Blue Lagoon Ultimate destination for Iceland experience

Blue Lagoon Ultimate destination for Iceland experience

In Reykjavik there is one place where every tourist goes to and that’s the world famous the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.  Blue lagoon is famous for its icy-blue steaming waters.

This Iceland hop spot has a lot to offer. The guest is provided with a memorable and unique experience along with food and drinks, spa services and cool facilities.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

But what makes the Blue lagoon so special? It’s the surreal swirling mists as you swim in the open Iceland countryside or being able to relax with a glass of wine as you bathe in milky water. The Blue lagoon isn’t really blue. The texture of the water is cloudy, milky colour made up of the three active ingredients that is silica, algae and minerals. The blue colour comes from the silica and the way it reflects in sunlight. Blue lagoon is geothermal spa filled with seawater, which is believed to have natural healing powers. This water has treated all sorts of eczema and other skin related problems. Blue Lagoon even has a special clinic for skin treatment.

Get over your modesty

Get over your modesty. If you plan on getting in that blue water, you are going to have to shower off, completely naked. It’s both a cultural and an environmental thing. It protects the water to ensure that all your bodily oils and bits are cleaned off before entering the Blue Lagoon. In addition nudity is not seen as shameful as it often is in other parts of the world.

Blue Lagoon Malta
Blue Lagoon Malta

Protect your eyes

Silicon can damage the lenses and the warm steam coming from the water will make it difficult to see. Silicon can scratch up the soft lenses and ruin them.

Don’t cancel because of rain. Blue lagoon might be a better place to be during rainy days. Instead of just staying inside your hotel room wasting your precious time in Iceland. You can still make use of your day by regulating your body temperature in the rain.

You need to condition your hair

The silica in the water plays havoc with your hair, making it stiff and difficult to manage. The best way to avoid stiffness of your hair, condition your hair before going swimming and wear a cap.

When you arrive at the blue lagoon you get a digital rubber wrist band instead of taking your wallet. Do not lose this wristband. It works in many ways by opening and closing your locker, you can buy your stuff from the bar, wellness and restaurant. When you leave the lagoon you settle the bill.

There are a small number of lounge chairs on the second level of the Blue lagoon building. Book your lounge in advance if you want to relax between dips. The best view is from the second floor.

There’s a bar in the lagoon. Smoothies, slushies , beer and wine are all available. If you are jet lagged then smoothies with ginger is good to drink, there is no need for cash or a credit card as all of your drinks can be charged to your wristband. For safety reason the lagoon applies a limit of 3 drinks per wristband.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland
The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Silica and Algae Mud Mask Bar

Whatever entrance ticket you book you will receive complimentary gifts. You can apply the silica mud all over your face and body. The silica mud can be obtained at the swim-up mud bar in the lagoon. More over if you purchase the comfort, premium or Luxury entrance package then you will receive a complimentary algar mud mask.

The Blue lagoon became Iceland’s most visited attraction because of its excellent location, soothing waters and rich skin nourishment.

1. You have to Plan and Pre book for your vacation

Don’t expect to arrive at the Blue Lagoon without a prior booking, you are unlikely to find a time slot available. You can pre book online or with your local travel agent. The lagoon opens from 8 am till 10pm (midnight during the summer) so you can choose to catch the sunrise, sunset or the hottest time of the day. Once you choose your time, you can stay as long as you like in the lagoon. Most people tend to spend 3 – 4 hours.

2. Prices are dynamic If you search with Travel comparing sites

Prices vary depending on how long in advance you book, the time of day you visit and which option you choose. The standard entry is approximately €47 per person but there are packages for over €200 depending on the level you require. We opted for the standard plus which includes a towel but you can bring your own too. This includes a silica mud mask which you can get from the mud mask bar inside the lagoon. Children from 2 – 13 are free. Visit travel comparing sites for more options and real prices.

2. Consider going straight from the airport.

The Blue Lagoon is located beside the airport so depending on flight times it might be a good idea to book your tour when you arrive. This will save you money on transfers and save you time going back and forth to the airport. It is also ideal if you are arriving into Iceland early in the morning, as many hotels don’t allow you check in until 2pm.


3. Don’t wear any jewellery and valuable things

White gold and silver reacts with the sulphur in the water so better be safe than sorry. Don’t wear any jewellery. Lockers are provided free of charge with standard entry, and are very secure with keyless entry.

4. Don’t get Blue Lagoon hair!

No matter how good you are at keeping it tied up, it will eventually get splashed, so you might as well go for it and dunk down! However, the high levels of silica in the lagoon reacts badly with your hair, so make sure you follow these steps. Use the conditioner provided, cover your hair completely and don’t rinse it out before entering. Bring a clarifying shampoo with you and wash it thoroughly when you get out. They have powerful hair dryers on site so once you follow these steps your hair should be ok. You may need to use the clarifying shampoo a few times to ensure all the silica is removed from your hair completely.

5. Buy a waterproof cover for your phone and Cameras

You can take pictures with your phone but be prepared to get splashed so a waterproof cover is a life saver. Use a Go Pro or other waterproof camera but I find the Aquavault waterproof phone case invaluable for any water activities. You can even post selfies from the lagoon using the WiFi – you may be there a while! There is no visibility underwater so underwater cameras, or goggles for that matter, are not necessary.

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