Best Summer Vacations In Tripura | Summer Destinations To

Best Summer Vacations In Tripura | Summer Destinations To

Striking panoramas, verdant flourishing valleys, large hillocks and rich artistic cultural heritage are just a few reasons why you should visit Tripura this summer. Moreover, only a handful of travellers and daredevils have ever explored this untouched state of awesomeness, and it is high time you visit because Tripura too is embracing tourists and travellers with open arms Tripura may not be on the tourist map because of its dominating sister states tourism venture in Northeast India, however, Tripura is blessed with so much more natural beauty that one can see online!

To make it easy for you, we have compiled the best summer destinations to visit in Tripura.

Chittangong Hills


Chittangong Hills is decorated and pictorial in its appearance. The hills embrace mini-mountains with various channels and small valleys, with six rivers recoiling across the valleys.

Jampui Hills

The flourishing and rolling hills of north Tripura, a little over 180km from Agartala, are kenned for their picturesque beauty and invigorating weather. Rested at 3000 feet, it is often credited as the Land of Eternal Spring. The mountains are known for their orange farms, and the berries are harvested during the winters. Accommodation is affordable and easily available.


Once a pilgrimage centre, Unakoti is a structural gem. The huge upright rock-cuts in Unakoti, mostly anointed to Shiva, dates back to the 8th-9th centuries. The rock-cut 29-feet portraiture of Shiva is said to be India’s most comprehensive carving. You can find accommodation at the state tourism’s Juri Lodge in Dharmanagar or Unakoti Tourist Lodge in Kailasahar.

Neer Mahal

Though this palace – by the lake, is a little over 40km from Agartala, it earns a late visit. In the evenings, you can take a local sailboat ride to the lake palace in Rudrasagar Lake. Built-in 1930, this summer mansion exhibits a blend of Mughal and Hindu architecture. In wintertime, the lake is home to many seasonal birds.

The Mahamuni Temple

Located 134km away from Agartala, The Mahamuni Temple in Sabroom is a Buddhist pagoda that draws tens and thousands of pilgrims from all across the world. The Kalapania Eco Park is a 21-hectare trimmed garden on the shore of a huge lake and it is built in the Kalachhara section of Sabroom. You can find accommodation at the Pilak Tourist Lodge in Jolaibari or at the Mahamuni Tourist Lodge in Manubankul. Only a handful of travellers and daredevils have ever explored this untouched state of awesomeness, and it is high time you visit because Tripura too is embracing tourists and travellers with open arms.

Ujjyanta Palace

An Indo-Saracenic palace built in 1901, Ujjyanta Palace, is resided in the state of Agartala. This fascinating palace has numerous Hindu temples devoted to divinities like Kali, Uma-Maheshwara, Lakshmi Narayan and Jagannath. It also has a comprehensive museum and library. The place gets all the consideration because of its beauty.


Agartala is the base for any trip to the former royal state. It is best to fly into Agartala from Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, etc. The most celebrated draws include the sprawling Heritage Park, striking Ujjayanta Palace; the Buddhist Temple of Benuban Vihar in Kunjaban area; Purbasha for locally made handcrafted bamboo merchandise; etc. Besides these attractions, there are good private hotels in Agartala too.


Neermahal is one of the most visited attractions in Tripura. It resides in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake and this structural excellence rightly receives its name which implies Water Palace. The flower beds and surrounding lawns append to the appeal of the place.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is not just like any other wildlife sanctuary. Besides being home to numerous flora and fauna it is also an academic and research centre. Several lakes are within the sanctuary, where a rafting facility is available.

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