Best Summer Vacations In Rajasthan | Summer Destinations To

Best Summer Vacations In Rajasthan | Summer Destinations To

Among all the months, summer is the best time and season that brings delight with it. Far-famed for its sand wilderness and royal palaces in Rajasthan, though hot, summer comes as a visual and seasonal treat to this searing land. Rajasthan has a rich multifariousness in terms of everything from culture, food, and art forms. To make your summer tour more enhancing, we bring you the best summer destinations in Rajasthan. Have a look!



The town of Ranakpur is quite famous for the large population of monkeys that fascinates travellers who visit the town. With the presence of Jain Temples, Ranakpur holds a significant position in your Rajasthan trip itinerary. Run by the royal family of Udaipur on royal family trust, the small Sun temple of Ranakpur is also a popular tourist attraction.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan is a perfect place to spend some time. Marked with sunny weather, lush greenery, and scenic beauty – Mount Abu holds prominence in terms of natural abundance. People can enjoy fun activities such as bird watching, nature walks, and strolling through the hilly region.


One of the lesser-known places in Rajasthan, not flocked by millions of tourists, yet amazingly beautiful is the quaint township of Jhalawar. It is located at the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Sunshine fed vibrant greenery, unique flora, fauna make this spot an interesting visit in the summer.


Mandawa town is majorly popular for traditional Havelis. Travellers from across the world visit Mandawa every year to cherish beauty. The history of the place dated back to the 18th century. The place has been blessed with many names, such as Mandu Ki Dhani, Mandu ka Bas, Manduwas, and Mandawa. Located in the Shekhawati region, Mandawa is a perfect tourist hub to be explored in the summer.


Far-famed as the city of Lakes, Udaipur is a perfect tourist attraction to visit in Rajasthan. Along with its regal structures, the city is also famous for its mind-blowing weather during the summer.


It is one of the beautiful rural places in Rajasthan to be visited in summer. Narlai is located in between Udaipur and Jodhpur, which comes as a delight for travellers touring Rajasthan. The ethnic village and the people of Narlai is a treat for the eyes. The luxury heritage hotel in Narlai is an oasis of calm.


Far-famed as the Pink City, Jaipur is the capital of fun, love and a calm environment. Jaipur is filled with ancient forts and palaces, which will give you a precise idea about the royal era of Rajasthan. Many national and international travellers love visiting Jaipur during the summer.


When it comes to tourism, Pushkar and Ajmer come as complementary tourist cities to one another. Pushkar is an ancient city and is famous for ghats and Brahmma temples. Whereas, Ajmer is famous for Ana Sagar Lake. With historical and mythological importance, Ajmer and Pushkar share many fascinating stories.


Bundi is the best destination to visit in Rajasthan in the summer. Bundi is famous for the architectural marvel, ornamental forts, charming palaces, and step-well reservoirs. Bundi is locally known as Baoris. Formally known as Bunda Ka Nal, Bundi boasts of great historical significance and has witnessed many battles and legends tale of valour.

Keoladeo National Park

The hub of natural abundance, Keoladeo National Park is one of the finest places in Rajasthan. Perfect for all nature enthusiasts, Keoladeo National Park is also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Ghana National Park. Renowned as a house of thousands of birds (local and migratory), this place is a perfect tourist location for bird lovers. The national park boasts more than 230 species of birds.

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