of the few cafes in Singapore that prides itself on offering a quality cuisine that puts it at par with the country’s finest restaurants.

Must try: Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Afternoon
Place: #120 Pasir Ris Centre, #01-05 Entertainment Centre, Pasir Ris 519640, Singapore
Cooking: Cafe, Dessert, Fast Food, Asian
Cost for two: ₹ 450/- – ₹ 860/-
Zomato Rating: 2.9/5

6. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Ya kun kaya toast pasir ris mein

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With a long history of existence spanning several decades, Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s founder Loi Ah Koon established it as a simple Chinese junk food outlet in the late 1930s upon his arrival in Singapore. After working as an assistant in a Hainanese coffee stall, Koon gained recognition through opening this café. It was a joint effort and he had two other fellow Chinese immigrant partners in the Telok Ayer Basin to start it. However he left him and determined that Coon would run it alone to allow it to flourish over time. Today, Ya Kun Kaya Toast Café is a popular name for the finest coffee and tea varieties in addition to egg and toast based breakfasts and dishes including favorite traditional beverages such as Value Set Meal Ice Blended Frosties and a variety of Asian-style sandwiches .

Must try: Hot Coffee, Chewy Charcoal-Grilled Toast, Egg Recipe, Cheese Balls, Kaya Balls, Kaya Butter Crackers, Soft Boiled Eggs
Place: #1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #B1-22/23 Singapore
Cooking: Cafe, Asian
Cost for two: ₹ 435/- – ₹ 880/-
Zomato Rating: 3.0/5

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7. Location; DailyHut

place;  DailyHut

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Considered one of the best cafes in Pasir Ris, Singapore, The Place; Delihunt is known for its variety of burgers and coffee. Since this café also prepares many popular Singaporean dishes, it is often visited by tourists as well as locals and visitors seeking takeaways. Its outdoor seating arrangement and vibrant atmosphere attracts the visitors. This is a great place for delicious light dishes.

Must try: Grilled Chicken, Chicken Burger, Fish Burger, Pork Soup, Coffee
Place: #61 Pasir Ris Green 518225 Pasir Ris Singapore
Cooking: Cafe, Singaporean, Burger
Cost for two: ₹ 1024/- – ₹ 1650/-
Zomato Rating: 4.1/5

8. Mr. Bean

mr bean tea

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Offering diners the best of Singaporean cuisine, Mr Bean offers amazing dining options. This café is a landmark in the area for supplying a wide variety of sweets as a healthy eating solution. Its home delivery and takeaway options make it a popular name in the Pasir Ris area of ​​Singapore. This café specializes in desserts and bakes. It does not offer any alcohol based dishes.

Must try: sweets, coffee
Place: #10 Pasir Ris Central #01-01 Pasir Ris MRT Station 519634 Singapore
Cooking: Dessert Parlour, Cafe, Singaporean, Healthy Food
Cost for two: ₹ 500/- – ₹ 1000/-
Zomato Rating: 3.0/5

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9. Streets Hong Kong Café

Streets Hong Kong Café in Pasir Ris

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Streets Hong Kong Café is actually a full-fledged restaurant that offers diners the best of Asian cuisine. It is famous for serving excellent Chinese street food to locals and tourists. This café is always sought after by visitors in Pasir Ris, Singapore due to the best food varieties. Apart from a variety of sweets, this café also offers reasonably affordable lunch and dinner.

Must try: Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Chinese Light Dishes
Place: #1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-104/105 Downtown East, 519599, Singapore
Cooking: Cafe, Chinese, Asian
Cost for two: ₹ 500/- – ₹ 1000/-
Zomato Rating: 3.4/5

10. Johnson Duck

johnson duck

image Source

Foodies love the variety of breakfast served at Johnson’s Duck in Pasir Ris, Singapore. This café has already emerged as a big name in the region for its scrumptious sweets, coffee and variety of food. Locals and tourists enjoy eating at this café. Its delicious food varieties have made it a popular name today.

Must try: coffee, sweets
Place: #62 Elias Road, Elias Mall 510623, Singapore
Cooking: Cafe, Chinese
Cost for two: ₹ 410/- – ₹ 900/-
Zomato Rating: 3.⅖

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