Visiting Beirut In January Will Make Your New Year Uniquely Special

Beirut is the largest city and capital of Lebanon. This place has a lot to offer to the tourists. It is a fast-paced city with fashionable and friendly people. You'll find some amazing museums, experience energetic nightlife, and have the chance to eat at some of the best restaurants you can visit during your time in Beirut. the city is known It is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back approximately five thousand years.

The month of January is one of the popular months for holidays in this city. The climate is suitable for most people. However, if you want to travel beirut in januaryYou have to be prepared to experience snowfall and rain.

11 things to do in Beirut in January 2024

The weather in Beirut in January is as pleasant as can be and if you feel like you can't do much at this time, don't worry. Check out this list we have prepared of things you can enjoy when you visit Beirut in January.

  • Cornish: truly breathtaking
  • Beirut Old City Walk: for an interesting journey
  • shopping: must go
  • Visit the American University of Beirut: a popular tourist destination
  • Robert Mouawad Museum: Find cherished artifactsS
  • Visit Jeeta Grotto: a natural limestone cave
  • Al-Ameen Mosque: an ancient architecture
  • Baalbek: Relive your entire journey
  • Star Plaza: Experience culture and traditions
  • Meme Museum: for an attractive display
  • Gemmezeh Street: For a vibrant nightlife

1. Corniche: Truly Breathtaking


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It is often considered important to take a long walk on holidays. In Beirut you should go for a long walk in the Corniche. The view of the city that you get here is truly fascinating. If you do not want to walk here, you will also get the facility to rent a bicycle. The area is very airy and you will definitely feel peaceful here.

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2. Beirut Old City Walk: For an interesting visit

Beirut Old City WalkBeirut Old City Walk

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Knowing the history of a place makes a trip more interesting and worth cherishing. The ancient areas of Beirut are a must visit for all those who have some knowledge of history and its importance. You can choose from several organized guided tours to tour the city. It's a great way to get to know a city from a local's perspective.

3. Shopping: Must Visit


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Beirut's five-thousand-year-old trading center, the Beirut Souks, is a must-visit for all shoppers. This place has a range of products, from high end to small trinkets and baubles, you will find plenty of things to take back home here. The advantage of visiting this place in January is that the Souks will be a little less crowded than usual, so you can shop to your heart's content in peace and quiet in Beirut.

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4. Visit the American University of Beirut: A popular tourist destination

Visit the American University of BeirutVisit the American University of Beirut

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Built by American missionaries in the 1860s, the American University of Beirut is one of the popular tourist destinations. There are galleries and museums at this place where you can visit to attend various events in Beirut in January. The university is situated on a hill that faces the Mediterranean Sea and borders Bliss Street. The 61-acre campus has 64 buildings, seven hostels and various libraries.

5. Robert Mouawad Museum: Discover Precious Artefacts

Robert Mouawad MuseumRobert Mouawad Museum

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Filled with historical sites, Beirut has plenty of museums to visit. You will find many artefacts such as ceramics, carpets, antiquities and furniture. The Robert Mouawad Museum was previously a private residence that later became a museum by Robert Mouawad, a Lebanese businessman. It was built in 1911 in neo-Gothic motifs by the Lebanese politician and art collector Henry Philippe Pharaoh.

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6. Visit Jita Grotto: A Natural Limestone Cave

Visit Jeeta GrottoVisit Jeeta Grotto

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We often read about the wonders of the world and are amazed at how amazing these creations are. Jeeta Grotto is a place you must visit. It is a natural limestone cave. The caves are home to many stalagmites and stalactites. It is often called the pride of Lebanon. This beautiful cave has fans all over the world and it is more than one million years old.

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7. Al-Amin Mosque: An ancient architecture

Al-Ameen MosqueAl-Ameen Mosque

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The beauty of Beirut lies in its architecture. An architecture that is quite old and has fans all over the world. Beirut is so beautiful that it's no wonder it's called the Paris of the Middle East. And this Paris of the Middle East is full of architectural wonders. Mosques are one of the popular places to visit in Beirut, and Al-Amin Mosque is one such mosque that you must visit.

