10 Cafes In Bucharest That Should Be On Every Foodie’s List!

Bucharest is a beautiful city and the capital of the beautiful country Romania. It is the largest commercial center in the country and also one of the major tourist attractions. Romania has amazing culture, art and history and this is reflected in the lives of the people of Bucharest. While the city is a perfect blend of modern and historical monuments, the city has everything from malls to restaurants and museums to cafes to lure tourists. For all those who love to enjoy a cup of hot coffee and delicious food, here is a list of the best cafes in bucharest Which you should check out on your holidays!

Top 10 Cafes in Bucharest

Although these attractions keep the place packed all year round, check out these 10 best cafes in Bucharest that you must visit while you are in the city.

1. Grand Café Van Gogh

Grand Café Van Gogh

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Grand Café is famous for its location and obviously its food and serving. If you are tired or wandering around the city and seeing the sights, this place is the best place to take a break and re-energize yourself for the next destination. The café feels like home and the food tastes delicious. You can also order drinks as per your choice. Excellent service and polite staff make this place the best to dine at.

Place: Smardon Street 9, Bucharest 030167, Romania
Cost for two: INR 1196
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

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2. Origo Coffee Shop

Origo Coffee Shop

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Located near the old center of Bucharest, Origo Coffee Shop is one of the best cafes in the old town of Bucharest. The coffee they serve you is probably the best in the city and you won’t be able to resist ordering two for yourself. This place is not very big and is very crowded due to the amazing service and great coffee. The staff manages the crowd very well and the service is very fast and top class.

Place: Smardon Street 9, Bucharest 030167, Romania
Cost for two: He
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

3. Artichoke Coffee Shop

Artichoke Coffee Shop

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Artichoke Coffee Shop is a lovely café in Bucharest that serves a variety of milkshakes. The café has a great ambiance and you will love spending time here. The attentive and kind staff will make your time even more wonderful and you can come here with your friends and family. The view from the café is mesmerizing and the seating area is very comfortable. The range of juices and snacks is also huge. It is housed in a church, registered as a historical monument.

Place: Calea Victoriei 45, Bucharest 010062, Romania
Cost for two: 210 rupees
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

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4. Arcade Café

Arcade Cafe

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Arcade Café is one of the best cafés in Bucharest as it is very cost effective and serves the best dishes in the area. You can’t find such a great café at such an amazing price in the city. The ambiance is amazing and the seating arrangement is very comfortable. The staff is attentive and makes sure they provide you the best hospitality. The coffee varieties are amazing and you can have a new coffee every day. Authentic Romanian and cold beers are very popular here.

Place: Smardan Street 30, Bucharest 030167, Romania
Cost for two: 1100 rupees
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

5. Green Hours Jazz Café

Green Hours Jazz Café

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Green Hours Jazz Café is one of the highest rated cafés in Bucharest and very popular. The music playing in the background is not very loud and is very pleasant to the ears. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the setting is very relaxing. The menu is quite basic but everything they serve is very tasty and excellent. The jazz performances at the café are special and worth a visit.

Place: Calea Victoriei 120, Bucharest 010093, Romania
Cost for two: 1200 rupees
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

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6. Sheeda – Coffee and Stories

Sheeda - Coffee and Stories

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A very cozy place with friendly people and a friendly atmosphere, most of all, you will love the good live music playing on the premises. You will love the taste of tea and coffee, also the sweets are very tasty. It is located at a very prime location and offers a wide range of beverages that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The place is very clean and you can have a sip of your tea/coffee in the open area on the stairs.

Place: 23 Ion Campeanu Street, Bucharest 010033, Romania
Cost for two: 600 rupees
Trip Advisor Rating: 5

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7. M60


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The place is very lively and relaxing. You’ll find a good range of non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. The best part is that people love to enjoy the presence of light music and delicious foods in a cozy atmosphere. Comfortable chairs, fast internet connection, great coffee, friendly atmosphere and many other features of this café make it a unique place. A nice place to relax for a while with a fresh cup of coffee.

Place: DI Mendeleev Street 2, Bucharest 030167, Romania
Cost of two: 1450
Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5

8. Coffee dose

dose of coffee

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Doze Cafe is small but very nice place, staff is very friendly and helpful. They have freshly roasted beans that can be purchased for home as well. So, if you want to take a short break from your work then you can visit this place for a cup of coffee with your friends. The interior is very clean, modern and they have added fun touches that look really nice. Although this place is very small but very cozy and serves the best coffee in the city.

Place: Calea Dorobanti 56, Bucharest, Romania
Cost of two: 1633.
Trip Advisor Rating: 5

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9. Urbanist


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It is based on the very good concept of café and store together. The place is very cozy and welcoming, the urban cappucino which is prepared with home made syrup is very delicious in taste. This café is located at a very prime location which is easily accessible and people love to chat with their friends over a cup of coffee here. It is a completely different cafe in the categories of cafes as the healthy drinks, good staff, friendly hours and many other features make it a different place in terms of experience.

Place: 3 Calderari Street, Bucharest 030167, Romania
Cost of two: 1240
Trip Advisor Rating: 5

10. Ramayana Cafe

Ramayana Cafe

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Very casual place for coffee but the staff members are very nice and the atmosphere is very relaxing and romantic. This place serves both Romanian and Indian food which you can eat as per your choice. The staff members are very prompt and extremely responsive. They will make sure that your trip is worth the money you are spending. Don’t miss this place if you are in Bucharest as a cup of coffee accompanied by very light music will definitely be a wonderful experience.

Place: 19 Carol I Boulevard, Sinaia 106100, Romania
Cost of two: 1160
Trip Advisor Rating: 4

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The above list of cafes are famous cafes of Bucharest and you can definitely visit them if you are on a tour here. These good cafes in Bucharest are mentioned and you can choose them as per your choice and budget on your next holidays in Europe. Happy meal!

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