Books to Ignite Your Consciousness This Spring

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Books to Ignite Your Consciousness This Spring

Get ready for an incredible list of books to read this spring. While many of us around the world had to go inside when the Coronavirus appeared, this forced us (and continues to do so) to come in and reflect on what is most important in our lives. lives. It also gave us time to read some of the books we had wanted to read for a while and to introduce ourselves to new ones.

We have put together an incredible list of spiritual and reflective readings, quantum fields, ancestral healing, plant and herbal medicine with crystals, yoga, sacred geometry, understanding of the moon, our physical bodies through alignment, alien angels, gnostic gospels and more. Join us on a journey of self-discovery this spring, starting with the latest version of renowned author and visionary Gregg Braden.

Wisdom codes

Language has power doesn’t it? We have known for some time now that the words we speak out loud have an impact on our psychology and even our health. This is nothing new – the power of intention through the use of words has been talked about for some time now.

That said, one of the things that is not as regularly discussed is the power of the FREQUENCY of words and how it can not only affect the type of realities we have in our daily lives, but how whose structure of words and sentences can perhaps unlock something deep within us which we did not know existed.

Renowned professor, thought leader and author of the Divine Matrix and countless other fascinating books, Gregg Braden takes us on an engaging reading and journey. It takes us into new discoveries in biology and neuroscience which essentially reveal how the structure of language – the words we think and speak – can actually change the way the neurons in our brain and heart connect.

So while yes, we can inherently understand at some level that the “self talk” we say to ourselves (and to others) can have a direct correlation to the experiences we have in our lives, we cannot realize how much the strength of a “field” the structure of our words can have on not only our well-being, but the whole “history of our life” from start to finish.

It reminds us so beautifully that our ancestors intuitively understood the link with the frequency of sounds, including the words we speak. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors created patterns of specific words to provide comfort, healing, strength and inner power in difficult times, and they coded these powerful words through things we still use today. hui, such as prayers, songs, mantras, hymns, and sacred writings. It was, if you will, a way to preserve them for future generations.

Although we haven’t finished the book yet, we’re going through the chapters. You can use this amazing book as a pocket guide, a reference for spiritual study, or as a gift to someone you love, because it contains some of the secrets of the inner kingdom – the magic to which we humans can all access with conscience. and commitment to do so.

Braden calls them codes of wisdom and by using these codes (understanding how they work as frequencies to unlock memories of wisdom that we all have), we can bring about really deep and deep healing for ourselves.

These so-called “codes of wisdom” can be used to heal loss, grief, unspoken fears and trauma “stuck” in our own DNA as well as family members and friends. Waking up to this awareness can generate new and enriching empowerment in our own lives.

In this impressive book, he explains how each code of wisdom, distilled from a quote, from a scripture, or from a parable, makes sense. It explains what these codes mean, why they are important, and how to apply them in your life. The codes of wisdom are a new version of Gregg Braden and can be found on Amazon.

Wild remedies

We strongly believe in the use of herbal remedies for healing and have covered this in depth in the past. This wonderful read on wild remedies: how to feed curative foods and make your own herbal medicine by Rosalee of the Forest and Emily Han describes what you need to know to create your own magic, from nature itself that we often find the best remedy is for self-healing.

Unfortunately, as a global society (especially in the West), we are increasingly turning to pharma as a way to heal ourselves. In doing so, without going inside, we have surrendered our power to understand or own our bodies and realize the inherent wisdom inside – that inner wisdom that truly understands how to heal us.

The authors write about the key ingredient that is missing so many people who cannot be bottled… NATURE itself! They are woven into research that shows that a lack of connection to nature can be the cause of many of our modern health problems. It shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The more we turn to digital devices for our comfort, the more we have lost real personal connections (and physical contact) with others. And, the more time we spent indoors or distracted by the noise and beeps from our social media accounts or text messages.

Wild Remedies is a great guide to becoming deeply connected to the natural world around you. They explain to you how to ethically collect local plants, whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural environment. No matter where you live, there are plants and herbs that you can grow yourself both indoors and outdoors. From these plants, you can start creating your own herbal creations to improve your own well-being.

