Winter Is The Season For A Vacation! How About Visiting Bari In Winter?

Bari, located in the Apulia region of southern Italy, is known for its tremendous history and medieval architecture. This seaside port city in the east of southern Italy is a metropolis. Capital of the Puglia region which attracts many tourists due to its Roman history and ruins. Bari is a city that celebrates the culture, tradition, food and lifestyle of the Puglia region and is often compared to Tuscany. The city is filled with cathedrals, museums and art galleries making it worth visiting in any season of the year. turn in january It is no different when it comes to exploring the old city and enjoying their rich culture. This brief guide can help you plan a vacation on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

turn in january season

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From November to February, Bari remains cool but manageable with temperatures not falling below 1℃. However, one should expect a lot of rain during these months. Humidity is high and constant rain can spoil one’s mood, but afternoons are usually sunny, allowing one to enjoy the ocean. The average temperature during the day remains around 9℃ while at night it is recorded around 5℃. bari january weather 2023 The forecast shows that daytime temperatures can be expected to be around 12℃ and nighttime temperatures around 6℃.

How to reach Bari?

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The easiest way to reach Bari from India is to fly to Rome and then take a train to the metropolitan city in the south. Most of the major airlines like Air India and Qatar Airways have direct flights to Rome from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. From Rome, one can opt for the ideal train journey to Bari which takes around 4 to 5 hours. Alternatively, domestic airlines such as Ryanair and Alitalia fly regularly between the two cities. One can also reach Bari on a cruise from Greece.

things to do in bari

In winter the weather is not as harsh but remains wet due to constant rain. Here are some things you must try in Bari, especially in January.

  • Go to the beach: a quiet place
  • Witness the Pizzica dance: a beautiful art
  • Try some orecchiette: a delicious dish
  • Retail Therapy: Shop Unlimited

1. Go to the beach: A quiet place

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With the sun coming out there is an opportunity to indulge in water activities in the port city. The two beaches most visited by tourists are Lido San Francesco Beach and Sun Beach. The golden shores of the beach stretch for a long time, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy water sports or beach sports. There are many sun beds along the clear water. The beach also has many boutiques, cafés and restaurants serving delicious Puglia cuisine.

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2. Witness the Pizzica dance: a beautiful art

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Pizzica is a traditional folk dance that originated in the Salento peninsula. The dance style involves a couple performing a story or a poem about passionate love. Although this dance style is gradually dying out, one can still see it in the old town or in the Salento region. It is a blend of flamenco to salsa but with more passion and grace. Teatro Petruzelli is a famous and large grand theater in Bari that frequently hosts local and international shows and plays. While you’re in Bari, be sure to visit the theater to see the city’s artistic talent.

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3. Try some orecchiette: a delicious dish

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Stroll through the old town and women from southern Italy can be seen busy making pasta in the streets. Orecchiette is a type of pasta that resembles buttons and is popularly eaten with pork or seafood. Puglian cuisine includes orecchiette at every meal by combining it with meat or vegetables such as turnip tops, tomatoes and olives. This is a simple pasta dish that doesn’t have a lot of flavor but tastes best when paired with white wine.

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4. Retail Therapy: Shop Unlimited

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Via Sparano is a popular shopping street that starts at Aldo Moro University and ends at Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Not far from Bari Central Station, Via Sparano has all the high-end retail stores. From H&M to Armani and Pandora, one can find the latest fashion apparel and accessories on this street. There are several cafes and restaurants on the street as well as some souvenir shops nearby. It is a modern street for shopping, strolling and people watching.

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Places to visit in Bari in January

Bari in winter may not be ideal for beach holidays, however, afternoons are pleasant and you get the chance to go sightseeing:

  • Basilica di San Nicola: with wide religious significance
  • Norman-Swabian Castle: a dark symbol of power
  • Cathedral of San Sabino: home of the archbishop
  • Bari Old Town: an interesting place

1. Basilica di San Nicola: With extensive religious significance

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The most famous basilica in southern Italy, the Basilica di San Nicola was built in the 11th century to dedicate it to the life of Saint Nicholas. The basilica is known for its Roman architecture and magnificent interiors, which include many stunning sculptures and artworks around the cathedral. The crypt of the basilica contains the remains of St. Nicholas making it a pilgrimage site for many people in Europe. May is the ideal time to visit the Basilica as the city sees an honorary procession filled with fireworks, dancing and music.

