Arunachal Pradesh’s First Ever Airport Hollongi To Start

Arunachal Pradesh's First Ever Airport Hollongi To Start

Arunachal Pradesh will have its very own first airport in about a month. The much-awaited Arunachal Pradesh’s first-ever airport will start operations on August 15, 2022. The new airport is located in Itanagar, which is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, and will be able to handle about 200 passengers during peak hours.

The name of the new and first ever airport in Arunachal Pradesh is Hollongi Airport, which is a greenfield airport, hence energy-efficient with all modern and new technologies having an area of 4,100 sqm. The runway of this airport is 2,300 m which is compatible with Boeing 747 aircraft.

Hollongi airport

This has become celebration news for all the travelers who wish to visit Arunachal Pradesh for its beauty, wildlife, and adventure. Currently, the closest airport to Arunachal Pradesh is the Lilabari Airport in the North Lakhimpur district, Assam. And the International airport closest to Itnanagar is, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, Assam. So, up till now, travelers have to take a different route to reach Arunachal Pradesh by taking buses or other modes of transport, usually, an overnight bus to travel to North Lakhimpur, which is 80 km away from Itanagar and vice versa.

Hollongi airport

With the inauguration of the new airport in Arunachal Pradesh, State is ready to welcome more visitors and increase tourism in the state. Though Arunachal Pradesh is already a very famous tourist attraction that has many hidden gems, people do sometimes prefer any other destination over Arunachal Pradesh because of the lack of connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh. But, with Hollongi Airport, this problem will be solved and there will be a certain rise in the tourism sector of the state.

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