A Woman Architect Spends 36 Crores To Build Asia’s Largest Church: Guess In Which Indian State?

Eric S. Gray once rightly said that “Anything you give a woman, she will make even bigger.” Taking the meaning of this quote to another level, a female architect from India is making waves in construction across the country Asia’s largest church in Nagaland,

Known as the Sumi Baptist Church, it is the tallest church in Asia, standing at a height of 203 feet at the top of the quaint small town of Zunheboto. Apart from the huge contribution of Rs 36 crore from the troupe, it also contributed Chishi-zhimomi of Honoholi, 38 And more than 2000 workers built this church over a long period of ten years.

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Details about Asia’s largest church

Name: Sumy Baptist Church
Place: Zunheboto District, Nagaland, India
Height: 203 feet
Capacity: 8,500 members
Floors: 8 storeys
Architect: Chishi-Zhimomi of Honoholi
Completed in: 2017
When was the inauguration: 22 April 2018

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eggs and shaped eggs charming blue turret It can be seen from more than twenty nearby villages, including the largest church in Asia 500 kg bell Which has been imported from Poland. Other facilities included in the church are:

  • a conference room
  • a seminar hall
  • a meeting hall
  • 14 office room
  • a sick room
  • A dressing room (for the bride and groom)
  • a cafeteria
  • children’s playroom

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