Your Comprehensive Guide To Brooklyn Bridge In New York City

Brooklyn Bridge A century old historic bridge and the pride of New York City. This magnificent bridge will leave you in awe as you will get to see an awe-inspiring view of the iconic city of New York. 30 minutes walk This bridge will take you across the East River but it will leave you with memories of a lifetime. The beauty of this bridge is further enhanced by the beautiful view of the sunset. The view of the sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge is so surreal that you feel as if you are in a dream.

About the Brooklyn Bridge

About the Brooklyn Bridge

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The Brooklyn Bridge was inaugurated about 15 years ago in the year 1883 and since then it has been the pride and pride of New York. Due to its unique structure, it is basically a hybrid bridge which is a cable-stayed cum suspension bridge. No wonder it has been ranked in the list of cities top tourist attractions! It is one of the finest examples of New York’s architectural monuments.

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Best time to visit Brooklyn Bridge

Best time to visit Brooklyn Bridge

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The best months to visit New York are from April to June and from September to early November. The reason is pleasant weather. During this time of year, the weather in New York is pleasant and warm. Also, afternoon is the best time to visit the Brooklyn Bridge as it is neither too hot nor too windy during this time of the day. And if you reach there in the afternoon, chances are that you will also get to see a beautiful view of the sunset. But one thing to keep in mind is to dress in layers because you can never predict how strong the wind can blow on the bridge. Now keep one thing in mind that the months mentioned above attract the most tourists. As a result, places get crowded and are also very expensive. So if you’re someone who wants to avoid the crowds and save some money here and there, try visiting New York between mid-January to February.

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Where to Stay Near the Brooklyn Bridge

There are plenty of places you can crash on the nearby Brooklyn Bridge. We have listed some of them:

1. Pierre


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This hotel is in a very good location. Staying at this hotel will be the best decision you will ever make. The rooms are big and spacious. Everything is very clean and well maintained. The staff is very professional and helpful. Overall, it is a good place to live.

2. Hotel 50 Bowery

Hotel 50 Bowery

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This is truly a dream hotel in a dream city. Being located near the Brooklyn Bridge, it hardly takes 10 minutes to reach there. The rooms are comfortable and relaxing. They are spotless clean and well equipped. The vibrant interiors add even more joy to the entire ambiance. They offer facilities like free WiFi, parking, air conditioning, apt room service and good restaurants that serve some exquisite food dishes. Spending a few days here is always a great option when you are in New York.

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3. Hotel Pennsylvania

Hotel Pennsylvania

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This hotel has everything, and that too at a reasonable price. It has luxury suites, economy rooms, bar, lounge, free WiFi. Although smoking is not allowed everywhere, they do have a separate smoking room you can go to. The rooms are clean and beautifully decorated. They are well furnished and the room service is also quite commendable. So whenever you plan a trip to New York, just do yourself a favor and book this hotel.

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5 places to visit near the Brooklyn Bridge

There are several popular tourist attractions near the Brooklyn Bridge. We have listed 5 of them below:

1. Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

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This museum in the United States attracts people from all over who have an undying love for historical things. You can find all kinds of impressive and indispensable ones. You will get information about the culture of ancient Egypt. Additionally, you can take a look at informative exhibitions that will further introduce you to the rich art and culture of the city.

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2. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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People who want a break from the busy city life of New York can always come here and find peace of mind. The garden is famous for the stunning flowers that bloom in spring and the tall trees that provide shade to the path below. The entire atmosphere here is filled with the fragrance of flowers. Colorful butterflies flying over this park make it a lively and joyful place.

3. One World Observatory

one world observatory

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Located on the 100th floor of the World Trade Center, it is an amazing place to get an amazing view of all of New York City. It has restaurants that serve delicious food with a panoramic view right next to you. The large glass windows reaching the floor will send a chill down your spine. It is a perfect place to take pictures and make a splash on social media.

4. Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Academy of Music

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It is the most prominent cultural movement in all of New York City. It is like a dream for all culture and music lovers. This city will immerse you in the essence of the city. Their amazing dance performances and undoubtedly, excellent concerts are a piece of art. You get to see some captivating ballet performances as well as African and modern dances.

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5. Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Historical Society

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It is truly a dream world for all history lovers. This place will take you to the 19th century. Everything from the architecture to the interiors give a glimpse of the rich history that this city has. As you walk through this 4-story landmark, you’ll notice the essence of Queen Anne style decor present throughout. Make sure you also visit its photo and research library, which is one of the rooms here and also the main attraction of the place.

How to reach the Brooklyn Bridge

How to reach the Brooklyn Bridge

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The easiest and fastest way to reach the Brooklyn Bridge is to take a bus and get there. There are a number of buses that run from their intended stops on a daily basis. The subway is another great way to reach the bridge. This is more cost effective, although it takes a little more time. It is also a route to the Brooklyn Bridge. At the station from where you are catching the train, you will get the train route, directions, timings and other related details. You can also get this information online.

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Thus, whenever you plan your itinerary for New York the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the places that should be on your top priority. When you visit the world famous Brooklyn Bridge you get a chance to witness breathtaking sunsets, awe-inspiring landscapes of New York and taste some amazing food delicacies. Just do yourself a favor and book your trip to USA and take back amazing memories of your lifetime.

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