6 Most beautiful boating destinations in India

Boating destinations in India, 6 Most beautiful boating destinations in India
Boating Destination, Dal Lake, Srinagar

6 Most beautiful boating destinations in India

Boating destinations in India: There is nothing more pleasing than enjoying a boat ride. To wade along the water and take in the beauty of nature is absolutely priceless. There are many lakes in India where you can head to enjoy such a ride, whether you’re new to boating or a boating aficionado. Holiday Travellers encourage you to flock to these beautiful boating destinations in India.

Let us start the read all about famous and most visited Boating destinations in India:

Dal Lake Srinagar

        Dal Lake Srinagar is one of the most popular lakes in India. It is also known as Srinagar’s Jewel. It is the second largest lake in the valley of Kashmir. The shikaras are an experience. Everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. The houseboat at the Dal Lake takes tourist around on smooth rides around the lake. The view of the sunset is awesome during the boat ride.

Boating destinations in India, 6 Most beautiful boating destinations in India
Boating Destinations, Dal Lake, Srinagar

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

      The Nakki Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Mount Abu. It is the largest artificial lake in the country. It is the first human made lake which is believed to be 11000 meters deep and quarter of a mile wide. There is a boating facility at the Nakki Lake which gives visitors a great chance to enjoy the serene view of the lake .The view of the lake is like a beautiful portrait with the water shimmering in the backdrop of the hills. There are numerous eateries in the area where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal after the pleasant boat ride.

Marble Rock Boating, Jabalpur

      Boating among the Marble Rocks in Jabalpur is really amazing while the water shimmers in the dark. The marble rocks at Bhedaghat rises high up to a 30 meter of level on either side of the River Narmada. The sunlight shines on these marble white rocks and casts shadows on the serene waters. The marble rock boating area is breathtaking with the subtle hues and colours of rocks and stone. You can rent a rowboat or a motorboat and go on a guided tour of the river. On your way back be sure to buy some marble souvenirs from the art and craft shops in the market area.

Bhimtal, Nainital

     Bhimtal Nainital: Bhimtal Lake in the Bhimtal town is among the most famous lakes in India. There is an island in the middle of the lake which is an aquarium that attracts visitors.  The only way to reach the island is via boat. Visit the aquarium which has a variety of species that will leave you amazed. The clear water, a paradise for nature lovers and photo fanatics, the surrounding of the lake are well maintained with eateries offering local delicacies in the area. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic tranquillity on a boat ride around the lake.

Backwater, Kerala

     Backwater, Kerala the most popular location for Indians as well as foreigners. Kerala Backwaters is famous for their pristine natural beauty, the restaurants lining the shore and the feel of boat rides. You can go on one day trios where you can explore marine life and relax or stay on a house boat and experience the complete lifestyle.

Chilka Lake, Bay of Bengal

     The Chilka Lake in Bay of Bengal is a hidden picturesque destination for a soothing cruise vacation in India. It is a popular spot amongst birdwatcher, where the migratory birds like herons, falcons and spot billed pelicans are spotted. Make a stopover at Rajahamsa Beach where you can also spot dolphins.

     While boating lightens up the mood by offering a uniquely delightful experience, it is also a form of a lesson for the tourist to learn and care for nature. It brings forth the historical elements of the water bodies that might not be commonly known. Boating in all senses sets up the right mood for a romantic holiday where you let go of your worries and collect some unforgettable memories.

Sl NoPlaceLocation
1Chilka Lake, Bay of BengalBay of Bengal, West Bengal
2Backwater, KeralaBackwater, Kerala
3Bhimtal, NainitalUttarakhand
4Marble Rock Boating, JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
5Nakki Lake, Mount AbuRajasthan
6Dal Lake SrinagarJammu & Kashmir
Boating destinations in India, 6 Most beautiful boating destinations in India

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