8 Beaches Near London For An Ultra-Rejuvenating Trip

London is a destination of palaces, museums, art galleries and cozy cafes making it an ideal tourist destination. Although England’s capital city is not known for its beaches, there are a number of coastal spots you can visit if you’re keen to spend some time at the beach. most of Beach near London Such as Whitstable West, Brighton Beach, Camber Sands etc. are just an hour’s drive from the city. All you need to do is grab your Crocs, slather on some sunscreen, and pull out your most beachy attire from your closet. Fresh salty sea air, untamed waves and serene views of nature are waiting for you to escape the chaos of the city!

Top 8 Beaches Near London

Get ready for a coastal trip to discover some of the best beaches near London that would make for a perfect day trip or weekend getaway.

1. Camber Sands, East Sussex

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Located near the town of Rye in East Sussex, Camber Sands is popular for its stunning natural attractions, extensive sand dunes and wide expanses of golden sand. The fine golden sand is perfect for sunbathing, playing on the beach and building sandcastles.

The beach offers a variety of activities including swimming, kite surfing, windsurfing and beach volleyball. Additionally, the nearby Rye Harbor Nature Reserve is a great place for bird watching and exploring the local flora and fauna.

Distance from London: 140.6 km

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2. Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

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Located in Dorset on the south coast, Bournemouth Beach is one of the best beaches near London for families. With an approximately 11 km long golden sandy coastline, this beach is an ideal place for sunbathing, having a picnic or building sand castles.

Additionally, the beach is a haven for water sports enthusiasts as they can indulge in activities like windsurfing, paddleboarding and jet-skiing. Adjacent to the beach is the Lower Garden, a stunningly beautiful park with flowers, trees and walking paths.

Distance from London: 173.6 km

3. Brighton Beach, Sussex

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Brighton Beach, with its pebbly shores and lively atmosphere, is a quintessential British seaside destination in Sussex. The beach area is home to many bars, cafes and restaurants serving a variety of cuisine. If you want to indulge in some adventure, be sure to try windsurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Equipment rentals and lessons are often available.

In addition, the beach often hosts various events and festivals, including beachside concerts, outdoor film screenings, and more. If you want to explore beaches near London by bus, then Brighton Beach might be the best option for you as it is just 86 km from London.

Distance from London: 86 km

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4. West Wittering Beach, West Sussex

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West Wittering Beach is a great destination for those who want a natural, untouched beach experience in southern England. Whether you’re into water sports, enjoying the scenery, or simply relaxing by the sea, it offers a range of experiences for all types of beach goers.

The wide expanse of golden sand, dunes and clear blue waters provide a visual delight to the visitors. Furthermore, it is equipped with facilities such as parking areas, public toilets, cafes and shops to provide maximum comfort to the visitors.

Distance from London: 140 km

5. Whitstable Beach, Kent

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Whitstable Beach is a charming English seaside destination, attracting both tourists and locals with its picturesque beach huts, delicious seafood and laid-back atmosphere. It is mainly a pebble beach, which gives it a distinctive character.

Additionally, it also boasts a long history of oyster fishing, and the town is famous for its oysters. You can often see traditional oyster fishing boats, known as “oyster yawls”, along the coast. If you’re planning a fun beach vacation near London, include Whitstable Beach in your itinerary.

Distance from London: 96 km

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6. Hastings Beach, East Sussex

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Hastings Beach is a famous seaside destination located in Hastings, East Sussex. This pebble beach has a picturesque seashore where visitors can take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the ocean views.

One of the key features of Hastings Beach is the Hastings Pier, which extends out to sea and provides a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the coastal views. Furthermore, the beach allows water sports enthusiasts to partake in exciting activities like canoe sailing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding and windsurfing.

Distance from London: 112 km

7. Margate Beach, Kent

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Margate Beach is a popular seaside resort located in the town of Margate on the east coast of Kent. This beach boasts a long stretch of sandy beach, making it ideal for sunbathing, picnicking, building sand castles and playing beach games.

While visiting here, you can also take out some time for the nearby amusement park called Dreamland, which features vintage rides, roller coasters, arcade games and entertainment. If you are looking for sandy beaches near London to enjoy with your family, partner or friends, Margate Beach is a perfect choice.

Distance from London: 120.5 km

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8. Clymping Beach, West Sussex

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Climping Beach is a charming stretch of coastline located in West Sussex. This beach mesmerizes travelers and locals with its sandy shores, natural landscape and serene atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes and is part of a nature reserve.

These mounds are important to the local flora and fauna and are often used for bird watching and nature walks. Since the beach sees a limited influx of visitors, it is an ideal choice for those seeking some quiet moments amid natural surroundings.

Distance from London: 110 km

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To make the most of your trip to London, head to tropical beaches that provide a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re in the mood for pebbles, sand, or a taste of seaside culture, these beaches near London have something to offer every traveller. So, grab your sun hat and swimming trunks, hop on the train, and enjoy the beauty of the British coastline on your next adventure.

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FAQs about beaches near London

What are some of the best beaches near London?

Here are some attractive beaches near London where you can visit with your loved ones:
1. Camber Sand
2. white stable
3.Brighton Beach
4. West Wittering Beach
5. Southend-on-Sea
6. Durdle Door Beach

How far is Brighton Beach from London?

Brighton Beach is approximately 131 km from London. To reach the beach you can either board a bus, hire a taxi, or opt for a train journey.

What are the best beaches near London by train?

Here are some beaches near London that you can reach by train:
2. Margate
3. Ruislip Lido Beach
4. Southend-on-Sea
5. white stable

What are the best water activities to try at beaches near London?

Surfing, sea boat cruises, shore excursions, paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing and canoeing are some of the water adventures you can enjoy on the beaches near London.

Which is the hottest month in London?

June and July are the hottest months in London with temperatures ranging between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius. During these months, you can enjoy a beach holiday near London.

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