Ayush Visa Soon For Those Seeking Traditional Treatments In

Ayush Visa Soon For Those Seeking Traditional Treatments In

The Government of India will introduce AYUSH Visa to bring traditional medicine and AYUSH products to the world for recognition. This visa will ease the way for foreign nationals coming to India to take advantage of AYUSH medicine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi talking about ‘Heal in India’, announced this on Wednesday in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Modi was addressing the Global AYUSH Investment and Innovation Summit.

The Prime Minister said that there is going to be a special AYUSH mark for the highest quality AYUSH products manufactured in India. This Ayush mark will be equipped with the provisions of modern technologies. This will give people all over the world some confidence in the quality of Indian AYUSH products. Also, Modi informed that the AYUSH system of medicine helped in increasing the tourism of Kerala. Ayush mark will be issued for the quality of products.

E-portal for farmers growing medicinal plants


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that farmers engaged in growing medicinal plants must get the facility to connect with the market easily. For this, the government is also working on modernization and expansion of the AYUSH e-marketplace. For this, a portal will be launched, which will connect farmers and companies making AYUSH products.

Unlimited potential for investment and creativity

The Prime Minister said that the potential for investment and creativity in the field of AYUSH is immense. Prior to 2014, there was work worth $3 billion in the AYUSH sector. Today it has crossed $18 billion. The demand for AYUSH products is increasing all over the world, it will increase further. He said that a golden era of startups in India has begun. In a way, India today is in the era of unicorns. In the year 2022 itself, so far 14 startups in India have joined the Unicorn Club. I am sure that very soon our Ayush startups will also emerge as unicorns.


These three steps will promote AYUSH

  • Foreigners coming to India for traditional medicine will be given a separate visa in the AYUSH category.
  • To promote AYUSH products across the country, the government will develop a system of AYUSH parks. This park will give a new direction to AYUSH product manufacturing.
  • Farmers growing medicinal plants and manufacturers of AYUSH products will be linked through the portal.

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