Best Places to Visit in May Month’s around the World

Best Places to Visit in May Month’s around the World

When the month of May arrives we know that summer is around the corner with all that means to us- school vacation, travel, warmer weather, wardrobe change, longer days of course anytime is right for a trio, whether it’s a weekend getaway for a change of scenery or a longer journey to a new place .

The month of May have some extra advantages. You can witness the stunning cherry blossoms of Japan that will rekindle your belief in Magic, attend the Primavera Sound festival in Spain, an unmissable music festival featuring the best artist from the world or see the most stunning sunset of your life from a picture perfect beach in the Maldives.

Best Places to Visit in May
Best Places to Visit in May

Feeling excited about all the places you can travel during May. We suggest most beautiful locations, Islands and Islets, Hotels, Travel Destination here. 

Japan for beautiful cherry blossoms

Konnichiwa welcome to the land of the rising sun. May is the perfect time to visit Japan to witness the famous white and pink cherry blossoms. During this time country is in a festive mood as it sees its biggest festival season during Golden Week and as a bonus, there is an individual Sumo competition that is organized during this time. Don’t forget to try delicious Japanese food in Tokyo. Japan is undoubtedly among the best holiday destinations in May.

Louisville Kentucky

Loving horse racing is not necessary to take a May vacation to Louisville. The Kentucky derby extends a full week before the actual two minutes of nail-biting competition on the first Saturday in May with food and wine tastings, dance and music performance on the racetrack and even the opportunity to watch the contenders train at dawn in the days leading up to the big race.

Newport Rhode Island

The coastal community is an ideal getaway during May. Particularly for sailing enthusiasts and architecture buffs. You’ll want to explore the Gilded Age mansions along Newport’s famed Cliff Walk and dine at a few cozy waterfront restaurants while you’re in town.

Seoul South Korea

May is arguably the best month to visit South Korea for a variety of reasons. Spring is in full effect. The countryside is enveloped in green and pink owing to the blooming cherry blossoms, and pleasant weather dominates the region. It is the best time to go trekking in the national parks of Jirisan, Songnisan, and Seoraksan along with a cold climate. It is the sunny days that make South Korea one of the best places to visit in April May in Asia.


Avoid the summer masses on Nantucket by planning a trip in May when the crowds are more manageable, and the weather is still pleasant. From May 15 to 19th  the island plays host to the 22nd Annual Wine and Food Festival luring foodies and wine –o’s from across the country for cooking demos, auctions, live music, and other events.


The fashion cradle of the world is a beauty to behold at any time but more so in the springtime. The month of May being the peak of spring here sees a whole new life blown into France that has just gotten out of winter’s grip. It’s a dramatic change from cold to warm with temperature going up to 16 degrees by the end of May.

People coming out for strolls and crepes and cafes going alfresco on the cobbled streets outside their spaces, Vineyard is in their harvest season on the countryside, and tourist spots all over France get ready to welcome the world to its doorstep. May truly becomes a magical time to visit. France as the weather is perfect, you get to see a good deal and crowd is way thinner than the summertime.

May is the best time to plan some visits to cheese factories or vineyard settled deep within the French countryside. For luxury and relaxation, there is the French Riviera that has resort towns like Cannes Saint Tropez, Monaco and Nice too, for children and families do not miss Paris’s Disneyland.


If you want to knock the Base Camp off your Bucket list. May is damn good to do it. The trail from Namche to base camps will be pretty busy during this month. May is also Buddha’s birthday month, and you’ll be forced to avoid the mandate-beating and street dancing celebration that break out all over Nepal.


America is a prominent place. There’s the Kentucky Derby if you happen to be passing through the Appalachian. May is also a great time to visit the Grand Canyon. The winter snows have usually cleared, the weather’s warming up, and the summer hordes haven’t yet clogged all the viewing platforms. The North rim closed for most of the winter reopens on May 15 Th for the new season always an exciting time.

Barcelona Spain

If you are looking for the best holiday destination in May, then head to Barcelona in Spain. It is a beautiful city which is frequented by travelers due to its fantastic art and elegant architecture. The town has some beautiful Roman archaeological sites and a dazzling nightlife due to its high-end pubs and bars.


Stretching from the magnificent redwoods in the north down to the beautiful beaches in the south. California’s is a great place to vacation in May and June, especially if you’ve got a pair of hot wheels to transport you from place to place.

Luang Prabang Laos

The May afternoons in Luang Prabang are going to be hot, but this city doesn’t feel quite as stifling. The evenings in May get cool enough to make up for the daytime heat and the night markets here are always a great way to spend a few hours after sunset. Getting to Luang Prabang isn’t easy since they don’t have a large airport with an abundance of cheap flights, so many visitors are those touring Thailand or Vietnam. But if you can make it, you’ll find this one of your favorite stops on your whole tour.

Mumbai India

Another part of India with decent weather in May in Mumbai, which is also where many international flights from Europe Land. This large city isn’t known as a tourist hub compared to Delhi, but there is still plenty to see and do here for two or three days. After that, the crowd will feel so intense that you’ll want to move on anyway. Hotels in Mumbai are the most expensive in India but still reasonable by international standards. The tourist in the south is quite small and surrounded by water, so there isn’t room to build enough new hotels.

Lofoten islands

Norway: if you’ve already checked Iceland off your bucket list, consider a trip to the Lofoten islands in Norway. The beautiful archipelago is breathtaking in May, which falls just before peak season giving travelers a preview of the region’s Midnight sun, a two-month long period, for 24 hours a day the sun stays above the horizon. Other than hiking and spectacular drives, it’s one of the most stunning places on earth to relax.

The weather is changing, and you’re getting restless, which make May the whole month to squeeze in a bonus trip to slake that thirst for a vacation. Here how we think you should spend your May month.

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