Here Are 5 Bahamas Cruise From Miami That Are Worth Every Penny

Bahamas is really a popular vacation spot and every tourist who wants to travel and have a nice vacation around the beaches should consider Bahamas. The place is filled with hundreds of beaches and water related activities that will keep you entertained the entire time you are here. We have mentioned 5 below Bahamas Cruise from Miami Which is quite popular among tourists.

Top 5 Bahamas Cruises from Miami

We’ve compiled a list of 5 popular Bahamas cruises from Miami, including useful information about their starting prices and ports of call. To keep an eye:

1. 3 Nights Bahamas Cruise

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They depart from Miami and do so frequently so you can check details via any of the websites. The tour starts on day one where you leave Miami and spend the day exploring the calm and beautiful scenery. On the second day you arrive at Nassau port and take your time to explore the place and have a great time. The third day is reserved for the great Stirrup Cay and finally the fourth day is for your return to Miami.

Face value: INR 18255/-
Port: Nassau and Great Stirrup

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2. 4 Nights Bahamas Cruise

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On the first day you depart from Miami on your majestic cruise and the next day you arrive in Freeport and have a few beers and explore the place. On the third day you travel to Nassau Port and on the fourth day you travel to Great Stirrup Cay. After spending good time in these beautiful places, on the last day you go back to Miami.

Face value: INR 16055/-
Port: Of Freeport, Nassau and Great Stirrup

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3. 4 Day Bahamas Cruise

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This is a 4 day cruise that you can choose from. This cruise is almost identical to the one above and is a really great getaway plan to the United States. On the first day of this cruise you will depart from Miami to arrive in Freeport the next day. Day 3 of the trip to Great Stirrup Cay and the last day to reach Nassau Harbor. The ship has an open bar which you can use to have a nice cocktail and look out at the majestic sea spread around you.

Face value: INR 16789/-
Port: Nassau, Freeport and Great Stirrup

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4. 3 Day Bahamas Cruise

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If you want to travel to the Bahamas in a luxurious way then this is the three-day cruise you can choose. They have two stops in this cruise where you can have a good time and the open bar on this cruise is another advantage and the fee is included in the ticket fee. Their two ports where they stop are Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau. This is a great vacation plan for the weekend.

Face value: INR 17522/-
Port: Nassau and Great Stirrup

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5. 4 Night Bahamian Cruise

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This cruise is by Disney Magic and it departs from Miami. This 4 night cruise is different from other cruises. This Disney cruise is a paradise for all the Disney fans as they have a dining room that is intriguingly themed. This is the best experience you can have while traveling through water from Miami to Bahamas. They stop near the cove so you can take some time to tan on the beach.

Face value: INR 52786/-
Port: Castaway Cay and Key West

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Recently, cruise is becoming a popular choice of old and young. The charm of spending holidays on a cruise is unmatched. These are some of the famous Bahamas cruises from Miami that you can choose for your trip to USA.

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