7 Best Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka

Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka: You shouldn’t have to just stick with any ordinary hotel when in Sri Lanka. The beauty of Sri Lanka is something you should immerse yourself into. The exotic jungles, beautiful coastlines and vast tea plantations make Sri Lanka a country that you will never forget.

 Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka

With that in mind, you should look for luxury hotels in Sri Lanka that you know you definitely won’t forget.

How to Find?

You can find the best luxury hotels in Sri Lanka around many of the most beautiful parts of the country:

  • Colombo, the capital and largest city in Sri Lanka, is home to a beautiful mix of modern and colonial influences. The vast dining scene around Colombo makes it a great place for luxury hotels.
  • Balapitiya is in the southern part of the country. Balapitiya features a mix of rivers crossed around the ocean to create a grand scene. The jungles around this region especially make for a memorable site.
  • The Cultural Triangle is home to many historic sites in central Sri Lanka including the cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Many luxury hotels are in this region to cater to those who wish to visit these historic sites.
  • The eastern area is home to Trincomalee, a beautiful habitat that was once written about by Marco Polo. The amazing beaches around the region make it popular among hoteliers.

Here are a few of the more popular luxury hotels in the area.

Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo

The Paradise Road hotel in Colombo is a ten-room haven. With a beautiful series of features in each room including some nice marble-lined floors. An Ayurvedic spa is located on site along with a great lap pool. The international dining menu also makes for an enjoyable experience.

The River House

Balapitiya is home to the River House, a minimalist luxury hotel that is secluded right in the middle of some of the most beautiful green spaces around. The rooms are heavily inspired by the hotel’s origins as a private home. In fact, people can book a Balinese massage or a mani-pedi in their rooms if desired. The restaurant on site also focuses heavily on locally prepared foods with fresh seafood from nearby waters available every day.

Ulagalla Resort

Those aiming to travel to the Cultural Triangle will enjoy staying at the Ulagalla Resort. The twenty rooms here include one suite. The open-air spa features many treatments with the Royal Body Ritual being the most famous. It features a herbal foot bath, a forehead massage, a back scrub and a full body massage. The hotel itself is located near some wild animal habitats. So it is strongly recommended that guests bring their own binoculars to see what is out there.

Jungle Beach Resort

Enjoy the beaches of Trincomalee at the Jungle Beach Resort. The castaway villas are located right on the beachside. The villas and walkways are lined with tall bamboo plants. The restaurant focuses on locally prepared seafood and includes an extensive assortment of great meals. The open bar nearby is especially relaxing as it is situated right along the beachside for a memorable experience.


The south-west coast of Sri Lanka has another appealing luxury hotel in Tri, a hotel in the Galle region. The hotel is popular for offering free boat trips to the nearby Cinnamon Island. Out here, people can visit the many cinnamon farms on the island. And learn how it is grown and harvested and eventually made ready for use. The infinity pool is right on the edge of the lake. The amazing spa here is home to some appealing treatments. Some activity classes are offered at Tri including ones on climbing trees with the support of a rope.

Cape Weligama

Cape Weligama is also located in the Galle region. It is on the sunset coast where amazing shots of the sun can be seen every day. The Thai-inspired villas are made with a modern approach to luxury. While still retaining the classic design features of traditional huts. The spa is known for its organic spice scrubs that treat clients with all sorts of great treatment options.

The Kandy House

The tea-friendly region of Kandy is home to the Kandy House. The last of the luxury hotels to read about here. An old manor hour dating back to the early nineteenth century. It features rooms designed with some beautiful locally-produced furniture and fabrics. It is also located near many of the important temples around Kandy. And is even not too far off from a few golf courses for the more active guests.

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