Best summer vacations in India | Summer Holiday Destinations

Best summer vacations in India | Summer Holiday Destinations

In much of India, winter is ending, so both tourist places and off-grid escapes will be at their best during summer. This compilation includes hill stations, ancient cities, wildlife sanctuaries, tourist places, beach and honeymoon destinations for couples, solo travellers, families, pensioners, and everyone who loves travelling.

Here are the best summer vacations in India 2022!



The serene backwaters in Kumarakom is prime tourist attraction that drives the entire tourism of Kumarakom. To travellers delight, Kumarakom’s backwaters are environed by Palm trees, plantations, and Mangroves, adding more flavour to the place. It is one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in India in the summer.

Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary


Kutch is famed for its wildlife, but it is nothing like a conventional wildlife sanctuary. Situated about 100 km away from the city Bhuj, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary occupies a mammoth 7505.22 sq. Km. It is a vast white desert with one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas. As a result of water available in the area, millions of Pink Flamingos move to the wetlands and paint Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary into a canvas of pink.



Lonavala is a must-visit place in summer for people residing in Mumbai and other parts of Maharastra. Lonavala offers a myriad number of activities to indulge in, and it is just a few hours drive from Mumbai. The caves, panoramic view of lush green landscape and hills make Lonavala one the most visited getaway destination for city dwellers to relax and unwind.



Coonoor is a perfect getaway destination from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city. It is home to incredible landscapes, picturesque hills, splendid buildings, and cottages. For all the reasons mentioned above, Coonoor is the ultimate retreat and one of the best places to visit in India in the summer.



Located amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Vijaynagara, Hampi is one of the most visited places in India to visit in summer. Though the site is in ruins, it continues to be a popular destination among history buffs, scholars, backpackers, and pilgrims. Arrayed with temples, royal centres, awe-inspiring monoliths and architecture, the ancient city is undoubtedly one of the best summer vacations in india.



Coorg is one of those hill stations in Karnataka that offers an overwhelming sight of exotic natural beauty, green meadows, waterfalls, valleys, and a taste of delicious local cuisine. Therefore, beyond a doubt, Coorg finds its name among the best summer vacations in India.



Goa is a pint-sized paradise in India that needs no introduction. From crystal clear beaches to tall palm trees, Goa is simply Incredible. Goa is a former Portuguese colony that boasts bona fide international culture. And the factor that appeals significantly to tourists goes beyond just the parties, cuisine, and its lifestyle. And it undoubtedly ranks high in the list of go-to destinations in summer.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary


Surrounded by dry as well as moist deciduous forest, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is home to conventional along with rare exotic birds and animals. The River Bhadra acts as a water source for wildlife. Consequently, attracting wildlife in large numbers several times a day and therefore making it an excellent place for wildlife photographers and thrill-seekers to go on a safari and experience the magic of nature and wilderness. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most sought after wildlife sanctuaries, and a popular tourists place to visit in summer in India.



The incredible white beauty, the Taj Mahal, is the best tourist attractions in Uttar Pradesh, India. Many from India and across the world flood in to see this ‘Ajuba’ created by Emperor Shah Jahan. Though summer is scorching, it doesn’t discourage tourists from visiting Agra. The weather during summer and the wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal, makes it one of the best summer vacations in India with family and friends.

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