10 Best Homestays In Gokarna For A Blissful 2021 Staycation

10 Best Homestays In Gokarna For A Blissful 2021 Staycation
Homestays In Gokarna

Homestays In Gokarna: Gokarna is a quaint city on the Arabian Sea in the state of Karnataka. This place is also a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus as it has many holy sites. In addition, it is also known for offering pristine beaches. Now you know that Goa is not the only beach vacation spot. Travel to Gokarna to see how Goa used to be in its untouched form. And to enhance your experience, stay on one of these Homestays in Gokarna. They provide the best service at some amazing rates.

10 Best Homestays in Gokarna

It is easy to be confused with the available options, each better than the other. So here is a list of some Best gharan in gokarna You will want to check before booking your stay:

Homestays In Gokarna- Shanti dham
Homestays In Gokarna

1. Shanti Dham

Shanti Dham is a rustic guest house for nature lovers. This place is only 5 minutes away from OM Beach and thus it joins the list. Gokarna’s house near the beach. One can probably spot many eagles and even dolphins! It comes in an in-house cafe that offers ocean views. The cafe has both Indian and Western food in its menu. A one-bedroom cottage can seat three guests at a time. It is ideal for couples who are looking for privacy in a good location. Visitors refer to the host’s pleasant behavior and great views.

Features: In house cafe, parking with extra charge, laptop friendly
Workspace, Hot Water, Ocean View
place: Donibel (Om Beach), near Namaste Cafe
Face value: INR 2,100 per night

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2. Anaria Beach Front

As the name suggests, Anaria Beach is the front Gokarna Beach Homestay. It is surrounded by coconut trees on the Ria coast. The homestay comes in the form of seven lovely cottages that are spacious and can comfortably accommodate four guests. The host arranges a meal with some additional fees. Individual bonuses can also be arranged by caretakers. If you are tired of city life and want to rejuvenate yourself with some beach air and clear water from the sea, this place is exactly what you want.

Features: Front of beach, hot water on request, bonfire arrangement,
Laptop friendly workplace, food with extra charge
place: Yours faithfully
Face value: INR 2,499 per night

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3. Mandla Village

Situated just 200 meters from Kudale beach, Mandla is included in the village list Gokarna’s house near Kudal Beach. The place is surrounded by greenery all around, with hosts calling it a homestay to encourage minimalism and digital detox, so that means the place does not offer free WiFi. The host is easily accessible and is very useful in relation to local suggestions and contacts. On a budget, Mandla village has a lot on the plate.

Features: Free parking on campus, private entrance, 1.5 km from Om
Sea shore
place: Kudle Beach Road
Face value: INR 1,099 per night

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4. Sandy Shore Beach

The property is situated on a beach below a foothill. Every room in the stay offers a view of the beach. If lucky, one can see one of the 10 peacocks who live on the hills. One thing that attracts tourists is the white sand beach, which shows the fluorescent glowing colors in the water on a moonlit night, due to the presence of bioluminescent algae each time the water is disturbed.

Features: Arrangements for beach activities, beach scenes, indoor
Fireplace, free wifi, free parking on campus
place: Nirvana Beach, Birkodi
Face value: INR 1,640 per night

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5. Green Ground

At a distance of 1.5 km from the city center, Green Field is surrounded by mountains on the beach back and forth. Rudrapada beach is walking distance from the location. The stay has spacious rooms with some modern amenities. The villa can accommodate more than 16 guests at once. Guests can access the garden and terrace. Food is also served to guests.

Features: Indoor fireplace, laptop friendly work space, free wifi, fully
Equipped kitchen, free parking
place: Near Rudrapada Temple Cross, Bhavikodala Road
Face value: INR 1,800 per night

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6. Villa Casurina

The villa is located on 1.5 acres of Kasuarina, which is just for the guests. The two-bedroom house is ideal for four guests, but can be expanded to six guests. There is a living room, kitchen and veranda for the guests. Konkan style architecture can be seen in the living quarters. The place is just five minutes away from the Durbansea beach. Campfires can be arranged by the host.