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8. Baalbek: Relive your perfect trip


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There's nothing better than a long drive in nice weather. Road trips are always fun and a great way to relive the entire trip. So if you're in the mood for a road trip, you might want to visit Baalbek. Baalbek is a temple complex, and looks surreal. Just a three-hour drive from Beirut, this place amazes everyone with its amazing creations. It is probably one of the most magnificent sites built by the Phoenicians and Romans. The temple remains open throughout the day.

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9. Place de l'Etoile: Experience culture and traditions

Star PlazaStar Plaza

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It is said that the best way to experience a place is to know its culture and traditions. And when you are vacationing in Beirut, and you want to immerse yourself in the culture, you must visit the Place de l'Etoile which is located in downtown Beirut. The place is full of cafes and you will get to experience a vibrant street life. The best thing about this place is that the entire architecture is made of stone and marble. And for all those who love bird watching, you can see a large proportion of pigeons here.

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10. Meme Museum: For an eye-catching display

Meme MuseumMeme Museum

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Whenever we think of museums we imagine a room full of ancient artefacts. But as we told you, Beirut has something different to offer you. Mim Museum is a museum and a private collection of minerals. The minerals on display look exotic and at the same time mesmerizing. This is a wonderful display of how wonderful our nature is. Apart from the aesthetic aspects, you get to learn a lot from this museum. It's not often we experience something like this. So it is a must see on your trip to Beirut.

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11. Gemmezeh Street: For a vibrant nightlife

Gemmezeh StreetGemmezeh Street

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Beirut's nightlife is quite popular. And to experience nightlife, Gemmezeh Street is a great option. The road is always bustling with crowd. Here you will find many bars and pubs where you can spend some time. While you're on Gemmezeh Street, keep an eye out for some stairs that have themed graffiti. This place is one of the best Beirut restaurants and is great for clicking some amazing photos.

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As you may have realized by now, Beirut is a beautiful place with lots of things to see. Still, since January is off season, you may find some places not as enjoyable this month as they are during the season. However, celebrate your New Year trip to beirut Can't be a bad idea. So, pack your bags and get ready to have a great time in Beirut in January!

FAQs about Beirut in January

Q. Does it snow in Beirut in January?

One. There is snowfall in some parts of Beirut in January, for example, the highest resort in Beirut called The Cedars has the best snowfall and turns into a beautiful winter wonderland. However, it is located a little away from the city. There have been many snowfalls inside the city of Beirut in the past, but since Beirut is a coastal city the snow will melt within a day.

Q. How cold does it get in Lebanon in January?

One. It's not really very cold in Lebanon in the month of January. Lebanon is usually cloudy and it often rains. The temperature during this period usually remains between 52°F to 86°F on average. But despite the rain, there are plenty of things to do in Beirut during this season.

Q. What should I wear in Lebanon in January?

One. The first thing people should remember about dress ethics in Lebanon is that you have to dress conservatively here. No matter what you wear, your legs and shoulders (for both men and women) should be covered. Also, make sure you pack the following essentials for your trip to Lebanon in January:

1. A light jacket
2. Comfortable hiking shoes with socks
3. Raincoat and umbrella
4. Insect Repellent
5. Scarves or stoles

Q. What is the best time to visit Beirut?

One. The summer months from July to September are the most ideal months to visit Beirut and explore all that it has to offer. However, since this is the peak month, you will find a lot of crowd here during this time. But if you want to avoid those constant crowds and also enjoy the pleasant weather of Beirut, then you must visit here during the spring season which starts in April and lasts till May.

Q. What is there to do in Beirut in January?

One. There is a lot to do in Beirut during the winter season. You can stroll along the Corniche, go on the Beirut Old City Walk Tour, go shopping, visit the American University of Beirut, explore the artefacts of the Robert Mouawad Museum, head to the Jeita Grotto You can pay your respects at the Al-Amin Mosque, discover the history of Baalbek, and visit Beirut's various beaches in January.

Q. Is Beirut humid?

One. Beirut is a bit humid in January as it rains a lot during this month. However, with frequent rainfall there are rarely any storms and you will find calm and cool breezes in this city even in this humid season.

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