Whatever Your Pick May Be, Here’s All You Need To Know About Bali Vs Kerala!

Bali And Kerala Obviously these are the two most famous destinations that are frequently searched for especially by honeymooners. both of these also happen most visited destinations in Indonesia and India respectively.

better known as Land of the Gods and God’s own country, Bali vs Kerala always puts travelers in a dilemma when they have to choose between these two amazing destinations. Although hard to choose one The destination of these two is Bali vs Kerala Infographic Your confusion will end and you will be able to plan better for your next trip.

To keep an eye!

Bali vs Kerala Infographic

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FAQs for Bali vs Kerala Infographic

Which is a better honeymoon destination for Indians, Kerala or Bali?

Considering that Bali is the island of Gods and Kerala is God’s own country, it is difficult to say that one is better than the other for honeymoon. While both the destinations are blessed with gorgeous beaches and abundant nature.

How much does it cost to visit Bali?

If budget is your major concern while deciding between Bali vs Kerala, then don’t worry as you can easily enjoy a budget trip to the Indonesian island. All you have to do is eat like a local and plan your trip well in advance or at the right time. The average cost spent to visit Bali can vary from traveler to traveler. However, if you are traveling from India, you will spend around Rs 15000 on flights (round-trip) and an average of Rs 30000 on accommodation, experiences and other things for a 5-day trip.

Is Indian currency accepted in Bali?

Indian currency in Bali can only be exchanged for Indonesian Rupiah, which is the official currency of the island. Therefore, no traveler can pay with Indian currency anywhere in Bali.

Which is the largest city of Kerala?

Thiruvananthapuram is one of the largest cities in Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram, also known as Trivandrum, is the capital of the state and has an area of ​​approximately 214 km. Both Malayalam and English are spoken among the 9,57,730 residents in the city.

Is Bali cheap for Indians?

Bali is quite affordable for Indians as land there is very cheap. The remaining expenses completely depend on your experiences and personal activities.

Which places are good to visit in Kerala?

God’s own country is home to innumerable places of interest for tourists. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Munnar, Wayanad and Cochin are some of the good places in Kerala for a memorable yet adventurous holiday experience.

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