A Comprehensive Guide To Bumthang In Bhutan For Backpackers

With its wide valleys, lush green countryside, snow-clad mountains, fast-flowing mountain rivers and easy-going life, Bumthang is often called “Switzerland”. of the East”. Bumthang in Bhutan It is the most historical Dzongkhag if we consider the number of ancient temples and holy sites. Being a combination of four valleys: Ura, Tang, Choekhor and Chumi, Bumthang offers breathtaking views.

About Bumthang in Bhutan

About Bumthang in Bhutan

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The valley of Bumthang in Bhutan is home to some of the greatest Buddhist teachers. The descendants of Pema Linga still inhabit the valley, preserving its religious culture. It is also where Bhutan’s only brewery is found. The country is also famous for its brightly colored distinctive woolen item known as yatra.

Best time to visit Bumthang in Bhutan

Best time to visit Bumthang in Bhutan

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If you are a fan of flora in full bloom and want to avoid high tariffs and cold, summer is the best time to visit Bumthang in Bhutan. During this time Bumthang is at its peak. It offers spectacular views with a variety of contrasting colours. The Nima Ung Tshechu festival is held sometime around June and provides great insight into the rich culture of Bumthang. Trekking is very convenient at this time of the year.

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Places to Stay in Bumthang, Bhutan

Places to Stay in Bumthang, Bhutan

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Swiss Guest House, Hotel Pelling, Chumi Nature Resort, River Lodge, Jakar Village Lodge, Valley Resort Rinchenling Lodge are some of the places to stay in Bumthang, Bhutan that offer the best comfort and hospitality at affordable rates. The cost of a room is around Rs 3000/-. The views of these places are fascinating.

Places to Visit in Bumthang in Bhutan

Bumthang in Bhutan is a place that offers a wide variety of experiences ranging from cultural to adventurous and spiritual. Listed below are some places that are highly recommended:

1. Jakar Dzong

Jakar Dzong

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Established by Drukpa Ayam Baggi Wangchuk in 1549, the ‘Fortress of the White Bird’ nestles on top of a hill. Jakar Dzong offers a picturesque view of the Bumthang Valley. The headquarters of Bumthang district is established here. Be sure to stop here on your trip to Bumthang in Bhutan.

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2. Ura Valley

Ura Valley

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Bhutan’s highest peak, the towering white Gangkar Punsum, can be seen on the way to the Ura Valley. Consisting of rich pastures, sweeping slopes and expansive fields, the Ura Valley offers spectacular views. Be sure to visit the Ura Valley on your trip to Bumthang in Bhutan. We promise it will be worth your time.

3. Kunjangadra Monastery

Kunjangadra Monastery

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Situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet, this monastery was discovered by Pemalingpa in 1488. It is located opposite one of Guru Rinpoche’s meditation sites. If you are adventurous, you can happily trek from the monastery to Premalinga Gompa and on to Swiss Farm. Kunjangdra Monastery is located on the other side of the Bumthang Valley and towards the Tang area.

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4. Lemmy Gompa

Lemmy Gompa

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If you prefer solitude above everything else then this is your destination. Formerly a royal monastery, Lemi Gompa is currently a forestry office and is walking distance from Choekar town. The walk offers secluded views of Jakar Dzong and the Bumthang Valley. You can walk to Tharpaling Monastery via the old Kiki La Pass.

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5. Chumi Valley

Chumi Valley

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Chumi Valley is famous for the famous yatra wool which is made from the sheep living in the region and dyed by the women here. You can also visit a factory and watch women spin yarn and take away some finished products as souvenirs for yourself and your friends and family.

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How to reach Bumthang in Bhutan?

How to reach Bumthang in Bhutan?

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Due to the presence of a large number of monasteries and religious sites, Bumthang is also called the spiritual heart of the country. It is located in the north-central region of the country:

by plane

This is one of the fastest ways to reach Bumthang. There are connecting flights to Bhutan’s only international airport at Paro from New Delhi, Kolkata, Bagdodara, Kathmandu, Gangtok and Dhaka. Domestic flights are available from Paro International Airport in Jakar to Bathpalthang Airport in Bumthang. It takes half an hour to reach Bumthang from Paro.

by train

If you go by train from Jaigaon-Phuntsholing border then the distance from Kolkata to Hasimara is 17 kilometers. From there a bus or taxi will take you to Bumthang in Bhutan.

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Bumthang in Bhutan is a perfect combination of adventure culture and spiritualism. The festivals and natural beauty of Bumthang are a treasure worth cherishing for a lifetime. Whether you want to experience solitude or spend quality time with your family, Bumthang is perfect for you. Book tickets to Bhutan as soon as possible to avail exciting discounts.

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