Note Down These Azerbaijan Travel Tips For A Smooth Getaway!

Known as the ‘Land of Fire’, Azerbaijan is all about colorful landscapes and dazzling 21st century architecture. The majestic image of the Caucasus Mountains mixed with the beauty of the oil-rich Capsian Sea is a sight to behold in Azerbaijan. Travelers come to this country to see these breathtaking views. But there are some important factors to keep in mind when traveling to Azerbaijan. If you were looking for tips then you have come to the right page because we have compiled a list of the top Azerbaijan Travel Tips This will ensure a pleasant holiday for all tourists.

Top 10 Azerbaijan Travel Tips

Take a look at this list of travel tips for Azerbaijan that you shouldn’t forget to include in your itinerary. Note them down or keep them in your mind to have a hassle-free holiday in the ‘Land of Fire’.

1. Get yourself registered

register yourself

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It is important to register yourself with the State Migration Service in Azerbaijan if you plan to spend more than 10 days in Azerbaijan. Usually, the hotels or hostels you have booked take care of this formality to avoid any inconvenience to their guests. Those planning to stay in Airbnb will have to complete this formality themselves. If you fail to do so, you may have to pay a heavy fine while going back to your country. Therefore, this is one of the most essential tips for visitors to Azerbaijan.

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2. Learn the language

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When traveling to a new country, it’s always important to learn some common phrases in the new language. The official language spoken in this country is Azeri which is a Turkish dialect. Luckily, you may find some locals speaking English, but this is rare so don’t get your hopes high. In rural areas, local people do not speak any of these languages. Instead, they have their own local language just like the people of Lahik village have their own local language.

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3. Dilemma regarding clothes

dilemma about clothes

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Although Azerbaijan identifies itself as a Muslim country, it is a secular country. Thus, you can pack and wear whatever you want while roaming the streets of this beautiful country. You can pack your shorts and tops to explore the metropolitan city, Baku. There are no strict rules regarding clothes to wear and everyone is free to wear what they like. However, it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing at religious places.

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4. Taxi Scams

taxi scams

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While traveling from the airport to your hotel or desired destination, it is advisable not to opt for taxis from outside the airport. They charge huge amounts of money from tourists so it is advisable to book Uber or Yandex taxis. There will be no problem in finding these taxis as they are easily available at reasonable prices.

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5. Local Transport

local transportation

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The best way to travel within Baku city is by metro as it is the cheapest and fastest way to travel. But if you are looking for a comfortable journey then you can opt for taxis. But it is very important to learn the skill of bargaining here because taxis charge passengers almost 10 times more than the original amount.

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6. Local food

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Due to the Muslim culture in Azerbaijan, the variety of local food is abundant. From saffron-flavoured pulao to garam kebabs, their local food is full of traditional flavours. Some other great dishes that you can try in street stalls and restaurants in Azerbaijan are kufta bobash, piti, dushabara, dovga, kutub and lavangi. A trip to Azerbaijan is incomplete without these dishes, so be sure to taste these delicious foods.

7. Do not litter

don't litter

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Well, you might not want to litter in Azerbaijani cities like Baku. While exploring the capital city, you will notice that the streets of Baku are spotless. There are rows of dustbins that people use regularly. Littering is considered taboo in Azerbaijan and if anyone is found littering, they are charged heavy fines.

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8. Carry your passport everywhere

Carry your passport everywhere

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According to government laws, foreigners must carry their passport when going out. Police in Azerbaijan stop tourists and make sure they have their identity card and passport. And if someone does not have a passport then he will have to pay a fine. Therefore, make sure to keep your passport and a photocopy of it with you at all times.

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9. Medical Kit

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Medical kit is a necessity while traveling to any place. It would be better that you always keep medicines for fever, cold, cough, headache and pain relievers with you. Also, if you are taking specific medicines, always carry them with you. In another country, you may not be able to get the same medicines prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, a medical kit is always helpful on any holiday.

10. Check the weather forecast

check weather forecast

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Before visiting any place, it is important to check the weather forecast of your destination. Checking the weather in advance can help you in many ways. For example, you can pack clothes according to the season. If it is rainy season, you can always carry an umbrella or raincoat with you. For summer you can pack your dresses and shorts and for winter you will need to pack an overcoat or sweater.

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If you want your trip to Azerbaijan to be hassle free then these travel tips will definitely help you. After booking your tickets, check the weather for the month you’re travelling, pack your medicines and don’t forget to include your identity proof. Keep these Azerbaijan travel tips handy and set out on your holidays to Azerbaijan with TourTravelHotels. You can also share your experience by leaving a comment below. Enjoy a lively and lively holiday!

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