Best Getaways From New Delhi For A Memorable New Year’s Eve

Best Getaways From New Delhi For A Memorable New Year's Eve

Wilderness, timeless streets, and the historical forts & temples – New Delhi lies in the rich heart of the winter tourist attractions of India. A long list of wondrous natural bounties make up for great holiday destinations, but the marvellous best getaways from New Delhi for a memorable New Year’s eve takes you on a ride through the wilderness, culture, history, and spiritualism of India.

So, while you plan a weekend family getaway or simply a vacay with your loved ones from New Delhi, here are the best getaways from New Delhi for a memorable New Year’s eve!

Pratapgarh farms

If you are looking for places near Delhi within 100 km in the winters for a quick getaway, then plan an excursion to Pratapgarh Farms. The rustic settings of the farm will make you forget about the hustle-bustle of the city and provide you with a fun traditional experience. The winter season kind of makes it one of the best places for a day outing as you can enjoy the sun. It is the best getaway from New Delhi for a memorable New Year’s eve.



Surajkund is a village near an artificial lake of the same name, built with a semi-circular amphitheatre-shaped embankment in the backdrops of the Aravalli hills. Its proximity to the national capital makes it one of the best weekend family getaways from Delhi. While there’s a lot to see there, you can simply grab your earphones, take a seat in the nook, and enjoy the calmness.


Located at the heart of the Golden Triangle, the hill-top fort is indeed one of the top places to visit near Delhi in the New year. Perched on top of the hill, the fort is also a prime wedding and romantic destination. If you’re looking for a love-filled picnic spot near Delhi during new year.


Orchha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its historic temples and relics. Every site in Orchha is worthy of putting up on your Instagram. The city is located by the banks of River Betwa in Madhya Pradesh. So, you can enjoy a quaint boat ride on the waters. There is even a wildlife sanctuary where you can take a wildlife safari. It is so easy to reach Orchha from Delhi. Just take a train till Jhansi and hire a taxi or an auto for Orchha.

Jim Corbett Park

One of the most famous and best national parks in India, Jim Corbett Park is a lovely place for a refreshing escape near Delhi. Even if you are not someone who wishes to go for jungle safari, a relaxing stay in the comfiest resorts in Jim Corbett Park will rejuvenate you from within. All you need is a weekend to explore this place!


Besides being an integral part of the epic of Mahabharta which has also been made into multiple television series over some time, this place is not very far off from Delhi, being only at a distance of a mere 155 kilometre. Known for having various temples on board, this place is also famed for supporting a diverse range of wildlife and you surely can spot many species in the wildlife sanctuary located here.


The City Beautiful – Chandigarh – has been coveted as the happiest city in India. Its charming beauty and brilliant architecture make it one of the best new year destinations near Delhi. Just a road trip away, it has become a popular getaway spot for every type of traveller. So, if you still haven’t been here, you must visit it soon.


The Adventure Capital of India, Rishikesh is best visited during New Year. The moderate climatic conditions, make it easy for the visitors to indulge in various adventure activities such as bungee jumping, cliff jumping, flying fox, and river rafting in Rishikesh. Nights and evenings are however cold, so don’t forget to carry woollens. This chilly weather calls for a bonfire while stargazing, making Rishikesh the best getaways from New Delhi for a memorable New Year’s eve.


The undying symbol of love, Taj Mahal continues to be the pick of both Indian and foreigner tourists. Built by the Mughal emperors on the banks of the river Yamuna, Agra continues to be on the top among the best getaways from New Delhi for a memorable New Year’s eve. you can for sightseeing or shopping in the local market and end the day with Agra’s famous cuisines.

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