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Due to the fact that Slovakia itself is not that popular as a tourist destination and is quite an underrated destination, It is not surprising that the country’s capital is also in a similar boat. If you are wondering how and why you should visit Bratislava, we may be able to convince you effectively. Regardless of what people say or what you have heard, follow this Bratislava travel guide because this place is truly breathtaking and will surprise you with its natural beauty.

If planning a vacation to Bratislava, make sure to follow this guide to plan ahead and have a wonderful time there with your loved ones.

Best time to visit Bratislava


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In general, Slovakia has a very continental climate, with short summers and cold winters. When it comes to Bratislava backpacking, winter is probably the best time to visit, due to the fact that the city looks mesmerizing covered in snow. Here the winter season lasts between November and March. It is great for those who want to enjoy snow sports etc.

But, if you want to wander around and visit some of the most amazing places in the city, the spring or autumn seasons of the year are a wonderful time to visit. Irrespective of the season, spring is considered the best time. The weather is pleasant and pleasant throughout the month of May, when the influx of tourists is at its highest.

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Ideal period to visit Bratislava


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From most Bratislava tourist guides you will understand that it takes quite a long time on average to visit this city, which is why it is always best to plan a trip of at least a week or 10 days to get around and see something. It happens. The most amazing things one can do in the capital of Slovakia.

currency of bratislava

currency of bratislava

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Bratislava uses the Euro currency to meet its daily needs. Like most European countries, it also stands out from the crowd and is considered one of the best options. If you are traveling to Bratislava, make sure you exchange your currency for Slovak Euros from banks located in Bratislava or even from other foreign exchange bureaus available there.

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visa to bratislava


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While tourists from other parts of the world may require a visa to enter Slovakia and Bratislava, citizens of the United States can stay in Bratislava for up to 90 days without a visa as their passport should be sufficient for this.

Places to visit in Bratislava

This is the part where we help you plan your itinerary and guide you about the best places you can visit without any doubt. If you are wondering which places are worth seeing and which places are worth visiting, which places are difficult to see, then you have got it.

1. UFO Bridge

UFO Bridge

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Needless to say, you’ll find a lot of Soviet influence in most places around Bratislava. Without a doubt, the UFO Bridge is possibly the largest rendering of this. The bridge was inaugurated in 1972 until much of the Jewish district surrounding the Old City was completely depopulated and destroyed. The bridge was built primarily to gain better access to the Petržalka district and to facilitate the ongoing planned development around the Danube. Most tourists come to this place to remember the harsh reality that the Jews had to face in those days.

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2. Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

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Next on the list of what Bratislava is famous for is undoubtedly Bratislava Castle. It is located right next to the old town and has stood there in other forms for many years. It was largely in ruins after a soldier burned the entire place down between 1811 and 1953. The entire palace was completely rebuilt and finally completed in the year 2010. Currently, it serves as the Slovak National Museum and most of the tourists visiting this place have suggested the view of the surroundings time and again. He is the one who takes the cards from the castle. The combined panoramic view of the old town, the Danube River and even the UFO bridge makes for an amazing sight.

3. Slavin War Memorial

slavin war memorial

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The Slavin War Memorial is one of the must-see places when you are in Bratislava. It commemorates the Second World War and is also the cemetery of more than 7000 Soviet soldiers. If you want to experience Soviet architecture around, this really is a wonderful place to visit without a doubt. It is situated on top of a hill and is about 50 meters high. That is why it is visible from anywhere around the city and the construction of this place was completed in 1960. Apart from this, by visiting this place you can also get a panoramic view of the city.

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Things to do in Bratislava

When it comes to activities that one can engage in in Bratislava, the options may seem limited but you can choose from quite abundantly. Some of which are mentioned below.

1. Blue Church

blue church

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Although there are restrictions on who can and cannot visit, it would be unfair to not mention the Blue Church in the list of things to do. As the name suggests, the church is entirely blue on the outside and is located in the vicinity of the Old Town. It is just a few steps away from there. The only downside is that it is only open to those who come to pray, and not for “just tourist” purposes. So, there’s a downer.

2. Central Market

Central Market

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Bratislava may be famous for its architecture and grand palaces and buildings with Soviet influence, but when it comes to seeing something different and off the beaten path, visiting Tržovsko Militáčkova, otherwise known as the Central Market, Could really be a wonderful option. You turn around and wander around. From fresh food to witnessing the local interactions, the whole experience is something you won’t find everywhere. It is Bratislava’s first open-air market and is one of the most visited places around the place.

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3. Statues


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Another amazing thing to do around Bratislava is to visit a statue. It may seem confusing at first, but the entire city is filled with innumerable statues here and there, which can be a nice addition to your overall tourist experience while you are there. Around the city itself you will find more than 10 places where you can stop and click some pictures. Afterwards, if you have time, head to the Slovakia National Theater for an even better ballet experience.

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Bratislava is rich in history, culture and diverse architecture. If you’re planning an international trip with TourTravelHotels, it’s best to plan ahead of time, include a visit to Bratislava, and create memories to last a lifetime.

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