You’re Bound To Fall In Love With The Food & Decor Of These Chic Mexican Cafes

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a myriad of reasons. Apart from being able to experience the ancient cultures present in the city, one can also enjoy a myriad of different flavours. Cooking. There is no limit to the variety you can get, which will probably suit your budget as well as satisfy the foodie in you. However, if you are a coffee lover, you may find it a little difficult to find some of the best cafes in Mexico as they are found among the shops and restaurants, but definitely worth the trouble once located.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Mexico

Filled with a variety of cuisines and themes, listed below are some of the best Mexican cafes to suit your convenience, taste and budget. Take a look at them all and take your pick:

1. Café Avellaneda

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This small coffee bar, which also includes roasting space, is run by Carlos de la Torre, who says that a good café not only needs skilled staff, but also staff that care about quality and service. Understand the need. It is a great place to sit and relax with your friends. You can find good music, good people, and good food here, and you even get a plate of little cookies with your drink!

Place: Coyoacan
Cost for two: 800 rupees

2. Chiquitito Café

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This Mexico City café is found on the trendy streets of La Condesa. It offers a fairly simple menu with a choice of espresso that comes with homemade sandwiches along with beautiful latte art and milk drinks. You can simply relax with a good book or sip a cool coffee while the friendly staff takes care of you. You can also sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of the local people and trendy boutiques.

Place: countess
Cost for two: 1120 rupees

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3. Tacuba Coffee

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Café Tacuba in Mexico City sells a variety of cuisine including Mexican, Latin, etc. This café has traditional decor that speaks volumes about heritage and the staff here is friendly. One thing that is a must try here is enchiladas. However, one would recommend trying to reach here as early as possible as it gets crowded very quickly. During the weekend, there is a live mariachi band that plays upstairs.

Place: Colonia Historical Center
Cost for two: 1000 rupees

4. The Illusionist Café

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Finding this small but wonderful café is no easy task. It is located in a small corner in a residential area and has an open café with wooden benches and tables, thus giving it an outdoor feel while retaining the elements of a traditional café. The variety of food on the Mexico Café menu is delicious and reasonable and the wide variety of drinks will make you want to try them all!

Place: Escandon
Cost for two: INR 500

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5. Borola Cafe

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This café is managed by Miguel Santa Maria who is always experimenting with new things. They can also prepare coffee in different ways depending on your favorite flavor and the barista also encourages you to try your favorite flavors. In addition to making great coffee and pastries, this cafe encourages games and is pet-friendly, making it one of the best cafes in Mexico City.

Place: Coyoacan
Cost for two: 800 rupees

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6. Café Pasmar

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Café Pasamar in Mexico City can be found in the busy market of Lázaro Cárdenas with its special nut blend that creates a rich and chocolatey cup of coffee with beautiful latte art on top. After a cup of coffee, you can stroll through the market area and enjoy the fresh produce. If you stop by, be sure to try their famous custard and espresso shot.

Place: Benito Juarez Street, Colonia de Valle
Cost for two: 1000 rupees

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7. Black Coffee

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This unique café in Mexico can be found just outside the central area of ​​the city. Although it is one of the larger cafes, it is still quite busy during the day with students and residents, which is what it attracts. It offers a wide selection of cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth and some great coffee at reasonable prices. The café itself is quite simple and features sans serif fonts on white walls.

Place: Centennial Gardens, Coyoacán
Cost for two: 900 rupees

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8. Distrito Feo Cycling Club

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This trendy café offers bicycle repair services and pairs it with coffee. People come here to ride their bicycles and then stop for coffee and games, they even have a variety of food from sandwiches to waffles. This is a great place to meet coffee and bike lovers. You can relax around the patio or go upstairs to check out the retail area.

Place: Calle Liverpool, Juarez
Cost for two: INR 500

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9. Café Jarocho

This traditional coffee shop serves some of the best Mexican coffee. You shouldn’t expect Wi-Fi or luxury decor, it’s just a simple coffee shop that sells great coffee. You can hang out on the patio with the locals, you might even see a local singer or guitarist perform there or you can stroll around Times Square while sipping a coffee.

Place: Colonia del Carmen, Coyoacán
Cost for two: INR 980

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10. 42 on this

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This is one of the best innovative cafes in Mexico and it also offers breakfast, lunch and other snack options. It has Wi-Fi and is equipped with modern espresso machines and abundant staff. This coffee shop is best for specialty coffee and the whole shop has a very modern feel. During the day, you can sit outside and watch the busy street of Roma Norte.

Place: rome north
Cost for two: 800 rupees

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These are some of the best cafes in Mexico that have the perfect blend of taste and art and will make your vacation even more eventful. So, plan your trip with TourTravelHotels and make the most of your trip to Mexico!

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