7 Airbnbs In Europe That Will Make Your Winter Vacay Warm

Located in the Northern Hemisphere, the continent of Europe is a destination that always finds a place on people’s bucket lists. This continent is surrounded by three oceans namely the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the only continent where the number of coastlines is much greater than landmass. Since the European continent is a part of temperate climate zones, it is subject to conflicting trades.

The climate in Europe is considered more pleasant, as it is influenced by the Gulf Stream. Although winter may not seem like the best time to visit a place, it is a completely different story in Europe. Winter in Europe means fewer crowds, the Northern Lights, a Christmassy atmosphere, and low fares everywhere. Many tourists visit some of these The best winter Airbnbs in Europe Which are phenomenally comfortable.

Of course, it is not necessary that you will admire this weather in every country in Europe, but the southern region of the continent is definitely worth a visit during this time of year.

7 Best Winter Airbnbs in Europe

There are many places to stay in Europe that are ideal for all types of travelers. some of the The best winter Airbnbs in Europe There are some suitable for families, some for groups of friends while others are great for solo travelers too.

Listed below are several amazing Airbnbs in which you should plan your stay when visiting Europe during winter!

1. Manoir Equivocal Mid Age Dovecote

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Located in France, this accommodation is essentially a castle with a medieval charm. The Dovecote has one bedroom with 2 beds and one bathroom and can easily accommodate 3 people. The place is quite cozy and hence an ideal choice for winters. The architecture of this place is pleasing to the eyes. The building is cylindrical and has a cone-shaped roof – a typical example of a European castle of old.

There are some small, shallow openings on the walls through which you can view the surrounding areas. Additionally, these open spaces also allow sunlight in, making the interiors of the place look even more beautiful. Its location is one of the reasons why tourists like to plan a stay here because of the peaceful neighborhood.

Address: 18 Rue du Manoir, 21700 Corgoline, France
Rent: Starting from Rs 11,687.85 per night
Review: The hospitality of the host Irene amazes the guests and is one of the reasons why people want to spend maximum time at this place…Read more

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2. Fisherman’s Cave House

fisherman's cave house

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Set in Oia, a village located on the northwestern point of Greece, this Airbnb is set amidst picturesque surroundings. From the balcony, guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the expansive landscape and the sea. Watching the setting sun from here is a pleasant experience in itself, which everyone has to endure.

To make your winter holidays in Europe an extremely wonderful experience, you can also spend quality time in the outdoor hot tub. From the old center of Oia, it will only take a 10-minute walk to reach the property. This restored cave can accommodate 5 guests at a time without any hassle. It has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom and 2 beds. This is one of the Best Family Airbnb in Europe,

Address: Oia, Santorin 84700, Greece
Rent: Starting from Rs 16,278.12 per night
Review: Very clean property that feels like a home away from home…Read more

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3. Stockholm Writers’ Cabin

Stockholm Writers' Cabin

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This beautiful home is considered to be one of the best locations away from the bustling city life in Lidingö, Sweden. The property has a small garden where you can take peaceful evening walks. It is located in an area where guests can enjoy winter sports. The entire guesthouse is perfect for 2 guests and consists of a bathroom, bedroom and single bed.

It will take about 15 minutes to reach the city by car from this cottage. You can enjoy tennis, football, ice-skating and various other sports in the neighborhood. The cabin is equipped with internet, TV, minibar, fireplace and more. There is also a small sized kitchen.

Address: Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden
Rent: Starting from Rs 6,540 per night
Review: The cottage offers its guests access to hiking trails as well as boats. One of the ideal places in the municipality for a weekend getaway…Read more

4. Film Salon

film salon

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Set behind the Berlin Kinomuseum, in Berlin, this guest room is ideal for two guests. This location is the biggest reason why people love to plan a stay at this place. The interior decor of the rooms is based on a Hollywood theme – this is where the rooms get their uniqueness.

FilmSalon has single and double rooms. Additionally, the property’s host, Frank, welcomes his guests with the utmost warmth. You can also be a part of the entertaining sessions happening here. Essential toiletries are available as well as free WiFi for guests.

Address: Behind the Berlin Kinomuseum, Berlin, Germany
Rent: Starting from Rs 3,115 per night
Review: This place is basically loved for its unique setting and happening neighborhood…Read more

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5. Charming Bungalows

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This chalet is an ideal place to stay for people visiting Europe during winter. Furthermore, it is The best Airbnb for large groups in Europe, as it can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests. The wooden architecture ensures that the indoors remain warm. This luxurious stay was established in the year 1948 and has now been renovated using old wood.

Chateau de Charme offers its guests a spacious room where they can relax after a long day. The amenities provided at this property include hot water, iron, hot water and more. The chalet has 3 rooms and a large balcony from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Alps.

Address: Montemont, Rhône-Alpes, France
Rent: Starting from Rs 11,135.70 per night
Review: The location of this property will amaze you. If you are coming with a large group of friends then this is the best place to plan your stay…Read more

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6. Amboise Troglodyte

amboise troglodyte

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The property reflects the classical period which is visible through the furniture and other elements of the decor. The room is quite spacious and has an open bathroom and cable TV. Guests have access to free parking as well as WiFi. There are several castles located around the property that you can visit for wine tasting.

You can also try the delicious local food in this area, including charcuterie and goat cheese. The hosts, Alexis and Lotte, are very friendly and you can join them in various fun activities. Expect extremely well-maintained and clean rooms during your stay. Hot water and heating facilities are also provided to the guests.

Address: Nazales-Negron, centre, France
Rent: Starting from Rs 15,338.88 per night
Review: Privacy is maintained. The hosts are experienced and very friendly. Staying at this place feels like home…Read more

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7. Gianluca’s Apartment in Lecce

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This house can accommodate 4 guests and has one bedroom with 3 beds and one bathroom. This apartment is located in peace in the middle of the historical centre, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The place is quite accessible for those who are driving from Brindisi. Shuttle buses are parked within a 10-minute walk through which you can reach the airport.

This apartment reflects the old time architecture with vaulted ceilings. The property has been renovated and no toxic materials are used – only natural substances are used. Needless to say, the apartment offers utmost comfort to its guests.

Address: Lecce, Apulia, Italy
Rent: Starting from Rs 6,229.36 per night
Review: The use of natural elements in the apartment is what makes this place a paradise…Read more

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Europe is at its best during winter and it’s all about walking through streets decorated with Christmas lights and sitting in front of a fireplace and drinking hot cocoa. Imagine experiencing all this on your trip to Europe! Some of the best winter Airbnbs in Europe listed above will provide you with that cozy corner where you can enjoy some quality time.

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