Get Ready To Have A Thrilling Holiday In Austria This Summer Season

To get relief from the heat, people mostly like to soak in a pleasant cool pool or simply go to some tropical place where there is a soothing breeze blowing everywhere and you can enjoy different things. Activities all around. But, how about the lush green valleys and snow-clad peaks? Austria during summer has the perfect weather for every traveller. With activities like paragliding, zip-lining, mountaineering, hiking, horse riding and more onboard, you’ll also get to see some spectacular views, especially the lakes in front and the alpine mountains behind. Are you liking it already?

Wait until you check out this guide and find out what it’s got Austria in summer To truly believe this paradise exists, you must explore for yourself!

Weather in Austria

Austrian scene

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If you want to experience a pleasant and warm weather in this soothing paradise, summer is the time! The months of May to September are less crowded and many things to do nearby, including hotels, are cheaper. However, it can also start raining occasionally in Austria. Therefore, it is always better to dress in layers and carry an umbrella in this season.

10 Best Places to Visit in Austria in Summer

While there are plenty of places to visit in this European country during summer, some of the best experiences for every kind of traveler are listed here!

1. Austrian National Library

Inside view of the library

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The Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, also known as the Austrian National Library, has been crowned as one of the major libraries in the world. Not only are there books as old as the 14th century, but you will be surprised to know that they have around 25 lakh books in their collection. It is a paradise for all bookworms, but there is also much more to enjoy such as maps, illustrations, prints and visitors can also enjoy music and theatre.

2. Starkenburger Beer Pool

glass of beer in austria

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All beer lovers, get ready to experience beer better than ever! As the name suggests, not only can you feel cool with beer, but you can also feel cool in the beer! So, tag your favorite friends and get this party started! Starkenburger Castle has 7 pools up to 13 feet deep, where 42,000 pints of beer will keep you relaxing longer than ever. Plus, who wants to give up the vitamins and calcium you get from this beer?

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3. Crystal World

theme park image in austria

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What better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of something as special as Swarovski? Well, this theme park is meant to do just that and visitors can enjoy a number of exhibits here, including the main ‘Chambers of the Woods’, which is nestled in a green hill and is fronted by a giant. There are several other rooms in this exhibit that contain many Swarovski crystals that will let you see more sparkle than ever before!

4. Green Lake

Austria's beautiful lake

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Imagine a lake where you can wander, sit and contemplate or go diving at a nearby spot? Well, this is the place to be! You can go diving near the guest house point around this lake and watching the fishes swimming in the lake will definitely be a fun experience. This is definitely the best place in Austria for summer holidays like you would have never imagined.

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5. Regersberg Castle

view of the castle from a distance

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With so many ancient legends associated with it, you will be amazed to know how many royal families have passed orders to rebuild this palace over a period of many years. What you see now was built during the 17th century under the rule of Baroness Catharina Elisabeth von Wexler. If one wants to listen closely, one can hear the echoes of many stories in this palace. This strategically built castle is definitely one of the reasons why you should visit Austria in the summer!

6. Aqua Dome Langenfeld

Natural pool for swimming and spa

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A famous paradise in Austria, known for its cross-country skiing facility, the Aqua Dome in Langenfeld has outdoor pools, which are also considered a mineral spa as per the laws, which you cannot miss while out and about in Austria. can not do! There are also three UFO-esque pools that will give you a unique swimming experience, which will make you feel light.

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7. Worthersee

Famous places in Austria

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They say that if you haven’t been to the land of Wörthersee you haven’t really seen the true Austria! Said to be the most popular tourist destination, this place is full of activities like canoeing, visiting the famous Griffen Stalactite Cave and the cathedral. The Villach Automotive Museum here is also worth a visit, especially for all car enthusiasts who want to see the collection of motorcycles and cars they have in store!

8. St. Anton am Arlberg

Green village landscape in Austria

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One of the best ski-resort locations in Austria is St. Anton am Arlberg. Located in Tyrol, this beautiful village has diverse terrain that offers different difficulty levels for all types of skiers! Even if you’re not really into skiing, you can still enjoy a nice trek and see Austria’s spectacular mountains in summer! Don’t forget to take selfies while you are here because some memories are best preserved forever through a lens!

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9. Zell MC

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Famous for the picturesque views surrounding the gorgeous mountain landscape and tranquil lakes of this place, Zell am See attracts many tourists every year, especially due to the fact that the area hosts several international skiing competitions. If you’re here on a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, head straight to the Church of St. Hippolyte, which was built around the 16th century.

10. Imperial Butterfly Park

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A unique nature reserve where you can see those beautiful creatures you’ve just read about in poems and books is a great way to add an extra dose of nature to enjoy the best of Austria on summer holidays. There is also a short film that you can thoroughly enjoy as it is more informative about the butterflies that you have just seen in the park.

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getting around

It is very important to know what type of vehicles you have and what you should and should not like in this beautiful country!

by bus

bus in austria

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One of the best ways to get around Austria is to hop on a bus. Although buses can take you to many places where trains cannot, such as remote ski resorts, etc., you also have the convenience of purchasing tickets on the bus. Feels good, right? This gets even better by downloading SCOTTY Mobil’s free app, which will allow you to track more useful information about buses.

by train

Famous train routes in Austria

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If you want to enjoy more fun and peace around the mountain scenery of Austria, train travel is the best option! Not only will you be able to capture the serene lush green valleys surrounding, but you will also be able to experience all this in pure luxury aboard some trains like OBB Railjet.

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by rental car

cars in austria

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Of course, traveling by car gives you the advantage of going at your own pace and going where you want, even if it means canceling at the last minute. For most remote locations like alpine huts etc, this is the best way to visit Austria in summer 2023! But this mode is definitely not cheap and you may have to recalculate your budget.

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So, when you are still trying to make up your mind about spending your summer vacations at this place, it is always important to know that only by visiting there you will know better. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Austria for an amazing vacation experience like never before! If you change your mind and extend your fun vacation here make sure you pack a little extra luggage!

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