The book takes you into the world of herbal medicine with 75 delicious recipes and powerful healing remedies. You learn more than twenty the most important and widespread wild plants, many of which can be grown yourself. The authors hope that aafter reading Wild remedies, you will never look at your garden, public park or green space in the same way again. Instead of “weeds,” they say, you will see delicious foods like the dandelion maple syrup cake, the nettle frittata, and the pesto with crêpe. From concoctions of plants to vegetable oils, including ointments, teas and many other remedies, you will become a master in understanding the natural world in a new and profound way.

Find this great read on Amazon.

The practice of Nada Yoga

This large and easy-to-read Baird Hersey provides readers with a great mediting exercises that emphasize what is called “inner sacred sound”. He claims that there are four sound levels that help calm the body, calm the mind, open the heart, and ultimately connect with the Divine.

If you are a yogi but have not practiced or experienced Nada Yoga, this is a great book to start with – the avant-garde is actually also from Krishna Das and is therefore well supported.

Hersey covers the principles of Hatha Yoga Pradipika with step-by-step instructions easy enough for you to learn how to claim if you wish, that sacred inner sound of Nada for yourself. For each of the four sound levels, it offers different practical exercises related to meditations.

Not only does this provide a clear and compelling understanding of the practice itself through regular use and exercises, but it provides ways for the more advanced practitioner to go further in their experience.

If you want to learn to listen more – listen to what is – listen to the silence – listen to what is not – and everything else. In other words, says Hersey, it’s “listening yoga.”

In their words: “It is a journey from the noise of the outside world to a place of peace and happiness, at the source of the transforming power of sound – the Nada. By meditating on the inner sacred sound of Nada, we can free ourselves from mental chatter and obsessive thinking. ”

Like most yoga and meditation practices, it is an art form that we perfect and refine the more we do it. As with everything, it is powerful the more you do it. The purpose if there is such a thing in yoga and meditation, is of always the body and calm this monkey mind of ours so that we can find the gems and the high self gnosis and interior healing inside. Once in this place of happiness, what emerges is a innate comprehension of ourselves – and in doing so, wWe begin to allow our hearts to lead regularly. Find it on Amazon.

The body clock

The biological clock in traditional Chinese medicine by Lothar Ursinus is a must read. We have always embraced Chinese medicine and alternative practice long before we started our spiritual work. What makes this book so joyful is that it is short, sweet and easy to navigate, but it also attracts all the emotions associated with each organ. In other words, what emotions can trigger physical problems in the body and why.

The clock part of the book correlates the organs with the time of day. In other words, did you know that the strongest activity for the heart is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the weakest period from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. It is considered “our solar organ, the center of all movements”. I love this analogy.

There are also beautiful paintings throughout the book, so you can connect to all aspects of each organ. The array of all organs includes such things as: the endocrine system, the associated planet, the associated metal, the season, basic function, body function, body tissue and more. Even the so-called “quality is included”. For example, the quality for the small intestine is respect and unconditional life while the quality for the kidneys is personal orientation or travel within. The emotions around the kidney include fear, terror and willpower.

The charts also show symptoms of disease related to each organ – for the kidney it can be something simple like a head cold or nosebleed or stuffy nose as examples. With the lungs, it can cough and sneeze and for the colon, it can manifest as constipation, pain in the shoulder or sore arms. Some are obvious and other aspects are things you never expect. The author says there is a good time for everything, which is also true for our bodies – this includes what to eat and when.

In simple terms, respecting the fixed hours of rest of the organs will help you optimize your health and well-being. If we can better understand what influences certain bodily diseases and why, then we can change our lifestyle to improve our overall system, based on the diet we have, the exercise we do or don’t do and when. . You can find it on Amazon.

Ancestral healing

We all need ancestral healing. This wonderful short but amazing read is more of a healing guide, both for your spiritual and genetic families. Many talk about healing one or the other, so I love the fact that the authors Jeanne Ruland and Shantidevi weave the two in a way that is easy to understand and approach.

