Bathinda Fort: The Place Where Razia Sultan Was Held Captive

Bathinda Fort, popularly known as Qila Mubarak, is not only a centuries-old fort but also an iconic structure of the city. Built centuries ago, this fort is of national importance and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

A visit to the historical fort will take you down memory lane. This place has been around for centuries and has seen many rulers in its time. It was also the place where Queen Razia Sultan of Delhi was kept as a prisoner after her dethroning. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest standing forts in India. This is why it is important.

Information about Bathinda Fort

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Place: 4144, Kila Road, Old City, Bathinda, Punjab 151001
Height: 30 meters
Made in: sixth century

Best time to visit Bathinda Fort

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Bathinda is located in the Punjab region. Therefore, summers are usually hot, hence one should avoid visiting Bathinda Fort. If you really want to enjoy the architecture and views of Bathinda Fort, you should visit between October and March. This is the time when the weather is mild and pleasant and the vegetation is in full bloom. Monsoons should be avoided as they are unpredictable.

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History of Bathinda Fort

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Here are some facts about the Old Fort of Bathinda

  • It was built during 90-110 AD by Raja Dab who was the ancestor of Vena Pal. It was built by King Kanishka to stop the attack of Emperor Huns.
  • Razia Sultan, the first empress of Delhi, was imprisoned in Qila Mubarak or as we know it, Bathinda Fort.
  • It is believed that this 1400 year old fort was once the residence of Bathinda Fort.
  • When Babbar came to India, four of the cannons he brought with him are kept inside this fort.
  • What makes this fort so special is that it is the oldest fort in India.
  • The bricks that were used to build this fort date back to the Kushan period, when Kanishka ruled northern India.

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Bathinda Fort Architecture

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There are 36 turrets inside the fort and it is approximately 118 feet high. There is also a Gurudwara inside the fort. Feel free to check it out. There are many more things for you to see inside the fort. It is one of the most photogenic sites. So, bring your DSLR. Many photographers come to this place to test their photography skills.

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How to reach Bathinda Fort?

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Bathinda Fort is located in the center of the city so it can be easily reached by auto or car. There are various modes of transport that you can use to reach Bathinda.

by plane
The nearest airport to Bathinda is Chandigarh which is 166 km away. The second nearest airport is at Amritsar which is 177 km away. Both these airports have frequent flights from Indian metropolitan cities. If not, you can take a connecting flight to Delhi.

by train
Train is by far the best way to reach Bathinda as you will find many trains connecting Bathinda to other parts of the country. This is because Bathinda is a big junction. New Delhi-Bathinda Intercity Express and Dadar-Amritsar Express are some of the trains that run between Delhi and Bathinda.

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If you are planning a trip to Punjab, especially Bathinda, you must include Bathinda Fort in your itinerary. It is one of the best places to visit in this part of the city and you will learn a lot of things about its rich history.

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