Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

Karnataka is a diverse state with modern cities and heritage towns. However, it is the natural bounties of Karnataka, that will amaze you. You will find extensive amounts of it in its beaches, hill-station, forests, and also in its cuisine.

Choosing a destination in Karnataka may get tricky (since there are countless tourist hotspots). Some days, the historian in us may sway us towards the ruins of Hampi, other days, we might be enticed to explore its wildlife in the 26 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks scattered across the state. Moreover, indulging in a lip-smacking Mysore masala dosa and meal of Udupi sambar is as pleasing as standing before the Jog Falls or traversing the coffee estates of Chikmagalur.

So, get ready to be transported to various time periods and witness many facets of this scenic state! Here are the ten best winter destinations in Kerala.

1. Coorg

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

If you are looking for a short getaway destination in Karnataka, we suggest you visit Coorg. This lush hill station is well known for its local authentic cuisine and coffee plantations, which is an excellent experience to endure in winter. The fascinating scenery and the rolling hills in Coorg are perfect for trekking.

2. Nagarhole National Park Sanctuary

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

Nagarhole National Park Sanctuary to a massive wildlife reserve in Karnataka, the Nagarhole National Park shelters diverse and exotic flora and fauna. The best way to traverse is by embarking on the jeep safari that is offered daily. Besides spotting wildlife, there is also a region in the park, where one can trek and have a gala time with other adventure junkies.

3. Belur

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

Belur is an excellent site to traverse in Karnataka. It is home to incredible temples and ruins with traces of typical ancient Indian architecture. Majority of the temples in Belur were erected during the reign of the Hoysala Empire. Although Mughals attacked the town, most of the temples still remain sound to this day. Belur Temple Complex, which hosts main temples in Belur is a must-visit.

4. Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is a beach haven, located on the south coast of Karnataka. Home to second-largest Shiva statue in the world, and far-famed for its temples, forts, architecture, Murudeshwar makes an idyllic destination for pious people and history buffs. Other notable attractions are water activities, adventure sports and pristine beaches.

5. Chikmagalur

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

If you wish to escape the cacophony of city life, we recommend you to pack your bags and head out to Chikmagalur. This serene haven of leisure boasts pleasant weather round the year, and the verdant surroundings set the right note for fun-filled adventure sports. And if spending time amidst nature is your idea of a vacation then visit one of the well-maintained coffee plantations in Chikmagalur; where you can sip on bonafide coffee while admiring the endless verdant rolling hills across the horizon.

6. Bangalore

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

From a trendy nightlife and adventure games to shopping and tourist hotspots, Bangalore offers anything and everything for people from all walks of life! There are other beautiful places to visit near Bangalore too; the most popular is the Nandi Hills. The hills are generally visited by nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking and trekking are popular recreation activity at the Nandi Hills.

7. Kabini

Kabini offers visitors an unparalleled wildlife experience. Besides locating a variety of wildlife species, at Kabini, you can enjoy fun-filled adventure sports as well. River rafting, boating and elephant rides are three big adventure sports that one can relish at Kabini.

8. Gokarna

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

Gokarna is Karnataka’s reply to Goa. The seashores in this hamlet are fantastic and incredible. You could prefer to laze around or spoil yourself in a few water sports at the beaches. There are age-old temples to see, too. Roadways are well-connected to Gokarna from other cities in Karnataka, so getting to this beach paradise is pretty easy.

9. Mysore

Mysore is a city fortified in royal history; therefore, it is considered to be a traditional tourist destination in India. This heritage town is home to many remarkable temples and enthralling buildings, and provides an extraordinary opportunity to explore the best of royal Mysore! The city is also renowned for shopping, with beautiful local products and souvenirs. Located in the outskirts of Mysore, Chamundeshwari temple is another must-visit hotspot, which is an ancient temple that has cultural links with Mysore.

10. Hampi

Best Places To Visit In Winter In Karnataka | Winter

A world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is far-famed for its age-old temples and remains of the Vijayanagar Empire. Since it is a small hamlet, Hampi can be covered in a day. You can both walk and choose to go on a cycle tour around the town.

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