This practical guide to the work of shamanic ancestors, inspired by Huna, includes a number of rituals and guided exercises, which we have found incredibly useful.

The book delves into how to heal traumatic experiences and old blockages that are stored in the memory of your lineage. You see, we all lock things in our DNA, some of which are not healthy for us in our bodies and our lives “here and now”. By understanding what are triggers, memory imprints and trauma and how to release them, we can eliminate old wounds that do not serve us while harnessing the knowledge that can help us on our journey in this lifetime.

This reading treasure includes Hawaiian teachings on spiritual and genetic ancestors and reveals how to bond with your spiritual family. It also shows you how unlocking the support of your ancestors allows you to make your light shine fully. Why not draw on the best of the lineage of your ancestors while taking care of the aspects that make you suffer?

Knowing your ancestral lineage is not only a question of curiosity, they write, but your life path will run much easier if you are aware and in harmony with your origins. “Exploring the heritage of your bloodline and the energy of your spiritual family, of which we are often less aware, opens up enormous potential for healing and personal development. “

The authors claim that the energy field of our ancestors influences our personal lives and teaches us how we can draw on their strength and free ourselves from the burdens that have been carried over the generations. In other words, it helps us lift the veil of oblivion and learn from the souls that have gone before, making peace with their past wounds and trauma and with us. The book is inspired by the Hawaiian Hawaiian shamanic tradition as well as other shamanic and energetic practices. They refer to our ancestors from the Hawaiian tradition (Aumakua, who make up our ancestors and Higher Self), but most cultures have an equivalent. For example, in Japanese culture, they call them Kami.

There are useful exercises in the book to help reconcile with our parents and our spiritual family, discover suppressed topics and family secrets, clear and charge our personal energy field and our family energy field, and awaken the potential of our lineage. There are many in a small book – they also provide short case studies to illustrate how the rituals and exercises worked for other people. Find it on Amazon.

The book of the whole universe

This fascinating reading by Richard Omura explores the Universe, but not in an external, external, rather internal way, where YOU are at the center and in a part of the whole.

Sort of like so many new thinkers today say in a multitude of ways, that there is no space and no time – we are space and time. From this point of view, it is much easier to get an idea of ​​the United States being the Universe – we are a common thread of the whole (all that is or universal consciousness) and yet we are ALL at the same time. We are both.

He asks: “What is your personal link with the Whole?” After all, aren’t we all, as individuals, trying to discern the best way to add value to our own lives and that of others? Most people go after their goal at least at some point in their life.

Adopting the status quo and operating like a robot does not equate to a happy and fulfilling life for most people. Once people have a better idea of ​​how they fit in, they ultimately feel more connected and therefore have more purpose and purpose in their lives.

Richard’s book takes you on such a journey. There is no religious dogma in his book and he is not content with a scientific point of view, the combination of which means that both sides of the coin will appreciate his position.

The book of the whole universe “Take patterns observable in nature and explain how the universe works, even venturing ambitiously into concepts such as how you can achieve eternal life and the spiritual evolution of our civilization.”

It includes ways to apply these ideas to improve our lives and weaves in areas such as free will, health, positive thinking, meditation and the balance between science and spirituality. It also reminds us to have fun and not to take things too seriously and as a way to demonstrate it, it uses the metaphor of the human being as a vehicle – a real one. We explore the Universe through its writings (more an artistic and creative vision of the whole and our goal), and in doing so, we can open our mind to new possibilities and realities that we may not have still explored as well as a new understanding of ourselves, God / Source and all that we are connected to as a whole. Find it on Amazon.

Alien Angels

Also by Richard Omura is Alien Angels who just with the name alone will attract you, right? Are Angels Aliens? Are the aliens angels? Or a little of both. Sometimes you feel like you are in a dream state when you read the book – but could it be that these “beings” of light can communicate with us through our consciousness?

It would be “A metaphysical experience of communicating with so-called extraterrestrial beings who claim to come from a spiritual reality that surrounds us.”

He says that we must explore beyond what we know as truth and reality as we have experienced it – in other words, “the beginning of any attempt to understand reality is to experience”. This book is an attempt at this experience.

