9 Hacks You Should Keep In Mind For Your Backpacking Trip To South Africa

Tourists call South Africa ‘Africa Lite’ because it is more developed than the rest of Africa. Backpackers absolutely love South Africa because they are so welcoming and friendly. A must visit for every traveler who loves nature and adventure sports Backpacking in South Africa At least once in their life. You will fall in love with this beautiful place, which is home to many animals and is known for its natural beauty.

9 Tips for Backpacking in South Africa

Backpacking in South Africa can be a lot of fun. But you have to be willing to make it worthwhile for some time. Here are some tips that backpackers can keep in mind when traveling to South Africa:

1. Rent a car

rent a car

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Public transport is a real issue in South Africa. Taxi drivers are not safe enough and they are also extremely rude and impolite. You can choose the bus and most tourists use Baz buses as they are the most frequent and convenient. Buses might be an option but these buses have their limitations. A private vehicle will help you in the long run as you can travel as per your convenience.

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2. Pack your trekking shoes

pack your trekking shoes

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Port St. Johns, Coffee Bay, Kolora and Morgan Bay are other popular towns that are along the Wild Coast and one must visit these towns as they are great for hiking. The Southern Drakensberg Mountains is a wonderful place where you can go for some great trekking experiences. The Wild Coast has some wild beaches and tropical coral reefs that you must visit when traveling around the coast.

3. Plan your budget

plan your budget

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Every traveler should plan a proper budget before leaving backpacking. If you don’t plan ahead of time, you may end up spending more than you intended. If you are coming from a place where the currency is strong then you do not need to worry too much because hotels, food and drinks will be cheaper for you. Some adventure sports and activities can be paid for using European or North American currency.

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4. Go outside the box

go outside the box

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There are many places to visit in Africa and not just the popular places, you can travel through dense forests or walk through various nature trails. Africa has its own beauty which you can see here and some parts of South Africa reflect the authentic African culture and you should visit these places so that you can understand the African culture in a better way.

5. View Cape Town from Table Mountain

View of Cape Town from Table Mountain

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A beautiful view of Table Mountain can also be seen from this hotel. One of the must do things here is to climb to the top of Table Mountain and get a view of Cape Town. The city had never looked so beautiful from above. The backpack is a place where you can stay; This is one of the oldest but finest hotels in Cape Town.

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6. Don’t skip the garden route

Don't skip the garden route

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A famous area of ​​South Africa that is loved by most tourists, the Garden Route is a must-visit place in this country. This place might remind you of a California beach. Some really charming towns near the Park Route are Wilderness, Knysna, Nature Valley and Storm River. A great and popular place for surfing is Plettenberg Bay. All these towns are easily accessible from the N2 highway.

7. Avoid walking on the streets at night

Avoid walking on the roads at night

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Crime rates in South Africa are high. Take the same precautions you would anywhere you are strangers. Avoid walking on the roads at night. Take a taxi instead. Do your research about the area before heading out and don’t just focus on stories from locals. Sometimes the locals may confuse you. Most crimes occur in secluded, unpolluted places so avoid those areas.

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8. Get insured

get insurance

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Even if you think nothing can go wrong with your planned trip to Africa, don’t take any risks. A proper insurance will help you in case of emergency. Make sure your insurance covers basic needs and medical expenses and theft. Don’t take any risks in a city where you are practically strangers. Get insurance and also get your valuables insured.

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9. Visit Durban for souvenirs

Visit Durban for souvenirs

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If you decide to stay in this city then a walking tour would be a better option as you would get to know more about the multicultural history of this place. The streets here are really great and you can explore the local markets. A large number of Indian population lives in this place as they were brought here by the British during the colonial period and there is also a museum dedicated to the great Mahatma Gandhi who was a famous leader in Indian history.

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You should consider backpacking in South Africa on your next solo trip to Africa. This will be an experience that you will cherish for the longest time in your life. Don’t forget to shop for the cutest trekking apparel. Be sure to let us know how your trip goes!

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