Features: Free wifi, free parking on campus, complimentary
Breakfast, Kitchen, Smoke Detector
place: Gallicoppa, Bhavikodala
Face value: INR 2,025 per night

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7. Halfway Home

The homestay is basically tents at the campsite under the trees. However, tents come with all basic requirements such as fans or charging points. The place has an organic veg restaurant. This can be the perfect place to go camping without compromising your day to day needs.
Features: Indoor fireplace, free wifi, free parking, campus, hot
Water, private entrance, in house library, board games arrangement
Guided tour on request
place: Kudle Beach Road, Dandebagh
Face value: INR 1,850 per night

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8. Hotel Shivprasad

The Garden View Room serves as a cheap homestay in Gokarna with a peaceful atmosphere. The property is located 200 meters from Kudale Beach and 1.5 km from Om Beach. The house is surrounded by paddy fields and one can spend time watching seasonal work on them.

Features: Free parking on campus, private living room, garden view
place: Ajjihal road
Face value: INR 740 per night

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9. JD Homestay

Located a few minutes from the beaches and natural landscape. Homestay is a registered institution with the Karnataka Tourism Department. Food can be provided if pre-ordered. It is a great place for tourists who are nature lovers.

Features: Hot water, free wifi, laptop friendly work space,
Complimentary breakfast, fully equipped kitchen, private entrance,
Garden area
place: Kagal
Face value: INR 1,500 per night

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10. Sumna

Between Honnavar and Kumta, five huts are located in the forests of the Western Ghats. Those cottages can accommodate about 30-35 guests and each room is large enough for 6-8 guests. This place offers Ayurveda treatment, relaxation therapy and specialized councilors. They also have a private stream with a check dam where you can relax in the summer. The host serves with tasty house food.
Features: Free parking on campus, complimentary breakfast, private
The stream
place: Near Sri Birdeva Temple, Shiroor Road
Face value: INR 2,499 per night

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Gokarna is a place of beautiful beaches. It would be a good idea to choose to stay close to one of the beaches. so what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Karnataka to be blissful.

Frequently asked questions about homestays in Gokarna

Q. What are the activities to proceed in Gokarna?

a. Some of the interesting activities that most tourists visiting Gokarna do are beach trekking, yoga the beach, water sports and photography. While staying in Gokarna, you should also treat yourself for Kerala Ayurvedic body massage.

Q. What are the places to visit in Gokarna?

a. Gokarna is home to beautiful beaches as well as old temples. Tourists can plan a trip to Kudale Beach, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Murudeshwar Temple, Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach.

Q. What is the best time to visit Gokarna?

a. The best time to visit Gokarna is from October to March. The weather is hot and very pleasant during these months with an average temperature of 32 ° C. And if you plan to watch the festival, book your tickets in the month of February or March to defeat Gokarna for Mahashivaratri.

Q. What to buy from Gokarna?

a. As the city unfolds as a temple city, the best buyers will be: brass lamps, prayer beads, pictures of gods and deities, incense sticks and other religious items. In addition, the beach town in its street stalls also sells some decorative items and jewelry made from sea shells.

Q. How far is Goa from Goa?

a. The distance from Goa to Gokarna by road is 147 km while the distance by rail is 87 km. There are two direct from Gokarna to Goa. The fastest train makes it a journey of 1 hour 6 minutes.

Q. There are some best romantic homestays for couples

a. Shanti Dham, Sandy Shore Beechstay and Paro House make it an ideal homestay for couples who offer beautiful views as well as privacy.

Q. Gokarna has the best beach houses?

a. The list of best beach houses in Gokarna includes Sandy Shore Beachstay and Anaria Beachfront. Both homestays assure the best service and memorable stay.

Q. Which dishes to try in Gokarna?

a. The beaches of Gokarna are lined with small restaurants that offer all types of Mexican, Israeli, English breakfast, Indian etc. Pineapple juice and Nutella pancakes are definitely worth a try. Try the local cuisine of Karnataka and an authentic Thali.

Q. What is the climate of Gokarna?

a. Gokarna has a tropical climate. Most months of the year receive significant rainfall. The average rainfall is 3649 mm and the average annual temperature is 27.1 ° C.

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