Like his other work, it has nothing to do with religion or the angels you might think of in a religious context – but angels who are energy fields all around us all the time, but we can’t do everything just not see them with our physical eyes in this 3D reality so to speak.

There are many forms of life around us that we simply do not know – they simply operate at a different frequency and this is what Omura explores and attempts to explain in his book. The beginning of the prologue will give you an idea of ​​his style: he says, “I was nothing. I was everything. I was meditating. THEN, I stood on the edge of infinity. I looked with my inner vision (think of the third eye) at the center of the whole. I saw a new reality, such a wonder. “When he discovered this new form of life, he asked: are you angels or extraterrestrials? He was not sure to have a delusional experience? They say both and neither. Interestingly enough, in our own channels, this is often the answer we get, why, because in a quantum world there is no absolute – it is a perception of our perceived reality. made.

The subtitle is The Seraphic Sanscripts. Those from Judaism may be more familiar with the seraphim, who apparently only appear in the book of Isaiah. Their name means “those who burn, the flying snakes” according to a source, although there are countless online and offline discussions around the seraphim or what are called the Serephim angels, perceived as close to the “God / Source / Light” from many other sources. . However, taking Omura is personal, so if you are ready to embark on a different reality, you will find this book fascinating. Find this book on Amazon.

Oracle sacred geometry deck

Outside Australia, we discovered the work of Emily Kisvarda who, among other things, offers a sacred geometry oracle game with a unique design. We have explored sacred geometry, integrating it more and more into our work. Why? Because everything is sacred geometry – we can find it in nature all around us and simply, if you start to learn more about the hidden meaning and the lessons we can learn from different sacred symbols and combinations of numbers, then magic begins to appear regularly. based.

Ascension grid and crystal

She says: “allow the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry to awaken and enlighten each cell of your body and to enlighten and nourish the soul”. About the bridge and its meaning. Innate in each of us, is an inner understanding of what these objects mean – they just need to be ignited so to speak.

Emily refers to it as a unique system (49 cards and a guide), which allows you to create healing grids (remember that with crystals and stones, we also do this to improve healing), and this by doing so, you can speed healing and get advice. Although they may appear to be just geometric symbols on a page, they are much more and that is what Emily explains in her guide, so that you can learn to use them in a balanced and challenging way.

Once we activate our inner knowledge more and more, it can literally transform our DNA into healthier models – think humanly and the cellular structure that makes you up.

The deck is designed to help people learn to incorporate things like animal totems, colors, sounds, numbers, frequencies, crystals, shapes, and vibrations so that “Improve your own geometric essence.” It also offers sets of ascension grids and crystals, as well as awakening models and sets of crystal grids which include stones. (4 x clear quartz points, shungite, moldavite, amethyst, selenite, apophyllite pyramid, lapis lazuli, danburite, 2 x selenite sticks) as well as the grids themselves. The idea is to work with the frequency of this set of grids to help you embrace your journey by remembering who you are and connecting with All this is.

For more information, check out his work on where you can also order the game and its other offerings.

The gospel of truth (and much more!)

Mark Mattison has written a number of books that focus on Gnostic teachings and individual summaries of a variety of Gospels excluded from the Bible, including the Gospel of Judas, Mary, Peter, Thomas, Q and Philip. He has also compiled a book called The Gospels of Truth – if you want to deepen your knowledge of unspeakable truths and writings, this series of gospels is a great place to start.

Those of you who know the Gnostic writings (aka such a reading is the Gnostic Gospels of Elaine Pagels) and the discoveries of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures (which were based on 1945 discoveries in Egypt), will find the book of Mattison as additional fodder for your learning.

The nice thing about his books, because these are short readings, so you can get a great overview without spending weeks and weeks plunging into longer explanations.

What we learn from the discoveries of Nag Hammadi and from the books of Mattison is that the early disciples of Jeshua wanted to preserve his legacy and what it really was, not what the Church and others described during more than 2000 years.