2. Norman-Swabian Castle: A dark symbol of power

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The castle was built in the port city in the 11th century for the Norman King Roger II. The castle has repeatedly served as an effective defense structure during invasions by the Greeks, Ottomans and Arabs. It has also served as the residence of some of the most prominent dignitaries in history and thus still stands giving a panoramic view of the city and the sea. The palace grounds are usually open for public events and there is also a museum in the complex that is worth a visit.

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3. Cathedral of San Sabino: Home of the Archbishop

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Located just a short distance from the famous Basilica di San Nicola, the Cathedral of San Sabino is a perfect example of 13th-century Romanesque architecture. It is a beautiful church whose interior is made of pure white marble and colorful tapestries. The tomb of St. Columba as well as numerous sculptures and delicate silver vessels adorn the church. However, the exterior features gargoyles and other Gothic structures along the roof and walls. Considering the rainy season in Bari in January, visiting the cathedral allows one to stay dry and warm.

4. Bari Old Town: An Interesting Place

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The old town is filled with narrow cobblestone streets that provide an insight into the true culture and essence of Southern Italy. The Plaza Mercantile is a square located to the east of the old town that truly echoes the Mediterranean charm of the heart of a Norman city. It is a beautiful place to wander, enjoy gelato and watch the locals hard at work making pasta. Some people may also be lucky enough to see the street show and Pizzica dance here.

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This cosmopolitan city located on the Adriatic Sea coast does not disappoint anyone. Bari is full of tradition, culture and history that is worth experiencing at least once in one’s lifetime. This column largely covers what to do in Bari in January and serves as a guide through exploration. Plan your trip to Italy with TourTravelHotels and get information about the Puglia region.

FAQs about Bari in January

Q. What is Bari famous for?

One. Bari is the capital of the province of Bari and the Apulia (or, in Italian, Puglia) region, located on the Adriatic Sea in Italy. It is the second most important economic center of mainland southern Italy, after Naples, and is known as a port and university city, as well as the City of Saint Nicholas.

Q. What to do in turn?

One. There are so many amazing things to do in Bari, here is a list of the top 7 things to do:

1. Basilica of San Nicola.
2. Archaeological Museum of Santa Scolastica.
3. Feast of St. Nicholas.
4. Sukorpo Museum of the Cathedral.
5. Seafood Market.
6. Master Siccio.
7. Margherita Theater

Q. How safe is Bari Italy?

One. Bari is, for the most part, a safe city. However, crime persists in San Paolo, San Pio-Anzito and Fresca.

Q. What is the population of Bari Italy?

One. The population of Bari, Italy as recorded in the year 2017 is 3.24 lakh.

Q. Can you swim in Bari?

One. This is a small town beach. Nothing special but still worth using if you don’t want to drive far and be in a queue. The water is clear and the beach is not very dirty, considering that it is a city beach.

Q.What is Puglia famous for?

One. Salento in Puglia has gorgeous beaches, lush farmland, ornate churches and ancient ruins. It is also home to many of the foods that Italy is famous for!

Q. Where should I go to Bari?

One. You can enjoy delicious food by visiting these top restaurants in Bari:
1. Gargano.
2. Salento.
3. Eretria Valley.
4. Ostuni.
5. Toast.
6. Old town of Bari.
7. Polignano A Mare.
8. Albertobello.

Q. Are there beaches in Bari?

One. Bari Beach and Surrounding Seaside Resorts Just outside Bari are some of the most famous coastal towns: Polignano a Mare, hometown of Domenico Modugno, author of the famous Italian song “Volare”, and Monopoli, where sandy beaches and cliffs rise. Crystal turquoise water.

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