Best Summer Hikes In India

Best Summer Hikes In India

Hiking, especially in the Himalayan Range in India can sound challenging for beginners, however, many hikes are available at varying levels of difficulty. Therefore, there is something for everyone in this line of adventure. The fascination with hiking is not just about physical exercise or hundreds of litres of oxygen that you can pump into your lungs as you do so; it’s also most certainly becoming one with nature.

However, our list of hiking places in India is not for the faint-hearted, therefore, if you can tame these trails, you will be glorified and rewarded with some moments and mementoes of sheer exquisiteness, which can be enjoyed by you and yours! So, we bring you the best hiking places in India.

Roopkund Hike


There is amusement, there is adventure, there are legends and there is a mystery in this journey of the Roopkund Hike. Roopkund is a pond that lies in the Garhwal Mountains of Chamoli. Situated at the height of around 15,900 ft above sea level, Roopkund lake is shrouded in tales and occultism. It is also known as Skeletal Lake. It is said that Six hundred human skeletons were discovered here by a Forest Officer in the year 1942. Apart from the mystery, the hike also offers some of the most striking and dream-like views of forests, green meadows, and snow-clad mountains.

Tarsar Marsar Hike


Located in Kashmir, Tarsan Marsar Trek is known as the heavenly for a reason. There are only a few hiking destinations in the world that can compete with this enthralling place. It is also known for various trails, which offer the hikers, the experience of their lives. If you are looking for a simple level of hiking in Kashmir, the Tarsar Marsar Trek allows you to experience the fun and joy that comes with hiking. It is one of the most sought-after hikes in Kashmir Valley.

Kashmir Great Lakes Hike

Hiking in Kashmir is not only about escapades and fun. The harmony and tranquillity that comes with the journey are what are cherished by most of the hikers at the end. For some, it is a transformative experience. Kashmir Great Lakes Hike offers serenity and delight, which comes when you accord with the beauty of nature. It is a seven-day journey that allows you to feel one with nature and the hiking starts from Srinagar and ends at Narang.

Hampta Pass Hike

If you only have an extended weekend holiday, which you wish to spend on hiking, then you should pick the short Hampta Pass Trek which lasts for only 3 days. Situated in the region of charming Manali at an elevation of about 14,000 ft above sea level, this stunning hike gives an easy to moderate difficulty experience to the hiker. The hiking can be done all year-round, but the best time is during summer. The hiker can experience vast picturesque beauty, rich green meadows, cascades, and the extensive stretch of pristine snowy and coniferous forests.

Rupin Pass Hike

Rupin pass Hike is one of the most sought places in India for the Hiking experience. Situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, at an elevation of 15,000 ft above sea level, the Rupin pass hike can be completed in eight days! The journey starts at a small settlement in Uttarkashi, named Dhaula and ends at the city of Sangla, which rests in the Baspa Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The path goes from various desolated places in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. What’s fascinating about Rupin Pass Hike is the constantly changing landscape all through the journey. The experience of camping at the riverbank, under the night sky, amidst the snowy mountains and the thick forest is both captivating and thrilling.

Goechala Hike

Goechala Hike is a picturesque trek starting from Yuksom and through Siachen pass; it joins the popular Dzongri-Goechala trail. It offers the magnificent sight of Kanchenjunga and Mountain Kabru. Located at the altitude of 16,000 ft above sea level, this uppermost peak reaches the Himalayan mountain range in the state of Sikkim. You can take different trails for Goechala Hike. However, the quickest and the most suitable is the one which begins from and ends at Yuksom village. This particular trek is for those who do not have more than a week to finish the hike.

Pin Parvati Pass Hike

Pin Parvathi Pass Hike is another terrain route that draws tens and thousands of hikers who are looking for Trekking in India. The Hike begins by traversing the lush Parvati Valley which falls on the Kullu side and leads to Spiti Valley. Situated at an altitude of 17,000 ft above sea level, the Pin Parvathi Pass trek is one of the toughest hikes, with a wide crossing area and extreme snowfall throughout the year. From thick alpine forests to extensive grazing lands, from glowing flowers to huge icecaps and from verdant green fields to pristine snow-white landscapes, the changing landscape never fails to amaze the hikers.

Stok Kangri Hike

At a lofty height of 20,000 ft, lies the Stok Kangri peak, which grants the most challenging and stimulating hiking adventure to the hikers. Located about 24 km away from Leh, this is the most eminent peak of the Himalayan range. Thus, it is one of the most enchanting hiking destinations in India for hikers. Nevertheless, it is by no means an easy one to complete. The challenge in this hike lies in its great height. The air gets lighter at such heights, making it very tough for breathing. Nevertheless, for those who are looking for hiking in India, the Stok Kangri Trek can provide one of the ultimate experiences of their life.

Bagini Glacier Hike

Bagini Glacier Hike is another adventuresome and stimulating Hike with a medium level of difficulty. Located at an altitude of around 14,800 ft above sea level, in Garhwal, this hike takes you on a journey amid the natural splendour and the beauty of the snow-capped peaks of Doonagiri, Kalanka, and Changa Banga. The pureness and serenity of the place not only mesmerize you but also helps you reinvigorate.

Har Ki Doon Hike

Har Ki Doon trek, situated in the Uttarakhand region, is one of the moderate hiking destinations in India. It provides some magnificent sites full of the natural beauty of calm rivers, thick forests, subterranean valleys and caverns, snow-capped mountains and thriving flora and fauna. This hike gives even the amateurs, something to marvel at. Located at Fatheh Parvat, at a height of around 11,600 ft from sea level, the Har ki Doon trek is a place that is most sought after.

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