Said Mattison, “At the end of the second century, a bishop strongly criticized the poetic Gospel of the truth, which was then lost in history. This sublime Gospel describes a loving and merciful God who calls us all to return by “the Way” and find a joyful rest in paradise.In other words, this inner knowledge / gnosis deep within us. That the way to God is not an outer journey but an inner journey. That we are all interconnected and part of the whole.

Questions arise: “Was this gospel written by the eloquent Professor Valentinus?” Were Valentinus and his disciples really “heretics”, like certain accused or rather faithful mystics who were simply misunderstood? And, as big fans of Marie-Madeleine’s teachings or otherwise known as Miriam de Magdala, we like Marie to be included in Mark’s offers. Originally written in Greek at the beginning of the 2nd century and later translated into Coptic, the Gospel of Madeleine brings great wisdom to all who can dare to hear the truth and even go further to embrace it.

If you are interested in the Gnostic teachings or at least curious to further explore the teachings of the time (much of what was left out in the Bible), then getting the Marks Gospels is a must. They’re a breeze to read so you can get up to speed fairly quickly.

Find the Gospel of truth on Amazon as well as the Gospel of Q (the prophetic wisdom of Jesus), the Gospel of Peter, Mary, Judas (he calls the sarcastic Gospel), Thomas and Philip.

The Align method

Those of you who are in sync and up to date with popular culture may know the famous manual therapist and movement trainer Aaron Alexander. He published this book – The Align Method – as a way to show people the power of our posture and body alignment and how being in harmony and balance with the two can change our lives.

He describes various tools for strengthening strength, achieving optimal performance, reducing pain and more throughout the book. So whether you’re already in good shape and fit or feel your body isn’t aligned, it provides additional tips and ideas to strengthen your body as a whole.

He says, “good posture means more than just standing up: it can change your mood, relieve pain, rid your body of stressful tension, and can be the difference between getting the boost you want and attracting your ideal partner, or not not. But to reap all of these benefits, the body must be properly integrated. ”

Those who want to know more about the aspects of peak performance and the different methods to get there will appreciate this book. Those who believe in the power of the healing movement will also appreciate the book. He claims that his five daily optimizations can be easily incorporated into any workout, mindfulness practice, or activity of daily living.

In other words, even if you have your own practice, you can incorporate its principles into what you already do. It includes examples like Floor Sitting. Suspension, hip, walking and nasal breathing. We all know the power of breathing, isn’t it time to put it into practice in a healthy way? This, combined with other alignment methods described in Alexander’s book, makes it an excellent user manual to help reshape your environment for increased creativity and longevity. Get it on Amazon.

Lunar abundance

We love everything about the moon and have a ton of books on the moon, from understanding its cyclical nature to rituals and activities you can do when the moon is in a different phase.

If you did not know that the moon affects the way you think and behave, think again. How much is our body made up of water? Think about how energy changes affect water – this simple awareness alone will explain to you why we need to pay attention to the moon and learn from its innate wisdom.

Lunar abundance is a practical guide for women today on how to cultivate peace, purpose and abundance in their personal and professional lives, guided by the phases of the moon.

Increasingly, we feel disconnected from the world around us and from the world within us – in other words, our inner self or you could say our higher self. By reconnecting to the Moon and all that it represents, we can find a path to ourselves.

It is also a beautiful book, filled with convincing photos and advice that accompanies it. Women who have listened to their bodies well will resonate with this because the book helps you adjust in the natural rhythm of the lunar ebb and flow and, in doing so, can make healthier and more balanced decisions for your life.

C’est aussi une lecture facile – et nous pensons que c’est une excellente idée pour un cadeau de printemps parce que les saisons changent également les cycles de tout ce qui est. Apprenez à écouter Gaia, la Lune et sa sagesse incroyable et ancienne qui vous amèneront au bien-être holistique et à l’alimentation de l’âme. Trouvez-le sur Amazon.

Hérétiques, mystiques et ratés

J’adore le mot inadapté, probablement parce que je me suis toujours senti comme tel. Le titre de ce livre m’a attiré dans le travail de John R. Mabry et a ouvert un tout nouveau chemin à partir d’un nouvel auteur que je n’avais pas exploré dans le passé.

