Best Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh In June

Best Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh In June

As the rising clouds overcome the summer heat and reflect off the extensive Sanchi Stupa & the surrounding valley and monasteries, it paints the canvas with hues of green and blue. From the heritage synagogues to scenic landscapes & wildlife sanctuaries, the ‘Heart of India’ has it all. Be informed that every season is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh, least of all monsoon. This article is written to let you know precisely why you should be visiting Madhya Pradesh in June, with the best places to visit in the ‘Heart of India’.

1. Sanchi Stupa


With a rich past associated with Sanchi, this city in Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh is definitely not to be missed on your trip. Believed to have erected in the 3rd century BCE, the building was constructed it the reign of the great ruler Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty and is one of the most exceptional Buddhist shrines in India. Sanchi Stupa is surrounded by monasteries and Toranas (a free-standing ornamental or arched gateway) that offer a pleasant spiritual experience to all travellers. Also, make sure you stop by at the notable Archeological Museum in this area.

2. State-Tribal Museum


Discover the secrets of the cultural city of Bhopal with a visit to the State-Tribal Museum. Grabbing your attention with various novel offerings on display, this city museum is known for its well-maintained and interesting themed galleries exhibiting tribal lifestyle. The gallery is most famed for showcasing the diverse ways of life of the tribals in the province through their art and crafts. State-Tribal Museum offers an interesting collection of enjoyable galleries that portray the tribal lifestyle.

3. Dhauandhar Falls


Falling from a height of 30 metres, Dhuandhar Falls is a fascinating sight that one can observe on River Narmada. Offering a magnificent vista as River Narmada traverses the marble rocks and waterfalls down, releasing mist, Dhuandhar Falls is a must-visit tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh in June. A favourite place to hang out for residents in and around Bhopal and Indore, Dhuandhar Falls will delight you with its white colour that makes a bewitching scene. The extraordinary richness of Dhuandhar Falls can be best observed during twilight from the viewing platforms constructed across the waterfall. you are looking for a summer place in Madhya Pradesh to enjoy a tranquil picnic with your family and friends, Patalpani Falls is the place to be!

4. Orccha Nature Reserve


One of the well-known tourist places in Madhya Pradesh in June, Orchha Nature Reserve is a pleasant retreat to become one with nature. Abode to endangered species, Orchha Nature Reserve is a picturesque retreat where you can find a variety of wildlife. Renowned for showcasing diverse flora and fauna, Orchha Nature Reserve will offer you much-required respite from the hustle and bustle of life to unwind in the tranquillity of nature. Moreover, the rustic environs of Orchha Nature Reserve make it a refreshing getaway to revel in the luxury of nature.

5. Bee Falls


Identified amongst the most fascinating places to visit in Madhya Pradesh in June, Bee Falls is a famous attraction in Pachmarhi station. Falling from a height of 35 m, Bee Falls offers a striking view that will take your breath away. Taking you closer to the tranquillity of nature, Bee Falls is a visual treat for nature lovers, especially during monsoon.

6. Ken Gharial Sanctuary


You can visit Ken Gharial Sanctuary on the way to Raneh Waterfalls and experience a quiet respite from the noise of daily life. Flourishing with green sceneries with deep canyons, fascinating cascades and scenic plains, Ken Gharial Sanctuary is a pictorial spot that you must visit on your next trip to Madhya Pradesh in June.

7. Patalpani Falls


Gear up for a quiet break with a vacation to Patalpani Falls, on your next trip to Madhya Pradesh in June. As per the myth associated with the falls, the depth of the cascade is unsure and it is considered that it runs as deep as the underworld. This lesser-known place is also a beautiful hiking spot for adventurous people and nature lovers; as it offers a magnificent sight to behold, especially in June. If you are looking for a monsoon place in Madhya Pradesh to enjoy a tranquil picnic with your family and friends, Patalpani Falls is the place to be!

8. Ralamandal


Ralamandal is an idyllic destination among other summer destinations to visit in Madhya Pradesh in June; apt for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, who want to escape the cacophony of city life. Located in close proximity to Indore, Ralamandal is one of the most amusing places, ideal for discovering nature in Madhya Pradesh. Encircling an area of more than 3.5 of picturesque landscapes, Ralamandal is an excellent place to spot various exotic animals such as a leopard, sambhar, blackbuck, etc.

9. Pandev Caves


Showcasing an intricate spectacle of nature, Pandav Caves is an enthralling sight that you can behold in the area of Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh. Pandav Caves are believed to be the place of home for Pandav brothers during the time of their banishment in the Mahabharata. The five ancient caves are a captivating sight, provides a fun visit experience to those interested in mythology.

10. Dhoopgarh


Bestowing beautiful vistas of the daybreak and twilight, Dhoopgarh is renowned as the most eminent peaks of the Satpura range. Notable among the trekkers who crave an escapade through verdant valleys and mesmerising cascades, Dhoopgarh offers scintillating natural beauty. If you are looking for a place to sit back, relax or capture some stunning views on your camera, Dhoopgarh is one of the best destinations that you need to visit this monsoon in Madhya Pradesh.

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