Mabry affirme que l’histoire du christianisme est remplie de inadaptés, en particulier les soi-disant hérétiques et mystiques de la toute première église à nos jours, y compris les gnostiques, Origen, Julian of Norwich, Michael Servitus, Emanuel Swedenborg, Soren Kierkegaard, Madame Blavatsky , Teilhard de Chardin et bien d’autres encore.

Il ajoute de l’humour à ses écrits et montre à travers des exemples et des contes comment les enseignements de ces hérétiques, mystiques et inadaptés peuvent nous aider à franchir les frontières et les barrières que nous avons tous eues dans nos différentes religions distinctes pendant des siècles.

Peu importe d’où vient votre système de croyance, les enseignements ici portent sur la sagesse ancienne qui peut répondre à certaines de nos questions sans réponse sur la foi, Dieu / Source et la divinité elle-même.

Nous ne nous en rendions pas compte avant de commencer à approfondir le travail de John, mais il est local dans la baie de San Francisco. Situé à East Bay, il se produit également dans quelques groupes – nous aimons les dynamiques qui se chevauchent comme celle-ci. Il est l’auteur de nombreux romans et livres sur la théologie, la spiritualité et les conseils spirituels, alors faites défiler vers le bas pour plus de son travail et de ses enseignements.

Emmenez Heretics, Mystics & Misfits sur Amazon.

Orientation spirituelle à travers les religions

Cette ressource complète propose une série fascinante d’histoires et de conseils spirituels pour les personnes intéressées à découvrir une grande variété de traditions religieuses. Il couvre les traditions religieuses du monde ainsi que les approches interreligieuses, mixtes et indépendantes de la spiritualité et chaque chapitre est écrit par un professionnel de l’orientation spirituelle de cette tradition ou qui travaille beaucoup avec des personnes de cette tradition. En d’autres termes, il y a d’innombrables contributeurs à ce livre, alors assurez-vous de le lire en détail pour obtenir une liste de toutes les personnes qui ont partagé leur sagesse ici.

Les religions et les systèmes de croyances couverts dans ce livre comprennent: évangélique, christianisme, catholicisme romain, mormonisme, judaïsme, christianisme réformé, orthodoxe oriental, christianisme, islam, bouddhisme, hindouisme, éclectisme spirituel, universalisme unitarien, néo-paganisme, foi bahá’íe , Sikhisme, shintoïsme, humanisme, nouvelle pensée, zoroastrisme, religion amérindienne, spiritualité de la diaspora africaine, taoïsme, jaïnisme et confucianisme.

Vaste droit?

C’est une lecture incontournable et un «avoir» pour tout chercheur spirituel. Le livre couvre un aperçu de chaque tradition, y compris les croyances de base, les différentes méthodes d’orientation spirituelle honorées dans cette tradition, les problèmes spirituels courants rencontrés par les personnes de cette tradition et au-delà.

Le guide comprend également des conseils, des techniques et des pratiques ainsi que des ressources utiles et utiles pour approfondir les connaissances et creuser. Retrouvez cette lecture complète sur Amazon.

D’autres bonnes lectures de Malbry incluent Growing Into God, A Christian Walks in the Footsteps of the Buddha, Remarking the Divine, God as Nature Sees God and others.

Le Divin Féminin: Le Projet Christian Godde

Quel travail unique. Nous avons découvert au hasard (bien que je sache qu’il n’y a pas de hasard) la version féminine divine: Nouveau Testament. Ils utilisent le mot Goddee comme moyen de démontrer Goddee sous sa forme féminine. Ce livre est construit sur la conviction que les femmes sont faites à l’image de Godde, également, que ce soit dans les Écritures ou simplement dans votre propre système de croyances.

Ils donnent en fait des exemples dans les Écritures, comme une personnification féminine de Godde en tant que Mère dans Proverbes 8: 1-9: 6, puis à nouveau dans Matthieu et Corinthiens, où l’incarnation de Jésus est identifiée à la Sagesse divine et au Saint-Esprit, La sagesse divine se révèle comme Goddee en action.

Le Christian Godde Project tente de l’expliquer dans une perspective féminine divine. Ils affirment que c’est la première étape pour équilibrer l’abondance de la langue masculine de Godde dans les traductions et les paraphrases de la Bible.

Dans l’introduction, ils expliquent le Dieu à Godde. «Dans le livre féministe classique She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse, Elizabeth Johnson se débat avec le problème du terme traditionnel Dieu.

En raison de sa longue histoire d’association avec une image exclusivement masculine du divin, elle implique pour beaucoup une manière masculine de concevoir le «Dieu» chrétien par opposition à la «déesse», un terme que les chrétiens n’ont pas traditionnellement adopté.

Cette perspective fascinante et cette lecture valent un détour. Vous pouvez également le récupérer sur Amazon.

Crystal Basics

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of crystals for healing and have been writing about (and using them) for awhile now. A new read which hit our desk this month is Crystal Basics by Nicholas Pearson. What’s beautiful about this book is that he includes 200 gemstones (many give you much less to reference unless you’re going with Judy Hall’s Crystal Bibles I, II and III for example). He speaks to the energetic, healing and spiritual power of stones we can use in our everyday lives.

The book is also beautifully illustrated — it’s a full-color practical handbook of essential techniques with an in-depth directory of healing stones, as well as rocks, minerals and crystals. You see, stones have energy and of course, our bodies are made up of energy, so one affects the other. Understanding which stones can be used for what parts of the body and what healing aspects they have can be useful to integrate them in for well-being.

He walks you through how to cleanse, charge, activate, and program the stones before you begin, what they’re connected to and associated with for healing. In the book, he includes templates for crystal grids and healing layouts, recipes for crystal elixirs, and directions for crystal meditations and energy clearing with crystals.

It truly is a wonderful guide you can access whether you use it for healing work or because you’re always been drawn to crystals and don’t know quite why. Learn how to use stones and crystals with the human energy field, and you can do this by laying crystals right on the body itself or create crystal grids and healing layouts, with templates as well.

Intention is so key to all healing and that is that is the case with healing crystal grids as well — also connected to sacred geometry as well. He even includes elixir recipes, and details how to perform crystal meditations, clear the energy centers and the aura, and practice more advanced techniques, such as engaging with the crystal devas, creating sacred space, and practices for spiritual hygiene and protection. While sacred geometry is always a part of creating crystal grids, it is rarely explained in such a simple way in a book on crystals as Nicholas does so well.

For example, he includes an explanation of what various shapes and symbols mean, from circles, triangles, squares and crosses to pentagons, pentagrams, spirals, hearts, hexagrams, hexagons and more. From learning their meaning, you can better understand how to create their meanings and how to best craft a grid that will work for what you’re working through….whether it’s for self-healing or using it to heal others.  Grab it on Amazon.

“What other books shall we review and dig into? Send us notes and suggestions as we are always open to exploring and learning about new authors and points-of-view.”

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She is also CEO and founder of Magic Sauce Media, a new media services consultancy focused on viral marketing, social media, branding, events and public relations. For over 20 years, it has supported companies from 12 countries on the market. Renowned for her global and organic approach to product and business launches, Renee practices what she offers and as an active user of social media, she helps her clients navigate digital waters around the world. Renee has been working on blogs for over 16 years and has written regularly on her personal blog Down the Avenue, Huffington Post, BlogHer, We Blog the World and other sites. She has been ranked # 12 Social Media Influencer by Forbes magazine and is listed as a New Media Influencer and Game Changer on various sites and books on the New Media Revolution. In 2013, she was ranked 6th most influential woman in social media by Forbes magazine in the Top 20.

His passion for art, storytelling and photography led to the launch of Magic Sauce Photography, which is a visual extension of his writing, the result of which led to the production of six photo books: Galapagos Islands, London, Africa South, Rome, urbanization and Ecuador.

Renee is also a co-founder of Traveling Geeks, an initiative that brings entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, bloggers, creators, curators and influencers to other countries to share and learn from peers, governments, businesses and of the general public in order to educate, share, evaluate and promote innovative technologies.

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